6 Modern Technology and Gadgets that can help you keep your Home...

6 Modern Technology and Gadgets that can help you keep your Home Clean

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Gadgets and technology play a vital role in our everyday lives. They can be used to facilitate learning, communications, negotiations, entertainment, and host of other important functions. These tech gadgets also help us simplify our day-to-day tasks as well as complete them quickly.

When it comes to keeping and maintaining your home daily, technology gadgets play a vital, invaluable role in this regard. Keeping your home clean is vital to everyday healthy living. Modern tech gadgets have made home cleaning and maintenance a lot easier. Having stated the obvious, these are 6 technology gadgets that can help maintain your home, keeping it clean as it should be.

1.    Home Cleaning Robots

Robots play a vital role in today’s digital and technology environment. They are programmed to execute simple, daily tasks that require little or no human intervention. A home cleaning robot can be used to mop the floor, sweep your house, maintain your lawn, and many more. Acquiring these robots may be a bit pricey, but then they help you save valuable energy and lets you channel your time to more useful and important activities.

Some of these home cleaning robots come loaded with WiFi, which allows them to be controlled remotely. In this day and age of IoT, you can monitor your home and execute important home cleaning and maintaining tasks remotely.

2.     Air Purifier

Ensuring that the quality of air in your home is never compromised, you may want to purchase an Air Purifier and keep it at a strategic location in your home. It’s much easier to ensure and maintain good air quality in your home after a thorough cleanup. When you are done cleaning, you can use the Air Purifier to get rid of dust and other unwanted microbes in your home.

If you have HVAC installed in your home, you may want to boost its effectiveness by adding an Air Purifier in that environment. The combination of a high-quality air conditioning unit, as well as a top-rated Air Purifier, will ensure the quality of air in your home is in top-notch condition.

3.     High-Quality Microwave Cleaner

If there is one important kitchen gadget that’s extremely difficult and messy to clean, it’s got to be the Microwave. It’s so easy getting your dinner warmed up and served using the Microwave, but then the pain of cleaning it from time to time might want to make you think twice before using it. That’s why technology has made it a lot easier, with the introduction of the Microwave cleaner, for everyone to clean and maintain their microwave efficiently.

Good Microwave cleaning products abound in the market and one of them is TOPIST Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner. It’s a product that can help you get rid of stubborn stains in your microwave that regular detergents find difficult to remove.

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4.     Remotely controlled home appliances

With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), most household devices and gadgets can be connected and controlled via the internet. The prerequisite for these devices to function remotely is WiFi and internet connection. Once these home appliances are connected via WiFi, you can control their operation remotely. Dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners are some of the devices that can be controlled remotely. These home-cleaning and maintaining electric devices can help you maintain your home in the right condition and make it safe for everyone to enjoy.

5.     Smart Trash Cans

Technology has simplified almost every home cleaning activity, even the trash cans aren’t left out. There are smart trash cans that can help you manage your trash better. They come in a well-designed plastic finish with a few well-placed buttons to control operations. Some smart trash cans can be programmed to seal the disposable trash bag when it’s full and get it ready for disposal.

These trash cans come with refill rings that can contain up to 25 bags, which will automatically deploy bags once the previous bag is full, sealed, and disposed of. These smart trash cans come with rechargeable batteries that allow the smart trash to operate for up to a month on a single charge. The battery charging time for most Smart Trash cans hovers around 10 hours, which is enough to power the cans for up to a month.

6.     Self-Cleaning litter box

If you love pets and you have lots of them running around in your home, you have to admit that taking care of their mess can be frustrating at times. Litter boxes help to keep your home clean, especially when you have pets trained to use them. These automatic, self-cleaning litter boxes come in different shapes and sizes; however, they are geared towards making your pet’s poo cleaning process much easier to manage.

Some of the self-cleaning litter boxes can be recharged since they come packed with rechargeable batteries. With a simple push of a button, your pet’s excreta can be separated and packed in a disposable bag which you can dispose of at will.


Our homes are so important and play a vital role in our survival. They shield us from the harshness of the weather and provide us a conducive environment to rest and raise a family. Ensuring that our homes remain clean and in top-notch condition is our responsibility.

Technology has provided us the opportunity to automate certain cleaning activities that go on in our homes. We can even control most of these activities remotely, which is important if you have very busy schedules. As technology continues to improve, home cleaning and maintenance using gadgets and tech will become an interesting activity for everyone.