14 Cool Spy Gadgets – Watches and Pens to Purchase for Adults

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If you are looking for some cool spy gadgets to purchase as gifts for yourself as well as gadget-loving adults, then this buying guide should be your manual in this regard. These days there are lots of espionage activities everywhere, and one of the best ways you can survive this Spy Age is by equipping yourselves and loved ones with the right tools to cope and gain a competitive advantage over their foes.

14 Cool Spy Gadgets to purchase for Adults 

Some of the cool spy gadgets included in this list serves as security equipment to protect your valuables and assets of interest, and the good thing is that most sell for under $50. Get inside knowledge of what happens inside and within your premises when not around. This strategic advantage will allow you better protect your interest as well as safeguard yourself against dodgy people. With that being said these are 14 cool spy gadgets to purchase for adults:

1.   DBpower Multifunctional Hidden Camera Detector

DPower Hidden camera detector

The DBPower Multifunctional hidden camera detector can accurately detect eavesdropping and telephone tapping activities within your neighborhood. This hidden camera detector can also be used to combat digital eavesdropping, wired camera devices, vehicles eavesdropping, wireless pinhole camera and their signal sources. This hidden camera detector can also be used to protect confidential information as well as defend against personal privacy invasion, using Passive radio frequency sweep combination as well as active laser scanning technology.

Technical Data of the DBPower Multifunctional Hidden Camera Detector

  1.   Probe Laser Wavelength of 920nm
  2.   Special filter lens
  3.   Operating current 8ma
  4.   Detection range 30 – 50cm when power is set at 50mw-200mw
  5.   Detection range 100 – 200cm when power is set at 300mw-600mw
  6.   Detection range 300- 1000cm when power is set at 800mw-1200mw
  7.   According to the decision to transmit power from camera, Radio detection of camera range 5cm-10cm
  8.    Laser detection camera from 10cm – 10m (The naked eye can identify red flashing)
  9.   Receive frequency range of 1mhz-6500mhz
  10. Material Abs
  11. Powered by built-in 280 mah Lithium battery

Package include

  • 1 X Earphone
  • 1 X Detector
  • 1 X Charger

Amazon is one of the authorized retailers of DBPower brand, which is a U.S registered trademark. You can quickly find the signal at source using the signal strength indicator of this amazing hidden camera detector. Quickly identify radio sources using Adjustable sensitivity adjustment potentiometer, which allows you to lower sensitivity to detect reduced detection range or widening the scope to improve the sensitivity.

Detection Mode: 1 laser-detection, 2 – vibration (silent), 3- beep detection, 4- Led display, 5- headset

Other Features

Built-in rechargeable battery, Low CVoltage Prompts, Wireless Sweep: Frequency detection range (1 MHz-6.5 GHz), Laser detection: Windows can be seen through the eyes of all host within sight of the camera opposite the lens.

2.  Men’s Professional Wearable Spy watch with Infrared HD 1080P

Men Waterproof camera spy watch

This waterproof spy watch, from the stables of Ankaka, packs with it some of the world most sophisticated camera technologies right on your wrist. This waterproof full HD, infrared camera watch is reliable, durable and rugged, which makes it optimized for all weather and lighting conditions. The water resistant technology of the waterproof spy watch helps it remain waterproof up to 30 meters underwater. This Spy camera watch can capture not only important photographs but also high-resolution HD videos and audio files. The inconspicuous Pinhole lens ensures that you easily operate covertly while carrying espionage activities, like taking it into important meetings where cameras aren’t allowed.

This amazing, waterproof spy watch comes with an internal 8GB memory that lets you automatically store important HD videos and audio files taken during your missions, which you can review subsequently. You can easily transfer your recorded videos and audio files using the supplied USB cable, to your personal computer. Although you can effectively deploy Ankaka Waterproof spy watch in water, it is not useful beyond 3 meters.

Basic Features and specs of the Waterproof Spy Watch

  • Power ManagementBattery Capacity280mAh, Charging time 115 minutes, charging voltage – DC 5V
  • Supported Systems: Windows Me/2000/Xp/2003/Vista/7
  • Built-in 8GB internal memory
  • Media support: JPG, M-JPEG, AVI, Video Resolution: 1090 X 1080, Picture resolution: 4032 X 3024
  • Software play: Own operating system and Video and audio playback Software
  • Supports Video shooting and audio recording


  • 1 X infrared HD Waterproof Spy Camera
  • 1 X USB cable
  • 1 X English User Manual
  • 1 X CD installation disk

3.  Full HD 1080P Spy Nightvision IR Car Key Camcorder

Night vision car key camera

The HD 1080P IR Car Key Camcorder is one of the coolest gadgets you can get for yourself. It comes with very efficient motion detection features as well as digital video recording capabilities. The lens is capable of supporting full 1080p HD Video recording and playback functionality, and it’s able to record at 30 frames per second using the universal Avi format. This cool gadget is capable of supporting up to 32GB of expandable memory. This product is very portable and can easily fit in your palm of your hands, making it inconspicuous.

