7 Best Solar Powered Phone Chargers for Campers and Hikers

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Solar powered phone chargers offer users the freedom and flexibility to use their smartphones and portable mobile gadgets anywhere they want without harboring any fear of running out of battery juice. If you are a heavy smartphone and gadget user, then you know well that one of the biggest constraints affecting your ability to use your smartphone extensively is your power management. Smartphones are power hungry devices and need to be often recharged so as to operate optimally. In fact, there is a positive correlation between a Smartphone’s functionality and its power usage. The more features it packs, the more power it consumes. However, Smartphones produced these days have introduced cutting-edge technologies to help them conserve and manage power better.

Best Solar Powered Phone Chargers for Campers and Hikers

Despite the fact that most smartphones produced these days come with better power management software, their batteries still need to be recharged at least once a day. If you are a heavy gamer or a photo camera enthusiast, you might even need to recharge more often than the average Joe. How do you better conserve your Smartphone’s battery when you go camping, hiking, trekking or traveling? It’s a pretty tough situation to find one’s self we must admit.

One of the ways you can mitigate the effect of your Smartphone running out of battery juice is by acquiring portable solar powered Phone Chargers. These solar mobile chargers give users the freedom to exploit their smartphones to their fullest potential without them having to worry about battery power consumption. We have taken our time to scrutinize the very best solar phone chargers on Amazon, with the SUNKINGDOM brand of portable solar chargers taking the cake for their innovative features and technology. With that being said, these are our top 7 best solar powered phone chargers to acquire

1.   SUNKINGDOM 52W Dual-Port Solar Powered Phone Charger

Sunkingdom 52W


The SUNKINGDOM 52 Solar panel battery charger is one of the coolest portable solar chargers you can acquire, especially if you are the adventurous type. When you go camping, you will discover that one major problem plaguing most campers is the absence of power outlets. You want to stay in touch while camping, but there is a tendency to run out of battery power easily due to the peculiar nature of the environment. Not to worry, as the SUNKINGDOM 52W solar panel battery charger allows you take with you power wherever you go.

This product is not just a solar power phone charger, but a multi-functional solar panel battery charger that you can use to charge other devices such as Laptops, tablets and other mobile devices. This product has an excellent, delicate, fashionable and graceful design that allows its users appear Smart, especially in the midst of other people.

This Sunkingdom 52W solar panel battery charger is environmentally friendly because of its Zero Carbon emission. Climate change is one of the most important problems facing our world today. This eco-friendly solar panel battery charger is safe to use, making it a must-have for everybody interested in making the world a safer place to live.


  • Weight: 1750g
  • Output: 24V/2.2A 5V/2.1A
  • Extending Size: 928 X 513 X 2mm
  • High Efficiency: 18.5%
  • Color: Black Camouflage
  • Folding Size: 928 X 513 X 2mm
  • Output Interface: Dual Voltage Output / DC 5521/ SAE


  • 1 X User Manual
  • 1 X 52W Folding Solar Panel


  • Comes with a Sophisticated, elegant, fashionable, foldable design
  • Dual Output USB: 5V/2A and DC 24V/2.2A with 18.5% highly efficient solar cell           construction
  • Internal pockets made from durable light-weight material that prevents your               gadget from overheating while charging
  • Its high-quality drawstring cover helps to protect your solar panel battery charger         from dust, rain, and dirt

2.   SUNKINGDOM 28W 18V Dual-Portable Solar Powered Phone Charger

Sunkingdom 28w Solar Panel charger

SUNKINGDOM 28W portable solar panels are one of the best portable solar panels designed for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping and traveling. Your gadgets allow you to listen to your favorite music, play video games, capture rare photographs and much more. But if gadgets are without power, they are as good as useless. The major challenge associated with taking gadgets and other battery powered devices outdoors is the absence of power outlets. You don’t have run out of battery power anymore if you have good portable solar panels to back you up.

The SUNKINGDOM 28 18V portable solar panels are powerful chargers that can be used to charge Laptops, smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, and many other USB devices. It comes with an energy efficient transformation technology, which is put at 18.5%, unlike other portable solar panels that are pegged at 15%. It’s an extremely portable and compact device that makes it easy to carry around as well as attach to trees, tents, poles, and backpacks because it comes equipped with well-placed eyeholes.

SUNKINGDOM portable solar panels don’t come with built-in batteries, and it’s able to charge your mobile device directly. The non-inclusion batteries help to prevent situations where portable solar panels fail to retain battery charge as a result of excess heat. The failure of battery-based portable solar panels means that you’d have less battery power stored on your solar device to charge your mobile devices and gadgets. All SUNKINGDOM portable solar panels come with a 12-month warranty and superior after-sales support, so you can be rest assured of enjoying a durable, high-quality product. Note! When charging your gadgets and mobile devices, ensure they are well protected from sunlight because excess exposure to sunlight can lead to damage of sensitive components.


