Looking for Portable Solar Panels for Your Trip? Try Sunkingdom Products

Looking for Portable Solar Panels for Your Trip? Try Sunkingdom Products

Sunkingdom portable Solar Panels

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When you are searching for high-quality, portable solar panels to keep your gadgets, smartphones, laptops, and mobile devices batteries juiced up during long trips or travels, then you can’t go wrong with the Sunkingdom solar panel range of chargers.

It’s a very important gadget to own if you love adventure, travel a lot, or often find yourself in remote places. You can never tell when your favorite gadget’s battery gives up on you at that critical moment when you least expect it. That’s why you need to get a portable, mobile solar charger and panel to avoid awkward moments during your outings and adventures.

As a well-known solar panel retailer, Sunkingdom is well-recognized for its sufficient and flexible solar chargers that will help keep your phone going, making sure that you don’t miss any bit of your mobile entertainment. Here are some of the available Sunkingdom solar panel chargers:

The 20W Solar Panel

Sunkingdom 20W Solar panel

Having an output of 5V USB and 12V DC port, you’ll be getting the ideal solar charger that will guarantee battery uptime for you during travel, hiking, or other busy outdoor activities

This solar charger is compatible with digital cameras, iPhones, iPads, Tablets, Notebooks, Samsung smartphones, and other tablets. It comes in two different colors (black and camouflage), with a charge controller, making it the perfect plug-and-play solution for quick charging. It doesn’t work as a power bank. But, if you want to charge your phone out of the sun, you’ll need to buy an extra battery pack.

Usually, Sunkingdom portable solar panels will charge your gadgets on the spot when you plug your devices into the 5V USB or 12V DC port. The solar output efficiency is about 19%. This should be enough to recharge your battery during sunny hours.

The 19.5W Solar Panel

With an output of 5V/2.1A and 5V/2.5A, you can charge your tablets, iPads, cameras, iPhones, and all USB devices. Obviously, it’s one of the smallest Sunkingdom solar chargers. But this solar power phone charger works perfectly for tiny gadgets and can be very convenient to carry around. You can still charge your phones, tablets, and cameras conveniently during travel and other outdoor activities.


There are various other models of the Sunkingdom solar panel charger and even solar batteries and other accessories. If you’re an adventurous person, this solar panel charger will ease your troubles and help keep your gadget up to capture those beautiful and interesting moments of your adventures.

Sunkingdom portable solar panels come in various styles and capacities. There is the 20W solar panel which is sized at 33.46 x 8.66 inches and weighs 2.2 lbs, the 60W solar panel which is sized at 64.5 x 15.3 inches and weighs 3.3 lbs, and the 19.5W solar panel sized at 29.21 x 9.72 inches and weighs 1.62lbs. All the above models do not carry a battery pack.

So, if you want to have something like a power bank to store power, you’ll need to purchase an extra battery pack. All Sunkingdom portable solar panels come along with the exclusive powermaxIQ technology, which enables automatic recognition and speeds up charging to maximum current when used under the sun.

Also, you can fold and unfold each of these portable solar panels, because of their lightweight and ultra-compact build, making their outdoor use convenient and comfortable. The solid waterproof mono solar PET fabric provides high-quality water resistance during rainfalls, making sure that your power source remains safe and sound.

Almost every gadget will be compatible with this solar charger. You can use the USB or DC port, and you’d be fine. However, there are exceptions concerning the compatibility of gadgets. Take, for example, the Apple device. Most Apple devices carry with them, a unique inner protection electricity microchip design which may inhibit charging if the sunlight is not enough.

A good solution to this problem is to purchase the solar panel charger with a high wattage or use the solar panel charger to charge a power bank and then, charge your device with the power bank.

Here are some of the specs explained


The Sunkingdom portable solar panels have a scratch-resistant dull polish surface that prevents easy scratches or dents when in use. Even if you’re charging your phone while mountain climbing, you can rest assured that small hits and scratches won’t affect its performance.

Power Source

Since the Sunkingdom solar power phone charger thrives on sufficient sunlight, you have unlimited access to power for charging your device as much as you can without paying a dime. Also, this affords you the flexibility of doing something else simultaneously as you charge your phone.

You can even charge your phone, listen to music, and do some other fun activity that appeals to you. This means that you can get entertainment from your phone and still enjoy the flexibility to access a limitless power source at the same time.

Voltage regulation

The Sunkingdom portable solar panels do not just provide power from the sun to your phone and leave you to your fate. Not so. It is equipped with a voltage regulator that will stabilize the incoming current and preserve the life of your device. So, no more power surges or failures. Once you have your phone connected, you can be rest assured that you’ll be getting the right kind of power supply.


The Sunkingdom portable solar panels can be used on a variety of devices. With the USB port, you can charge devices that have 5V USB-charging ports such as your smartphones, tablets, iPods, etc. But, note that certain devices will need a higher wattage to get charged efficiently.

You should also avoid being tempted to expose your device to too much sunlight. Keeping your device directly under the sun over a long period may cause overheating and subsequent damage to your device.

Once you can fix your solar panel charger where there is maximum exposure to sunlight ( knapsacks, car roof, windshield, slanted windows, etc.), you can then connect your gadget using a power cord (Which is not included in the package). Once the sunlight is enough, the Sunkingdom portable solar panels will pick, regulate and charge your device.

Main features

  • Up to 18.5% high-efficiency charging
  • One durable 5V output port
  • Energy conservation with protection for environmental safety
  • Exclusive powermaxIQ technology for automatic recognition to speed up maximum current delivery
  • Highly portable with several unfolding sizes to ease carriage in pocket
  • Ultra-compact and lightweight which makes it convenient for outdoor activities
  • waterproof mono solar PET covered with wear-resistant PVC fabric against moist
  • Wide range of compatibility including the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, PDAs, digital cameras, and other 5V USB-powered devices
  • Ease of use and application
  • 12-month product guarantee


Sunkingdom portable solar panels are a great companion to have on your travel and fun outdoor activities. As long as you have your gadget with you, and the sun is up, you’ll be good to go. I’ll also advise that you get the higher models of the Sunkingdom solar panel chargers, maybe the 28W, to avoid disappointments and battery shortages. For me, the portability and charging flexibility are top-notch, and you should get it for this reason.

Final Verdict

For me, scratch resistance and waterproofing are a plus. Also, the high-efficiency charging that utilizes up to 18.5% of direct sunlight whereas other products deliver at less than 15% can be marked as a high point. With the one-year free product guarantee, I think you should take a chance with this solar charger to see for yourself. I’ll give this product a thumbs up for its customer-centric design and approach. Get it while you can.