The HD 1080P IR Car key camcorder is capable of lasting 2 hours, and it’s powered by Lithium 300 ma batteries. Despite the fact that the device is capable of shooting high-resolution videos, it’s also able to shoot photos in standard JPEG format up to 2560 X 1920 as well as record audio. You can then transfer recorded files via the USB cable included in its package. This product is perfect for espionage activities, as it supports infrared, giving it ability to handle effectively nighttime operations.


  • Battery Type: High-capacity 300 mAh battery, Charging voltage: DC 5V, operation time: 2hrs
  • Resolution: 2560 X 1920 image, Memory: Supports External TF card to 32 GB, Image Ratio: 4:3, FPS: 30fps
  • Image format: JPEG, Resolution: 1920 X 1080, Video Format: AVI
  • OS: Windows ME/2000/2003/XP, Linux, and Mac OS


  • 1 x Full HD Car Key Camcorder
  • 1 x Installation CD
  • 1 x English manual
  • 1 x USB cable

4.  New 3.5 Watt Spy Bluetooth Earpiece Watch

Bluetooth Earpiece Watch

The 3.5 Spy Bluetooth Earpiece watch is designed for geeky individuals who love to be discrete about phone conversations. You don’t want everybody to have an idea about your phone conversations, especially if you are in an open place or a place where phone calls aren’t allowed. This Spy Bluetooth Earpiece watch comes with a built-in 3.5-watt amplifier that easily connects with all types of earpiece within 40cm. It’s can easily be deployed during business meetings, examinations, and protected facilities.

To activate and deploy the Spy Bluetooth Earpiece watch, you’ll need to pair it with your Smartphone, and then insert the wireless earpiece into your ears and start your conversation. Put your Smartphone away from sight, either in the pocket, backpack or suitcase. The whole essence of using the Spy Bluetooth Earpiece watch is making and receiving phone calls discreetly, without making people know that you are doing so. It comes in fashionable, trendy design with max configurations.

Features of the Spy Bluetooth Earpiece watch

  • Special technologies for private conversations
  • Loud voice – hear phone conversations clearly
  • Hidden invisible earpiece bug
  • Highly sensitive, hidden microphone on neck-loop

5.  Cell Phone Detector

Cell phone detector

The Cell phone detector is an anti-tracking gadget designed to detect and track concealed, standard GSM mobile devices. The use of mobile phones, as well as smartphones, has risen in recent times, thanks to advancements made in the field of mobile telecommunication.

Despite the advantages associated with the use of mobile phones, unscrupulous persons have been able to utilize them for espionage activities. Cell phones are being used by malicious individuals to track and transmit sensitive details about their host. The Cell phone detector allows you to find quickly and follow, within GSM, CDMA, and WCDMA transmission ranges concealed transmitting mobile phones 30 feet away.

This Cell Phone and GPS Detector gives you the ability to detect covertly communicating mobile devices, without giving away your intention and activity. It comes with vibration feature that allows for covert tracking, as well as audio alerts that can be used with earphones. Users can hone in on the exact transmission location by using its adjustable sensitivity.

Features and Specs DD Cell phone detector 

  • Antenna: Dual band dipole Omni –directional
  • Detection Mode: RF Power peak detection
  • Alert: audible and vibration
  • Power: Li-battery (single, 1800mAh @ 3.7V DC)
  • Operation Time: 18-20 hours (on a single charge)
  • Detection Frequency: GSM 880-915MHz, WCDMA (1920-1980MHz), CDMA 824-849MHz and DC (1710-1785MHz)


  • Size: 96mm X 60mm X 24mm (120mm w/ antenna)
  • Weight: 110grams

6.  Jumbi Mini Hidden Camera Clock

Jumbi Hidden camera clock

The Jumbi mini hidden camera clock comes with an amazing, hidden camera, as well as a low-profile design that allows it record video proceedings of an event covertly. The appearance of the Jumbi hidden camera clock looks very much ordinary, just like your everyday digital table clock, but then it packs amazing technologies that make it handy for covert operations.