  • DC Port: Charges 18V Laptops efficiently as well as other 18V DC-Powered Devices
  • USB Port: External power banks, tablets, smartphones and other 5V USB-charged         gadgets


  • 1 X User manual
  • 10 X DC Laptop connector
  • 1 X 28W Folding Solar Panel
  • 1 X DC5521 male to DC5521 male
  • 1 X Micro USB cable


  • Utilizes fast charging and iSolar technology for efficient charging and automatic             voltage and charger recognition
  • Well-placed eye holes for easy carriage and attachment to trees, poles, and                   backpacks
  • Dual Output: Port-A standard USB output meant for 5V device, Port-B 18V DC for         Laptops
  • High Conversion Rate: Solar conversion efficiency up to 19% unlike what is                   obtainable in similar devices

3.   SUNKINGDOM 19.5W 5V Solar Powered Phone Charger

Sunkingdom 19.5W Solar Panel Charger

The SUNKINGDOM 19.5 portable solar panel charger is designed to charge your gadget batteries quickly and speedily using the power of the sun. Gadgets are power hungry devices and require to be constantly recharged, especially when being frequently used. Campers, hikers, travelers, and adventurers would find this portable solar panel charger handy.

Reasons to purchase the 19.5W 5V Portable solar panel charger

Portable Design:

Travelers, campers, and hikers don’t like bulky luggage. The SUNKINGDOM portable solar panel charger comes equipped with well-placed eyeholes that make it easy to carry around as well as attach to tents, backpacks, and trees.

Easy to Use 

Unlike most portable solar panels, the SUNKINGDOM 19.5W portable solar panel is easy to setup and use. All that you need to do is to expose the panel sunlight, plug your gadget using an appropriate power cord and you are good to go.

High transformation efficiency

Unlink most solar power chargers, whose solar transformation efficiency is pegged at 15%, the SUNKINGDOM 19.5W portable solar panel energy transformation is up to 23%, allowing you to charge your devices even in little sunlight.

Voltage Regulator

This portable solar panel charger determines the appropriate charging current for your device, which is necessary for charging efficiency as well as prolonging the battery life of your devices.


  • 1 X User Manual
  • 1 X 19.5W portable folding solar charger

Basic Features of the Sunkingdom 19.5W Portable Solar Panel

  • Designed using premium, weather-resistant waterproof canvas
  • Comes Exclusive PowermaxIQ Technology: Perfect for automatic recognition and           boosting charging speed under direct sunlight and
  • Extremely compact: unfolding size – 24.41” X 11.73” X 0.08” and Folding size –          11.73” X 6.38” X 0.47”
  • Well-placed eye holes for easy carriage and attachment
  • Compatible with an excellent array of devices: MP4, Samsung Galaxy, PSP, PDA,          mobile DVD, GPS, Blackberry and other 5V USB devices


4.   Anker 15w Dual-Port Solar Panel Charger

Anker 15W Solar powered phone charger

The Anker 15W dual-port solar panel Charger is the ideal solar charger designed to charge your gadget batteries speedily using the power of the sun. Gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, hand-held video games, are generally power hungry devices. They often need to be recharged after being used moderately and can easily run out of battery power when used heavily. Campers, hikers, feel the brunt of battery drainage due to the absence of power outlets during most of their outings. You won’t have to run out of battery power anymore after acquiring the right solar power battery charger.

This Anker 15 solar panel charger is bound together using heavy-duty polyester canvas and some of the best industrial-grade PET plastic, giving it an added protection against cracks and weather. This Monocrystalline equipped solar panel charger comes with dual ports, allowing you to charge quickly two mobile gadgets simultaneously. In addition to all its fantastic features, it’s foldable and lightweight, making it perfect for outdoor activities and easy transportation. Its PowerIQ technology enables this solar panel charger to determine the best charging speed for your gadget and will easily boost your charging speed by 2amps when exposed to direct sunlight.

Basic features of the Anker 15W Dual-Port Solar Panel Charger

  • Compatible with lots of USB devices (except iPod classics and ASUS Transformer)
  • Comes Dual-ports for simultaneous charging of two gadgets
  • Designed with high-quality polyester canvas and PET panels
  • Comes with PowerIQ technology


  • Size: Opened (34.6 X 11inches/ 88 X 28cm) or Closed (11 X 6.9in / 28 X 17.5CM)
  • Weight: two pounds

5.   KINGSOLAR 14W 5V Portable Solar Powered Phone Charger

Kingsolar 14W 5V Portable Solar Panel

The KINGSOLAR 14W portable solar panels are designed to charge your mobile devices on-the-Go, especially during outdoor activities, using the power of the sun. The sun provides an enormous, unlimited source of clean energy. If tapped efficiently, we can create a safer, better world for all. During most of our outdoor activities, we often find power outlets difficult to come by. This situation is mainly due to the nature of our outdoor environment, especially when it relates to camping or hiking. Mobile gadgets are power hungry, due to the amount of features they possess, as well as the constant use we put them through.

