5 Best Wireless Chargers to Get for Your Gadgets and Smartphones

5 Best Wireless Chargers to Get for Your Gadgets and Smartphones

Seneo wireless charger

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The lifeline of most gadgets and mobile devices are their chargers, and without them, your devices are just as useless as a little pile of metal junk. Wired chargers have been the mainstay in the smartphone and tech industry for the past decade and have assisted in juicing up our mobile devices. However, wired chargers can be a pain to manage, especially when you have multiple chargers to handle your array of gadgets and mobile devices. These wired chargers get easily entangled and can get the average techie worked up, trying to sort them out.

That’s why technology has made it a lot easier for us to handle the recharging our mobile devices with the introduction of wireless chargers. Wireless chargers make it a lot easier for you to manage your space as well as keep your work environment super organized. Having stated the benefits, these are the 5 Best wireless chargers we sampled in our recent market survey.

1.   Choetech – Good for power hungry devices

Choetech wireless charger

Choetech wireless chargers offer users an innovative and unique way to boost or juice up your smartphone batteries. If you are looking for a flexible charger that gives users the opportunity to get more from mobile devices, then Choetech should be your ideal wireless charging device. The unique feature of the Choetech wireless charging device is that it places your smartphone in an upright position, allowing users to continue to operate their devices. You can either place your mobile device in a portrait or landscape mode when using this wireless charger, and you’d be good to go.

The Choetech Wireless charging device is compatible with an array of Samsung smartphones such as S6, S6 Edge, S7, S7 Edge, S8, S9, S10 as well as the Galaxy Note 5, 8 and 9. With an impressive charge rate of 10 watts, you can be sure that your Smartphone wouldn’t die out on you especially when you need to use it while charging. The drawback for this device is that it lacks an adaptor which has to be purchased separately so you can make use of it.

2.   RAVPower – Great for Tech enthusiasts

The Ravpower wireless charger is so sleek that it actually looks like a toy kids play with. It looks like a gadget pulled right out of the future. But make no mistake, the RAVPower is designed to juice up your smartphones quickly and efficiently, especially when charging Samsung Smartphones. This wireless charger is Qi-certified, which means that it can work with a good number smartphones with wireless charging capabilities such as Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, S9, S10 and the Note 8. iPhone smartphones such as iPhone 8, 8 Plus and the iPhone X are also compatible with this charging device.

Even though the RAVPower wireless charger is compatible with some iPhone devices, it tends to charge much slower when compared to Samsung Smartphones. This charger charges compatible iPhones such as the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X, at 7.5 watts, which is less than 10 watts Samsung smartphones pull from this device. One of the best features we like about this charger is its design. The design enables the RAVPower wireless charger to dissipate heat 15% better than similarly priced products. It also comes with a Smart feature that helps to prevent overcharging and this can go a long way in extending the life of your device.

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3.   Pleson – Great value for money spent

Pleason wireless charger

The Pleson Ultra Slim Qi Wireless Charging pad punches above its weight in the world of mobile wireless charging devices. I mean, this beast comes with an amazing charging rate of 13.5-watts, fully geared to juice up your mobile devices in no time. If you can’t do without operating your smartphone while it’s being recharged, then the Pleson wireless charging device is for you. It can withstand heavy Smartphone use better than the wireless chargers listed above. This charger comes with an intelligent LED light notification system that lets users know the charging condition of their devices. Unlike other wireless chargers that harass users with unnecessary blinking of their notification LED lights, the Pleson Ultra Slim Qi wireless charging pad’s LED light turns off after 10 seconds.

The major drawback about this device is that its fast charging speed can only be harnessed by a few Smartphones such as Samsung high-end Galaxy and Note devices. It’s performance on iPhone range of smartphones remains dismal as its charging rate hovers around 7.5 watts, compared to the 13.5 watts charging speeds seen on Samsung smartphones. For iPhone users, you’d have to wait till your done with charging before you can use your device efficiently.

4.   Seneo – Cool Charger with a friendly case

Seneo wireless charger

One thing that strikes you at first glance of Seneo’s Qi compliant Wireless charger is its sleek appearance. This amazing wireless charging device comes with 2 charging modes, a 5-Watt and a 10-watt charging mode. The 5-watt charging mode is ideal for a selection of iPhone devices such as the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and X, while the 10-watt charging rates are meant for Top-end Samsung devices such as the Galaxy S7, S8, S9 and S10. According to Seneo, the 5-watt charging mode of its wireless charger outperforms other similar competing chargers as it offers a more stable and reliable connection. It also comes with an array of safety features such as voltage protection, temperature protection, and short circuit protection. One of its strong points is its attractive case, which helps to complement its overall aesthetics.

Even though its 5 watts charging mode is just as good as the 7.5-watt rate seen on other devices. In reality, we didn’t find it to be exactly true. There were some noticeable differences in charging speeds between genuine 7.5-watt chargers and Seneo’s 5-watt charging mode. Another drawback is its charging stand. It isn’t compatible with other devices other than Samsung and iPhones. Nevertheless, it remains one of the best wireless charging devices to acquire if you love a well packaged, aesthetically pleasing device.

5.   Samsung – The Hub for Samsung Users

Samsung wireless charger

If you are looking for a reputable branded product for your mobile devices and gadgets, then Samsung definitely should be at the top of your shopping list. If you are a Samsung Smartphone owner and you need a Wireless charging device for your smartphone, you shouldn’t be caught using any other product than your Smartphone’s brand. Not compulsory though! Many will think that just because this wireless charger is manufactured by Samsung isn’t compatible with other smartphones, wrong! The Samsung wireless charger is Qi-compliant, which makes it compatible with Qi-capable devices, which include iPhones produced by arch-rivals, Apple Inc. Samsung have been at their A-game for years, thanks to its heavy investment in research and technology. The Samsung wireless charger sends out 9-watts charging rate to your mobile device. However, it’s almost as efficient as the Pleson 13.5 watts wireless charging device.

It comes with a quick charge feature that leaves the average user surprised, going by its documentation, e.g. the 9-watt charge rating. Even its 5-watt charging mode performs much better with iPhones than other chargers listed above. However, such excellent features come at a price. The Samsung wireless charger is pricier than most product listed in this guide. But it packs a punch in quality and efficiency.


Listed above are some of the very best wireless chargers you can get for your smartphones. One has to consider a few things before making up his or her mind. If you are a heavy Smartphone phone user, who can’t do without touching your phone for a minute, then you’ll need wireless chargers with a high charging efficiency, e.g. The Pleson wireless charger or those produced by Samsung. If you get a wireless charger with a low output rating, your smartphone may die out on you when working on important stuff. To avoid this, understand your activities and daily routines so you can make informed choices. Wireless chargers are here to stay and will keep on getting better and more efficient with time.