Get peace of mind

Are you suspicious of your spouse’s activities while you are away? Or you suspect someone is messing up with your treasured properties while you aren’t around? Get the peace of mind you deserve by acquiring the Jumbi Mini hidden camera clock. You don’t need to connect it to your PC to playback video recordings as it comes small LCD screen.

Cute low-profile design 

This hidden camera clock comes in a trendy, unsuspecting design that makes most people around it feel at ease. It’s powered by rechargeable battery, but also electricity, which is essential for continuous operations and recordings. It utilizes up to 32 GB microSD for video recordings and still images capture, and all its video recordings are time stamped, which is useful for efficient tracking of activities.

Listen privately or loudly                                                    

The Jumbi hidden camera clock comes with a 3.5mm aux line-in that allows you to playback music and videos from external devices or microSD cards. It also comes with a standard FM radio functionality, as well as built-in speakers that allow you share video playbacks with friends. It also supports the following file formats AVI, ACC, WAV, 3GP, MP3, MP4, WMA, and ASF.

Features of the Jumbi hidden camera clock

  • Motion detection technology – Can be set to record when motion is detected
  • Still image and video recording capability
  • Supports microSD card up 32GB, which allows for extended video recordings
  • Infrared technology – Can be used to record videos in complete darkness
  • Standalone operation – Comes with a 2-inches screen for independent video playback

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7.  The Spy Pen Recorder From NiceEShop

Nice Eshop Pen Camera

This Spy Pen Recorder from NiceEshop isn’t like your conventional pen cameras because it comes with wireless technology that gives owners the ability to monitor remotely proceedings going on at a location. It’s as if you are in two different locations at the same time. The amazing appearance of this Spy Pen Recorder allows it operate covertly because it doesn’t look too different from your everyday pen.

All you need to do is to drop it in a secure location while you are away, and it will do its job effectively by updating you on the developments that took place while you were away. This pen camera comes with a lifetime warranty, so you would get an instant replacement if your Spy Pen Recorder becomes defective.

Benefits of using Spy pen camera

  • Infidelity tracker- Can be used to monitor your spouse activities while you are away
  • Domestic burglary monitor – track all activities taking place in  your home while you aren’t around
  • Nanny surveillance – Monitor the activities of your children’s nanny while you are away
  • Can be used to covertly track and record proceedings of the meetings

Features of the Spy Pen Recorder 

  • USB standard port
  • Fashionable and trendy design
  • Free 8GB microSD card
  • Video resolution HD 640 X 480
  • Lifetime guarantees of superior performance

8.  Mini Gadgets Inc. BC420 Pro Color Button Camera

Mini Gadgets Hidden Button Camera

The Mini-button hidden spy camera is one of the best spy cameras you could attach to your clothing, especially when going for important meetings and engagements. It allows an actual button on your suit or sportswear to be replaced by a hidden spy camera that looks just like it. The importance of using spy cams, such as the Mini gadget pro button camera, can’t be overstated, as it can be used to capture covertly video and audio messages without spooking the person you are observing or watching.

The button hidden spy camera could also for home surveillance and to secretly track the activities going on. You can use this button hidden spy camera as a screw to hold a picture frame, which helps to blend this fantastic gadget and keep it inconspicuous. This is one of the best ways of getting and recording relevant information as well as conversations, without giving away your intentions. This device is perfect for boardroom meeting or events where cameras are prohibited. Its compact nature ensures the camera remains undetected, and would to work efficiently using simple controls

Essential Features

  • White balance and auto electric shutter
  • Jewell black box carrying case
  • RCA connection for Video
  • Superior design and quality build

9.  Hidden Camera Pen By U-Guard Security

U-Guard Hidden Camera

The U-Guard hidden camera pen is designed to capture covertly video and audio files, without exposing the actions and intentions of its user. The hidden camera pen comes with an exquisite, premium design that confers respect on its owners. It operates very much like your everyday pen and uses replaceable ink cartridges that can easily be purchased when needed. It’s easy to carry along, especially when going for official engagements and it easily affords you the opportunity to sign easily important documents as well as jot down important information. Although it primary use involves audio and HD 720p video recording, this multi-functional hidden camera pen can be utilized as a backup USB storage drive.

The Hidden HD micro DVR included in this hidden camera pen can record full HD format in true natural color with smooth playback. It performs quite well in low light conditions and exceptionally well in well-lit areas. It also comes with a built-in Motion Sensor Record Feature, meaning, it can be programmed to record HD videos when it detects movements. This motion sensor recorder feature is particularly useful while you are away, especially when you need to keep a watchful eye on the activities going on within your premises. You can also include the time-stamp feature during video and audio recordings, which is very helpful when it comes to referencing.