Why You Purchase the KINGSOLAR 14W 5V Portable Solar panels

  • Good Compatibility: These portable solar panels are compatible with an array of        mobile gadgets such as Android smartphones, Apple 6, 5S, 4S, GoPro Cameras,          Tablets and other USB-charged devices
  • High Efficiency: Unlike similar solar panel chargers that come with charging               efficiency under 15%, the KINGSOLAR 8W portable solar panels charging efficiency       are up to 18.5%.
  • Intelligent Power Supply: These devices can detect the appropriate charging           current for your mobile device, which is essential for protecting and extending the        battery life of your device.
  • Portable Design: This solar charger comes with a foldable feature that makes it         possible for you to pack and carry along your charger when traveling or hiking.
  • Features a high-quality voltage regulator: this helps to protect your mobile devices       against power surges
  • Rugged and durable: The structure of this solar charger is made from first Mono       Solar Cell + EVA + PET + EVA + TPT


  • Weight: 0.74lb unfolding size 18.4 X 9.6 X 0.7 inch,
  • Folding size:  9.45 X 6.3 X 0.23 inches

6.    SUNKINGDOM 7W 5V Portable Solar Powered Phone Charger

Sunkingdom 7W 5V Solar powered phone charger

SUNKINGDOM 7W5V Portable Solar Panel Charger is your ideal gadget meant for charging Smartphones and other mobile devices. The good thing about this cool gadget is that it gets its power from the sun, which is certainly one of the cheapest sources of power. This portable solar panel charger comes with automatic recognition and PowermaxIQ Technology, which helps to boost charging speeds when exposed to sunlight.

The 7W5V Sunkingdom portable solar panel charger is perfect for camping because it has well-placed eyeholes, making it easy to carried along on backpacks. Its average charging speed is faster than what you’d get from a computer USB port, and it’s a multi-functional charger. It can perfectly handle the following mobile digital devices PDA, MP3, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry, GPS, portable DVD, Bluetooth and many other devices. The major advantage of purchasing a product from SUNKINGDOM is the 12months warranty you would get.

Why Should I choose the SUNKINGDOM 7W 5V Portable Solar Panel Charger?

  1. Environment-friendly – Non-radiative, No-pollution, unlimited power from the sun
  2. Superior transformation efficient power supply – The transformation efficiency of          SUNKINGDOM solar panels is as high as 23.5%
  3. Comes with high voltage regulator that helps to provide stable current to your             mobile device, thereby prolonging its useful life
  4. Portable design
  5. Professional technical and customer support
  6. Quite simple to use and operate


  • 1 X User manual
  • 1 X 7W Folding Solar Panel


  • Size and dimensions: Unfolding size 13.70’’ X 11.22 X 0.04, folding size: 6.89’’ X        11.22’’ X 0.04’’
  • Weight: 0.78lb
  • Materials: EVA + PET + TPT + Waterproof cloth

7.   Platinum Choice Product Solar Powered Phone Charger

Platinum Choice Solar powered phone charger

The Platinum Choice solar power phone charger gives you the ability to recharge your gadget batteries on-the-go. There are situations when you want to hang out with family at the beach, your son or daughter may just want to fiddle with your Smartphone a little bit, play some music and probably some video games, and you find out that you are out of battery power, embarrassing isn’t it? You don’t to worry about that anymore when you acquire the Platinum solar power phone charger.


You bought one of the latest flying toys in town, the RC drone, and you take it to the field with family and friends for some fun. You discover that your toy drone needs to be recharged every 7minutes, but there’s one major problem, no power outlet around. You don’t have worry about that anymore when you purchase the Platinum solar power phone charger

Direct Solar Charging – One of the latest developments in the solar power industry

  • If you have observed most solar chargers in the market, you will discover that they       often come with an internal battery which they use to store Battery charge, and           then pass such power to other mobile devices. The disadvantage of using this               technique is that there’s a tendency for the solar charger’s internal battery to               overheat as a result of the direct exposure to sunlight, thereby limiting the amount       of charge the internal battery can hold. ThePlatinum Choice solar power phone             charger comes with direct solar charging technology, thus, avoiding the problems         associated with traditional battery powered solar panels.
  •  Charges GoPros, iPhones, Android, cameras and RC Batteries
  •  Fast charging enabled by “11 X 8” solar panel that generates 800mAh at 5volts            (Full sunlight required)
  •  Caution! Not for charging gadgets or any device with DC inputs higher than 5              volts


No doubt, portable solar powered phone chargers give you the freedom to exploit your smartphone anywhere you want. The advantages these little solar electronic gadgets provide are indispensable in modern times especially if you love to camp, travel, hike, and partake in many outdoor activities. These portable solar powered phone chargers are very portable and can be deployed virtually anywhere provided there is sufficient sunlight, not compulsory, though. If you are looking for a portable solar charging device to keep your Smartphone’s battery all juiced up and ready to go, then you should consider getting any of the above listed Solar powered phone chargers as they are properly optimized to keep your smartphone running all day.

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