7 Best Solar Gadgets For Camping

7 Best Solar Gadgets For Camping

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If you have sun, then you should have power at your campsite. It is vital to consider getting solar-powered gadgets. With solar-powered gadgets, you wouldn’t need to leave your camp to head into town to power up your devices. All it takes to have clean, constant energy power in your camp is a solar gadget.

One of the essential reasons people think of power at camps is their smart devices. However, there are lists of solar gadgets that go way beyond just powering your smart device. When it comes to solar gadgets, there are so many options available to choose from in the market. In this article, we will be taking a comprehensive look at the 7 best solar gadgets for camping.

Top 7 Best Solar Gadgets for Camping

It’s time to find out some of the best solar gadgets you can use for camping. Here are our top 7 picks:

1.   BigBlue 28W Solar ChargerBigBlue 28W Solar Charger

If you’re looking for a gadget with excellent efficiency, this solar gadget excels greatly at it. With this solar charger, you can plug in your smart devices and charge them whenever you want. Thanks to the three charging ports that this gadget comes with, you can charge multiple devices simultaneously. One of the exciting aspects of the BigBlue 28w solar charger is that it is waterproof, so it can withstand both humid and hot temperature conditions.

It is also an easy gadget to carry because it is lightweight, so you can easily size it into your camp bag. You will know you’re getting great value for your money when you buy this solar charger with a 28-watt output. Thanks to the 28-watt output, you can charge your devices at a fast charging rate. Should an interruption occur when this gadget is charging your smart devices, it has a feature that auto-restarts the charger. This feature serves as a way of rebooting the solar charger. You’re going to love this solar charger because it is efficient and affordable for all campers.

2.   GoSun Grill

GoSun GrillCamping is a fantastic experience where you spend quality time with family and loved ones. If you’re going to have great company while camping, you will need the GoSun grill to help you prepare your quality meals. This gadget is excellent for steaming, broiling, and baking. With the GoSun grill, you can prepare your meals in many quantities. This gadget can cook a meal for up to eight people. All it takes to power this nifty gadget is the sun’s power. You’ll love this device when using it to prepare your meals because its highest temperature is 500 degrees.

So if you’re preparing a meal in sunlight, you can rest assured that this fascinating gadget will get your meal ready in 20 minutes. You’ll find it fascinating that even when your meal is at a boiling point, you can still touch the body of the GoSun Grill. No matter the temperature you are using to cook your meal, this gadget was created to be cool to handle on the outside. So you shouldn’t feel bothered by getting burnt if your hand touches this gadget on the outside. If you’re planning to have a camp party or get together with friends this gadget will surely be an excellent means of help to you.

3.   Advanced Element Shower

Advanced Element ShowerPeople usually miss having a bath in the shower when camping. But what if I told you that you could bring your shower to your campsite. Sounds surprising, right? Thanks to the advanced element shower, it’s now a possibility for you to take a regular bath at the camp. It is not just any shower gadget you’ve come across; it’s a solar-powered shower. This gadget is portable, and you are guaranteed 4 to 5 minutes of bathing time with it. That’s enough time for you to get your body cleaned up for someone at the camp. Though it is not as flashy as the standard shower you have at home; it is portable and efficient in getting the job done.

4.   Goal Zero Torch 250 Flashlight

Goal Zero Torch 250 FlashlightThanks to its durability and efficiency, this gadget is an essential gadget that campers can use to light up their camps at night. Even in your homes, you can also use them as an emergency light source. This flashlight comes with a weight of 14 ounces. The Goal Zero Torch 250 Flashlight comes with various flashlight settings like the red emergency lights, the floodlights, and the spotlight settings.

Once you see this flashlight on the floodlight mode, about 70 lumens from the main torch won’t be on. If you hear a noise at night, you should direct an intense light beam to the sound source. You can switch to the 180-lumen spotlight to direct a powerful beam of light toward the source of the noise.

Whenever this gadget runs out of power, you need to set it in the sun and allow it to charge for up to 24 hours. A 24 hours access to solar power guarantees this gadget to work for 48 hours. Another fascinating feature of this gadget is the USB ports it comes with. This USB port can be used to charge your smartphone or any other smart device of your choosing.


5.   Eton Rugged Rukus Speaker

Eton Rugged Rukus SpeakerAre you planning to have fun at camp? It would be best if you went with the Eton Rugged Rukus Speaker. It is a dual speaker that also has bluetooth connectivity. With the speaker, you can kick-start your party and have fun from dusk till dawn. When it’s directly under the sun, you can use this speaker to have fun all day long, thanks to its solar powering capability.

This speaker doesn’t require an all-day charge before you can enjoy it. Exposure to the sun for up to 5 hours can last you a long time. Having these gadgets in your possession means there will be no dull moments for you in camp. The gadget also comes with a USB outlet that you can use to charge any of your smart devices. You don’t need to be afraid if this speaker comes in contact with water because it is waterproof and tough enough to handle any condition.

6.   Jackery Solar Generator Kit

Jackery Solar Generator KitThe Jackery Solar Generator Kit is the perfect camping gadget you need to ensure that you have a wonderful camping experience. This kit consists of Jackery 500, a mini power station, and solar panels. The mini power station can hold enough power that can last for days. It can also deliver up to 518 Wh for all your smart devices. The exciting part of this gadget is that it can accommodate the charging of all your smart devices since it has various ports.

Devices you can charge with the Jackery 500 range from smartphones, laptops, mini tv, laptops, tablets, and lots more. You’ll be glad to know that the Jackery 500 comes with a 110AC outlet, 3 USB ports, and two 12V DC outlets. All these features are all packed in one gadget to ensure you don’t experience any power issues during your camping. The gadget supports various kinds of charging, such as your regular car charging, wall outlet charging, and solar panel charging.

The Jackery 500 is also accompanied by the Solar Saga 100 solar panel. These portable solar panels are used to charge up the power station when necessary. An interesting fact about these solar panels is that they also come with charging ports for easy accessibility. You’ll never have a better combo than the Jackery 500 and the Solar Saga 100 Solar panel. One of the selling points of the Jackery Solar Generator Kit is the high power output and the versatility it comes with. You can also utilize them even at home as a backup for emergency power outages.

7.   Thermacell Portable Mosquito Repeller

Thermacell Portable Mosquito RepellerOur camping activities can take us to various locations and areas. There’s always a probability of mosquitoes in some of these areas. Mosquitoes are known to disturb a lot while also threatening our overall well-being. While going camping, you should endeavor to protect yourself from mosquitoes with the Thermacell portable mosquito repeller.

You’ll be amazed that this gadget can create a 15-inch barrier that keeps away mosquitoes. This fascinating mosquito repellent can last for up to 12 hours. So as you can see, it’s worth adding to your camping inventory. The gadget is portable, and it gives out no smell during use. It is handy, and you can fit it into your pocket anywhere you go.

Final Thoughts

Planning a camping experience means you have to leave the comfort of your home to go somewhere surrounded by mother nature. However, you could still make your camping experience enjoyable and comfortable when you’ve got the best solar gadgets for camping with you. We hope this article has given you insight into various solar gadgets you’ll need for your next camping trip. Do well to try out some of the options we’ve listed.