Features of the U-Guard Spy Pen Recorder

  • Built-in microphone for Digital audio recording
  • 0-megapixel mini micro camera still images 1280 X 1024 resolution
  • Premium ballpoint pen with replaceable refills
  • 100% high capacity Lithium rechargeable battery
  • 30 frames per second 1280 X 720p HD video camera
  • Free 8GB storage card with 8mb internal storage capacity
  • High-quality, premium protective pen case
  • Plug and play on PC and Mac computers with standard USB port requires no special drivers or software to run

Package Hidden Camera Pen 

  • 1 X HD video pen
  • 1 X Protective zipper pen case
  • 1 X 8G microSD card
  • 1 X USB/Download Cable
  • 1 X easy to read manual

10.  Best Spy Digital USB Voice Recorder with Dictaphone

Spy USB voice Recorder

The USB voice recorder gives you the unique ability to record voice files discretely and securely especially in formal environments. The ability to record voice files gives you a strategic advantage in a fast-paced environment, where you need to take down information as quickly as possible. The Spy digital voice USB voice recorder gives you the ability to record files and then play them back in Windows Media and VLC player. This is the perfect listening device as well as

The Spy digital voice USB voice recorder gives you the ability to record files and then play them back in Windows Media and VLC player. This is the perfect listening device as well as digital auto voice recorder, and its ideal for meetings, lectures classes, and important occasions. This USB digital voice recorder comes with an 8GB memory, capable storing countless hours of recorded audio files.

This special digital USB voice recorder is perfect for undercover operation as it does not have any form of flashing light, which is very important for covert operations. You don’t need any complicated programs to access its audio files because it’s compatible with Windows and Mac PCs; just plug your device into a computer and your audio files automatically turn up. This USB voice recorder will certainly make a perfect gift for your friends and loved ones, especially when you have students amongst them.

Essential Features and Specs of the Spy USB Voice Recorder

  • Long-lasting Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Audio format: WAV
  • Not compatible with Windows 8, but fully compatible Windows2000/XP/Vista/Mac.
  • 192Kbps Recording Speed, Battery recording time – 140 hours
  • 8GB Memory Capacity
  • 15 meters recording distance

11.  Adfilic Spy Pen Camera – with Free 8 GB MicroSD card

Adfilic Spy Pen Camera

The Adfilic Spy pen camera gives you the ability to capture important events, meetings, and dates discretely, without creating a scene. This Pen camera looks just like your everyday camera, but packs with it sophisticated technologies that make it easy for you to carry out video recordings covertly. This pen camera operates just like your ordinary pen. It comes with replaceable ink cartridges, which is used to keep the pen functioning like your everyday pen. It also comes with a free 8GB card that you can use to capture several hours of video shoots.

Why should I purchase the Adfilic Spy Pen?

  • This spy pen camera allows snap up to 48000 photographs and automatically record up 320 minutes of video footages when you upgrade to 16GB memory card
  • Impressive battery life – This allows the pen capture video recordings continuously, up to 1hr without compromising video quality
  • Comes in well crafted, covert design that makes this spy pen camera a nearly undetectable surveillance piece of equipment
  • Offers excellent combination of storage quality and video quality per dollar, which certainly one of the best you’d get within its price range

Package Includes

  • 1 X Spy pen camera
  • 1 X 8GB microSD card
  • 1 X USB cable

 12.  Rear View Mirror Glasses

Rearview sunglasses

Rear view sunglasses are one of the coolest sunglasses you can get for yourself as well as your love ones. Their trendy and sophisticated design make them famous with secret service personnel as well as law enforcement officers. Rear view sunglasses are actually one of the coolest wearables government agents make use of during dangerous missions, or where there is a need to guard and protect VIPs and other strategic assets.

Rear view sunglasses don’t look too different from the usual sunglasses we’re all familiar with, but wait! There is a strategic advantage the wearer has over you that you may never realize. They can watch and track your every move easily even when they have their backs against you. That’s where it got its name from; it allows you to see what is going on at your back perfectly without allowing the observer or agent notice that you are tracking his or her movement.

The reason the Rear View Sunglasses can pull off this amazing feat is because of the special coating on its lens, which allows you to monitor what’s going on behind while you are looking straight ahead. The importance of rear view sunglasses can’t be overstated, besides helping to improve your level of alertness and situation awareness, it can also contribute to safeguarding you against accidents coming from your rear – thus providing to protect your body from physical harm. This spy sunglass is very affordable and will make a perfect novelty gift for those you care about.

