15 Best Videography Accessories and Gadgets For Filmmaking

15 Best Videography Accessories and Gadgets For Filmmaking

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When it has to do with Filmmaking, videographers know the key to excellent filmmaking is making use of the right videography gadgets for the process. Every gear required for filmmaking plays a critical role in ensuring that the camera produces the right results for the screen.

It doesn’t matter the kind of film you want to make; you’re going to need the right supplies to get the right results. It is why videographers are most popular due to their high creativity skills, and all these won’t be possible if they don’t possess the knowledge on the right gadgets to use. This article will be looking at the 15 best videography gadgets that are required for filmmaking.

Why Are These Videography Gadgets Necessary?

The best videography gadgets are the best bet in completing a standard filmmaking project. So every videography needs the best gadgets to produce the best movies and videos. Using the best videography gadgets also shows the videographer has a high level of professionalism concerning filmmaking.

Top 15 Videography Gadgets

So whether you’re on a beginner level or professional level, these are the top 15 videography gadgets that every videography requires:

1.     Camera

Camera best gadgetOur number one and significant piece of equipment on this list is the video camera. No movie, film, or video clip will be possible today without the help of a video camera. Videoing with your smartphones today is only possible with the help of the camera that comes with the phone.

However, since you want to produce a professional standard video, it won’t be necessary to use your smartphone; you’ll have to go for something much bigger and better, and that’s where the compact, DSLR, and camcorder cameras excel. With a video camera, you can get down to the business of filmmaking in no time.

2.     Lenses

Best camera Lenses and gadgets

Lenses are a very vital part of filmmaking. They are the tools that transform your camera videos into something extraordinary. They are capable of zooming, wide-angle capturing, and other camera sequences.

Some examples of essential lenses used by professional videographers are macro lenses and tilt-shift lenses. Even in the process of using your smartphone for a short video clip, it is recommended to make use of a niche lens to create avenues for various image filming options.

3.     Microphones

Best microphones gadgetsDuring video productions, microphones are essential because the audio recording process is carried out separately via a specific microphone. Microphones are vital if you intend to get the best sound in your filmmaking.

The interesting fact about these microphones is that they can capture sounds from various directions giving top-quality video audibility. So if you want to get the best out of your video production, you should buy a microphone to add to your production set.

4.  Computer

Best Computer gadgets for photographyA computer is an essential gadget that every videographer must-have on set. A computer will help with arranging and editing the video with the help of video editing software. The interesting fact about video editing software is that this software often consumes computing power a lot when used.

So using another gadget for this software might slow the process, so computers are the best and ideal gadgets for this aspect. You can run any preferred video editing software on your computer seamlessly to carry out this process. Interestingly, even a low-budget laptop can get the job done.

5.     Headphones

Best headphones gadgets for photographyHeadphones are vital gadgets that will help you with sound during your filmmaking. While making the video, you can see the picture clearly as your video; however, the videographer also needs to hear the sound quality while capturing to ensure that the audio recording is going smoothly as planned.

It is in this aspect that the headphones come in handy. So every videographer needs a headphone, and this is very compulsory. It will help you monitor your audio in real-time during production. You wouldn’t want to take the risk of making a video without monitoring your audio.

6.     Hard Drives and Memory Cards

6. Hard Drives and Memory CardsWhen filmmaking is in progress, you won’t be able to offload data into your computer at that point; that’s why you need hard drives and memory cards. The purpose of hard drives and memory cards is to help you retain what you’re filming during filmmaking.

These gadgets need to be put in place before you begin shooting unless you want to risk running out of memory while filming, which won’t be a good thing at all. It is why videographers must have a backup in hard drives and memory cards.


7.     Lighting Rigs

Lighting Rig is a crucial factor in video productions. If your goal is filming at a professional level, then you should have a backlight, key light, and fill light at your disposal, which is all part of the lighting kit.

A professional filmmaker will never shoot a movie without his lighting kit. There are some accessories that you can choose to add to the mix, such as reflectors and light stands. However, the addition should depend on the budget you have planned.

8.     Tripod Stand

Tripod Stand GadgetThere can be no filmmaking without a tripod stand. The tripod keeps the camera steady while angling from various vantage points. It is how you get to see stable and free-flowing footage in many movies that you come across on TV.

It also relieves the videographer of the stress of holding the camera for long. This gadget also comes with various variants depending on the one you want. There are tripods available for various video shooting types. It is why every videographer must always have one at their disposal during any filmmaking exercise.

9.  Equipment Bags

Equipment BagsSince videography equipment is expensive, it is essential to have an equipment bag to accommodate all these various equipment while transporting them from one shooting location to another. Equipements like the cameras and lenses should be kept carefully and safely in this bag to avoid getting damaged or broken. So always make sure you have an equipment bag before going for shooting.

10.  Monopod

Monopod GadgetA monopod is a camera gadget that helps with versatility during filmmaking, especially in areas that have to do with a quick special kind of movement. On most occasions, videographers mount them on rollers when shooting a certain angle in the filmmaking process. Unlike tripods, they are not heavy and complex to use, so if you’re new to filmmaking, you can surely make the best out of this gadget.

11.  Camera Sliders

Are you a videographer looking to increase the professionalism of your film production? Camera sliders will help you make that possible. Camera sliders are essential in giving your camera that desired top-notch movement that brings about a high level of professionalism. It is why it has become very popular in the film-making world. It is excellent, especially when shooting subtle movement scenes in movies. It isn’t complex to use, and the installation process is stress-free. Anyone can make use of this gadget, even if you’re an amateur.

12.  Drones

In recent years the film industry has evolved to the use of drones in film production, and this has changed the industry forever. In old times the only way to film an area view was by capturing the view from a helicopter, which was relatively very expensive back in the days. Since the introduction of drones, capturing aerial views during filmmaking now comes with more dynamism and peculiarity. They are now the suitable means of capturing aerial views, and they are doing quite well. The interesting fact is that you don’t need a top dollar to get a hold of one because they are quite affordable today. So if you want to make your film special with some fascinating aerial scenes, you should add this to your list.

13.  Gorilla Pod

Gorilla pods are essential gadgets that every videographer should have on their shooting inventory. The pods are spider-shaped, and they can grip anything due to their flexible triple legs. While mounting your camera on it, you can wrap it around any object in any position and capture any view you want to capture. It is the perfect innovative gadget to help you fix many filming problems during filmmaking. You can utilize them in unique spots to produce excellent results.

14.  Batteries

As common as this gadget might sound, every videographer needs to pack many of them when filmmaking. Carrying extra batteries will help you a lot in cases where you have to shoot for an extended period. It’s best to always opt for rechargeable batteries to help make the best out of the process. Plus, you can always charge them when they are down while using the substitutes.

15.  Gimbal

A Gimbal is an alternative to tripod stands. It stabilizes the camera to ensure that the shooting process goes smoothly. Gimbals ensure that there is no shaky occurrence when the camera is filming. This gadget is essential and utilized mainly by top-notch videographers in the industry.

Final Thoughts

Filmmaking is a very fascinating and enjoyable experience when you’re making use of the right tools. As you plan to create your next movie or your first movie, you might want to take advantage of this list to get the best 15 gadgets that will help you take your film production to the next level.