Looking to Jumpstart Your Dead Car Battery? Try The OVV00V Portable Jump Starter

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Car batteries can go down quickly without warning, leaving you stranded when you least expect it. This situation will make you go into hunting mode for Jump starters, and perhaps a spare battery from other car owners and shops. So many car owners have suffered flat batteries in the middle of nowhere. This situation can be very risky if you live in violence-prone areas, neighborhoods, or even homes surrounded by predatory animals.

To avoid delays, it’s imperative that you get important gadgets and tools in your car trunk. You never can tell when these devices will come to your aid. Many car owners do not see the need to own gadgets like portable jump starters. Fine, a good car can go years without having any major breakdowns. But sometimes a little gesture such as leaving the radio on for hours, or perhaps a malfunctioning door light that refuses to turn off, can run down your car’s battery. You never can tell when you’ll actually need these devices.

A portable Jump Starter can prove vital in getting home safely when car trouble hits. It is handy as it can bring your car back to life without necessarily needing the help of another vehicle.

Some portable Jump starters can be used to charge mobile smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices coupled with performing some other valuable tasks like signaling with the lights and inflating tires with its built-in compressors

Some portable Jump starters can be used to charge mobile smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices coupled with performing some other valuable tasks like signaling with the lights and inflating tires with its built-in compressors.

The OVVOOV portable Jump Starter is amazingly simple. It is a small and efficient battery packed in a case with long jumper cables attached to it.

The OVVOOV jump starter provides a quick and instant current to jump-start your battery without help from another vehicle. All it takes is a few minutes to set it up, and you will start your car.

Despite being incredibly compact, this portable jump starter guarantees remarkable power and reasonably high autonomy for numerous emergency starts.


  • Model: D32A Jump Starter
  • Battery Capacity:14000Mah/51.8Wh
  • Starting Current:400A
  • Peak Current:600A
  • Input: DC 15V/1A Maz
  • I Smart Dual USB Output: DC 5V/4.2A Max (Each 2.1A Max)
  • Operating Temperature: -4?~140?

Package Include

  • 1 x D32A Jump Starter
  • 1 x Storage Package
  • 1 x Jumper start wire clamps
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Car Charger
  • 1 x AC Adapter

Battery Capacity (Mah)

OVVOOV portable Jump Starters are equipped with a rechargeable battery. This can have a variable autonomy, depending on the capacity ( mAh ) chosen, this will determine the number of times you can start the vehicle. For the starter to be efficient in its use, its battery must have a charge level above 60%.

Peak  Intensity (A)

Peak intensity is the maximum current value that the starter can provide to the car battery in a short period of time to start the engine.

When you buy one, it is convenient to choose a Jump Starter that has a peak current higher than the battery of the vehicle itself to get it started. Generally, such value may vary between 200A and 2000A, but it may be higher for those of high range and specific models such as large displacement vehicles and special means of transport. the OVVOOV portable Jump Starters serve you right as the peak current is 600A.

OVV00V Portable Jump Starter Body imageOutput Voltage (V)

Depending on the voltage of the vehicle’s battery, one type of starter or another will need to be connected.

Most of the starters have 12V output, which guarantees perfect operation for most cars and motorcycles on the market.

You can also find jump starters with a higher voltage (24V) that are intended for use in vehicles with higher displacements, such as motor homes, buses, trucks, and boats.


Hand Design

The OVVOOV portable Jump Starter is very compact, minimal, and light. Small enough to fit in a large glove compartment or center console. It comes with an LCD screen that provides a variety of useful information.

which is Ideal for inexperienced users. It also features a built-in USB charger is an additional benefit for car owners.

All Accessible

It comes with a Powerful battery wrapped in a box with connecting cables connected. Provides instantaneous charged current without the need for another car to help.

Even in cold weather. This portable jump starter Starts your own car or truck in minutes. Ideal for emergencies where everyone doesn’t want to point to another vehicle, especially at night.

Powerful Function

It is capable of Starting a car up to 45 times (test vehicle type: 12V / 2.5L gas). Most cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, motorcycles, scooters, and all-terrain vehicles will start normally. The built-in flashlight is convenient. There are multiple brightness settings and emergency strobes. Very useful when attempting to jump-start your car in darkness.

Designed As Power Bank

OVVOOV portable Jump Starters have two smart USB ports to power the appropriate accessories. Charge your device on the go. Fully charge your smartphone or other devices as fast as possible (iPhone X can be charged up to 5 times).

Certificate And After-Sale

With the safe design, it has passed CE / FCC / PSE / RoHs certificate. 18 months warranty and friendly after-sales service.

How Much Current Is Enough

For Gas Engines:

  • 150 to 200 amps for a 4-cylinder.
  • 200 to 250 amps for a 6-cylinder.
  • 250 to 300 amps for an 8-cylinder.

(OVVOOV portable Jump Starters amps is UP TO 600 !!!).


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy-to-use and easy-to-read LED
  • Multiple application
  • Electrical features
  • Strong battery technology
  • Good roadside feature
  • Great value for the price


  • Might be a bit pricey


Having a portable jump starter can save you valuable time as well as rescue you during emergencies. Imagine that your car battery goes flat in a secluded place at night. You may run into trouble with miscreants and other roadside opportunists. It’s much safer if you are equipped with a portable jumpstarter such as the OVVOOV because it will help you get your car running in no time.

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