Benefits of using the Rear View Sunglasses 

  • Rear view sunglasses appears very casual, yet highly tactical and covert
  • Serves as a rear mirror for the wearer
  • Improves situational awareness and safety
  • Bikers will find the review sunglasses highly valuable since it allows them to monitor vehicular activities behind their backs
  • Its stylish and trendy design enables you to remain fashionable and at the same time – achieve a tactical advantage over your adversaries

13.  Amazing Pen Camera (With 8GB Memory)

Amazing Spy Pen Camera

The Amazing Pen Camera is a Spy pen recorder designed record videos and audio files covertly, without arousing any form of suspicion. This spy pen recorder looks very much like your everyday pen but packs with it some of the most amazing technologies and capabilities. It’s a cool gadget for men, women, and kids, as it can be acquired and deployed by any of these categories of persons.

It’s perfect for business professionals and students alike because it helps them record important minutes of meetings and notes, which they can use to make references in future. This pen has an inconspicuous appearance that enables its operators to deploy its capabilities at board meetings, interrogations, classes and many other places as they deem fit, without giving away their activities.

This Amazing spy pen recorder comes with a built-in 8GB memory, which allows you to record and capture several hours of audio and video files, so there will really be no need to acquire memory cards. This pen camera also comes with a wide-angle lens. Its width and height that measures 1280 X 960, and it captures high-quality video in 30fps AVI format.

The Amazing spy pen recorder is one of the best spy gears for kids, as most kids love to emulate their favorite spy character. It gives them the ability to play pranks with their friends using its amazing video and audio recording capabilities. This product comes with a year full warranty and superior after sales support.

Features of the Amazing Spy Pen Recorder

  • 3 Megapixel Digital HD Camera
  • 3840 X 2880 image resolution
  • USB connector for plug and play operations
  • 30FPS AVI video recording format
  • Long lasting lithium rechargeable battery


  • 1 X Amazing Pen unit
  • 1 X user manual
  • 1 X USB Extension Cable

14.  Digitsea Spy Pen Recorder with HD Mini Spy Camera

Digitsea spy pen

The Digitsea mini spy pen recorder with HD mini spy camera is an extremely sophisticated and secret spy gadget every spy would love to own. This spy pen recorder has unique capabilities that aren’t familiar with ballpoint pens of its size, which allows it to be sneaked into board meetings as well as sensitive places unnoticed.  Its pin-hole sized mini spy camera is so inconspicuous that it will require exceptional microscopic vision to take notice of.

The internal designs of this spy pen recorder smack of unique creativity and technology. It has a unique USB port which you can use to connect and transfer recorded video files from the pen to your PC. The USB port can also be used to charge this fantastic spy pen camera and its battery is capable of powering the Digitsea mini spy pen for up to 60 minutes.

Its mini spy pen recorder records videos in the AVI file format, which is supported by most operating system such as Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. You can backup your important videos by uploading them to YouTube, MySpace, and other cloud-based storage services.

Many professionals find the Digitsea spy pen recorder handy, some of which include- law enforcement, secret service, lawyers and surveillance experts. It’s incredibly cheap, yet very effective in capturing live event.

This spy pen recorder has a led indicator and can be powered by just a simple push of a button. It’s capable of inserting date and timeStamp on recorded video and audio files in real time. And it can also perform the primary activity most ballpoint pens were designed to carry out, and that is writing! This amazing spy pen recorder will make a perfect gift for your friends as well as love ones.

Basic Features and Specifications

  • Works like a regular pen
  • comes with in-built Lithium rechargeable battery
  • Good storage capability that can accommodate microSD cards up 32GB
  • USB port and attachment for easy file transfer
  • Picture resolution: 1280 * 960 JPG format
  • Video resolution: 640 * 960 AVI format
  • Comes with a USB data cable and manual
  • Indicator: Green
  • Battery strength: 60 Min
  • Battery can be charged via USB port
  • Embeds date and timestamp on recorded files
  • Battery charging time: 3-4 hours for full charge
  • Weight 31Kg
  • Built-in mic
  • Recording Space
  • Photo: 200kb/pix
  • Video:  Rough 500MB/30minutes         


  • 1 X User manual
  • 1 X Spy Pen Camera (Memory card excluded)
  • 1 X USB cable


The 14 cool spy gadgets mention above are perfect for adults, most especially those that fancy spy gadgets and are concerned about their personal safety and privacy. These gadgets are designed to make you more aware of your environment and protect you against malicious agents. With so many espionage activities around us these days, owning an item or two from the above list will reduce our exposure to these privacy threats than having nothing at all. We need to be more observant these days and one the ways you can achieve that purpose is by getting some cool spy gadgets for yourself as well as the people you care about. You can learn more about spy gadgets by visiting this website.

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