7 Best Personal and Home Security Gadgets Designed to Enhance Your Safety

7 Best Personal and Home Security Gadgets Designed to Enhance Your Safety

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Personal safety and security are the inalienable rights of everyone. That’s why you need to ensure that you put in place adequate measures that will enhance your personal safety, one of which is acquiring personal as well as home security gadgets. However, the greatest challenge is finding the right gadgets to purchase because there are many fake and inferior products online. Nevertheless, we have scrutinized some cool home and personal security gadgets, and we would be recommending 7 best personal and home security gadgets you can use to enhance your safety as well as protect your properties.

1.   Solar Powered Motion Sensor Security Light Plus Alarm

Solar Powered Motion Detector

The Solar powered motion sensor security light plus detector alarm afford home and property owners the opportunity to secure their valuable assets cheaply. Your personal safety and those of the people you love should be one of your most paramount objectives, so taking adequate steps to protect your interests and valuables is a good investment. You don’t have to invite your electrician over when installing this Solar powered motion sensor security light plus

You don’t have to invite your electrician over when installing this Solar powered motion sensor security light plus alarm because it doesn’t require electricity to operate and it’s also incredibly easy to install. The whole installation process just requires a few minutes of assembly, and you are good to go. It comes with a built-in photocell that notifies the Solar-powered motion sensor security light device when it’s dark, so as to prevent it from wasting bulb and battery life by burning during the day.

This unit must be installed outdoors, especially where it can have direct exposure to sunlight. The Motion Sensor Security Light Plus Alarm also comes with a built-in DC battery that stores energy collected and converted from the sun using its built-in solar panels. Its built-in motion sensor automatically activates the unit at dusk and then deactivates at dawn to conserve battery power, as well as extend its useful life. It is perfect for walkway lighting as well as backyard security, as these are places prone to intrusions.

Benefits of the Motion sensor security light plus alarm

  • Protects your assets at nights
  • Keeps intruders and unauthorized persons away
  • All in one signal + Light + voice warning
  • Protects your family and loved ones

2.   Conbrov WF81 Mini Portable WIFI IP Camera

Conbrov WiFi Camera

The Conbrov ™ WF81 portable WIFI IP camera is a sophisticated wireless video camcorder that allows you to capture video discretely. Using this small spy camera, you can monitor live proceedings of an event as long as your Smartphone is connected to this portable WiFi IP camera and is within the WIFI range. However, it’s advisable to ensure that the Conbrov WF81 WIFI IP camera is being used in well-ventilated areas to prevent overheating during extensive use. Note! You’d have to acquire memory cards and adapters separately because they don’t come standard with this package.

Features Conbrov WF81 Mini WIFI IP Camera

  • Good password management to protect your privacy
  • Impressive range – Operates efficiently if distance is restricted to 260 feet
  • Remote video monitoring via WIFI
  • Lightweight design – weight 16g


  • USB port: USB 2.0
  • Power supply: Output 5v 1A, Input 100 – 240v
  • Focal distance: 2.8mm
  • Simple installation, Android/iOS supported
  • Built-in battery: Yes
  • Video format: ASF 640 x 480 30FPS with audio
  • Power consumption: 3.7V (with WIFI, LED), MAX 230mA


  • 1 X Camera
  • 1 X Card reader
  • 1 X Neck strap
  • 1 X-Warning sticker
  • 1 X Silicon protector film
  • 1 X USB cable
  • 3 X bracket

3.   Mr. Beams MB723 Battery-Powered Motion-Sensing Light

Mr Beams Motion Sensing Light

The Mr. Beams MB723 Battery-Powered motion sensing LED light is designed to light up your hallways, stairways, bedrooms using its motion sensing technology. This technology will help you find your way quickly at nights without having to wake up your family or friends for any form of lighting assistance.  This motion sensing led light comes with an automatic movement shut off and activation feature, which makes this device, handsfree and helps to prolong battery life.

Features of the Mr. Beams MB723 motion sensing LED light

  • Auto shut off technology helps to conserve battery life by automatically shutting          down when no motion is detected
  • Easy and speedy installation – No electrician is required during its installation
  • Multipurpose application – Can be used as Pantry lights, bathroom lights, hallway        lights, night lights and cabinet lights
  • Motion Sensor Activation – Beam MB723 motion sensing Led allows you to stick          easily light anywhere, which activates automatically when motion is detected 15          meters away
  • Quality LED: 20 high-quality Lumens of neutral white lights are directed downwards      to stairs and pathways
  • Energy efficient: This motion sensing LED light is highly energy efficient and can          provide at least 80hrs of constant lighting on a single set of batteries (4 AA                 batteries    required).
  • Weather Resistant technology: This motion sensing Led can be used anywhere and      in all weather conditions


4.   GE Personal Security Keychain Alarm

GE Personal Security Keychain Alarm

The personal security Keychain alarm is designed to help vulnerable people get help when they find themselves in trouble. Most times, criminals love to take advantage of vulnerable people, such as children, women and the elderly, to unleash mayhem as well as dispossess them of their valuables. Solitary joggers are also exposed to this type of danger because their jogging path may cut across secluded areas where miscreant often tend to lurk around.

The personal security alarm comes with an activation chain, which you simply need to pull in other to activate it. This safety alarm delivers an ear piercing sound upon activation, which is high enough to irritate any assailant and at the same time draw the attention of others to come to your rescue. This personal security alarm comes in a fashionable, trendy design that adds so much elegance to its user. It’s very portable, giving you the ability to either hold it in your hands or attach it to your backpack or handbags. This personal security alarm can be given as novelty gifts to friends and family, and it will, to a large extent, show them how much you care about their personal safety.

Features and Benefits of the personal security alarm 

  • Attach to your handbag/backpack or Keychain
  • 120 DB ear-piercing panic alarm
  • Lightweight, portable and fashionable design
  • Can be displayed as a fashion accessory
  • Perfect gift for mothers, women and the elderly

5.   Bolide BCIOO91B – IROD 600 TVL Infrared Dome Security Camera

Bolide Security Camera

The Bolide BC10091B dome security camera is a fantastic product from the stables of Bolide Technology group, a specialist in surveillance equipment and safety gadgets. This Dome camera delivers a reasonable 600TV lines resolution using a Sony CCD and forms an integral part Bolide Technology group’s armored eyeball range. This Dome Security Camera features a 3 axis gamble; 3.6mm Fixed Lens and 23 pcs IR LED with a range up to 75ft (night time). It’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye, which makes it suitable for indoor use.

Its installation process and assemblage of the Bolide BC10091B Dome Security camera is quite simple, and can be used to a wide range of operations. It provides an impressive black/white vision in complete darkness, as well as excellent daytime color image. This product will definitely guarantee you round-the-clock surveillance on your priceless assets, and it will to a large extent keep away trespassers and intruders because it shows a property is being watched.

Features of the Bolide BC10091B Dome Security Camera

  • 23 infrared LEDs for night vision capability
  • 6mm lens, Auto backlight compensation (BLC), Auto Gain Control, Auto White              Balance
  • 600 TVL, NTSC format, 1 / 4” Sony color CCD image sensor
  • IR Illumination automatically activates in low light conditions
  • NTSC Pixels: 811 (H) x 508 (V)

 6.   Fake Security Camera with Blinking LED Night Cam

Fake Security Camera

Using a Fake security camera at home gives you a psychological advantage over criminals. The psychological impact home security cameras have on people cannot be overstated. Many people tend to comport themselves when they know they are watched or when they spot security cameras.  Thieves and vandals are very skeptical about attacking houses equipped with CCTV cameras for fear of being caught by law enforcement agencies.

Fake CCTV cameras are far cheaper to install, but they achieve the same psychological impact real CCTV cameras have on people. This fake security camera has got flashing red light that’s powered by two AA batteries, helping to convince criminals and vandals that a home or office is being watched. The best of all is that it’s extremely affordable and would achieve approximately the same psychological impact as real CCTVs. The Fake security camera is your ideal bet if you are looking for a cheap way of securing your homes against criminals and urchins.

Features and Specs

  • Comes with mounting brackets making for easy installation
  • For outdoor and indoor use
  • Professional design similar to conventional CCTV cameras
  • Ideal for businesses, shops, homes, and garages
  • Deters Vandalism, theft, robbery from your company or home
  • Improves home or office security with little to no expense
  • Comes with Red LED flashing light allowing it to be seen at night
  • Size : 11cm X 5cm – 4.33inch X 1.97inch X 1.97inch
  • Material: Plastic


  • 3 X Screws
  • 1 X Fake Security Camera

 7.   Metallic Purple Mini Minder Personal Safety Keychain Alarm 140db

Personal Safety Keychain Alarm

The Mini Minder loud personal safety alarm is of the most valuable personal security products you can use to protect yourself, especially at workplaces. This fantastic personal safety alarm system has been tested and approved by sold secure, allowing this amazing security alarm earn the respected Gold award. Most law enforcement agencies have approved this personal safety alarm, and it’s secured by design, which is very uncommon for many products in its class. When it comes to personal safety, getting the best minder is an absolute prerequisite because your personal safety cannot be compromised for a few pennies.

Unlike most of its competitors who sell personal security products where the key-ring is the activation pin, this police approved personal safety alarm comes with a separate key ring from the activation pin. This separation helps to reduce accidental false alarms. This amazing, high-quality product is available in a wide range of metallic colors, allowing the user to remain trendy and fashionable. This personal safety alarm is a very effective and powerful security gadget that is capable of activating its ear piercing 140db siren. The fact that you possess a security system such as this has a way of putting would-be assailants in check.

Small sized, portable personal security alarm with impressive designs that appeals to younger generation employees, Activates via pull pin, Measures (40mm X 45mm X16mm), Separate Key rings, and it Comes with high-quality alkaline batteries.


These are some of the best 7 personal and home security gadgets you can use to enhance your safety and security. Life without security isn’t meaningful. That’s why you should put in place adequate measures that will improve your safety, and you can acquire any of the above listed personal and home security gadgets to improve your situational awareness.

However, you should note that these portable security gadgets wouldn’t secure you or prevent you from physical harm. They can only help to improve your situational awareness as well as ward off minor threats. If you encounter any threat to life and property, it’s advisable you report to the nearest law enforcement agencies. Stay safe! Live life! Get yourself a cool personal and home security gadget today.