10 best PC Gaming Gadgets and Accessories for 2022

10 best PC Gaming Gadgets and Accessories for 2022

10 best PC gaming gadgets for 2022 Profile

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PC gaming is a great way to spend your leisure time relieving yourself from the day’s stress. You can also use PC gaming to connect with your friends and loved ones online. One of the necessary things to make your PC gaming experience awesome is the type of PC gaming gadgets you incorporate into your gaming process. The best gaming accessories are the things every PC gamer needs to have an incredible gaming experience. In this article, we will look at the 10 best PC gaming gadgets in 2022.

The essence of the best gaming gadget article for 2022 is to help you customize your PC gaming experience, and doing so will improve the ambiance of your PC gaming.

Top 10 Gaming Gadgets and Accessories

Technology has proved itself in various industries. It has also helped introduce so many tech accessories into multiple industries. There are different gaming accessories available in the market. Choosing one for yourself can be quite challenging when it comes to making a choice. However, we have done the heavy lifting for you by rounding up the 10 best PC gaming gadgets 2022.

1.     HyperX Gaming Headset

HyperX Gaming HeadsetIf you’re the kind of PC gamer that is used to playing multiplayer games with people online, then you should know the importance of having a headset. When it comes to PC, you won’t be using just any type of headset, but a headset from one of the best gaming accessories brands known as HyperX.

HyperX gaming headset is an over-ear headset that exhibits a perfect stereo sound. The 7.1 surround sound ensures that you can hear everything going on in your game. You can even listen to enemies coming from a distance.

It comes with a wired plugin that lets you plug it into your system when playing a game. Have you been using a regular headset to play your PC games? Maybe it’s time to upgrade to something more spectacular like this headset.

2.     Anda Seat Game Chair

Anda Seat Game Chair

PC gaming sections can be very long that they could leave your back aching all the time. It would help if you were comfortable while carrying out your gaming activities. In this area, no chair other than the Andaseat game chair can provide the optimum comfort that you desire.

This chair comes with ergonomic features such as a waist pillow, a high chair back that can accommodate your entire body, a headset pillow, and adjustable chair arms. The adjustability of this chair can be done in various ways to suit the gamer’s preference.

For instance, you can adjust the chair 90 degrees to 160 degrees backward. The roller wheels that the chair comes with enable you to move around comfortably. Bending your back inconveniently while playing your favorite game could lead to health issues like back pain.

It is essential to include this gaming chair in your gaming gadgets inventory. It will ensure that you stay comfortable when gaming for hours.

3.     Edifier Stereo Speaker

Edifier Stereo SpeakerOur list of best gaming gadgets in 2022 won’t be complete without the Edifier Stereo Speaker. So many people would instead allow their game to play out than use headsets. If you belong to this category, you’ll need this Edifier stereo speaker.

The system comprises a dual 17-inch speaker, 75-inch tweeter, and a 4-inch base driver. It also comes with various adjustment knobs that enable you to adjust the sound to the level you want. You can connect It to your PC via wire or Bluetooth connectivity. Though your game can be played via visual means, you can also incorporate an Edifier stereo speaker to enjoy the game’s soundtrack.

4.     4k High-Resolution Monitor

4k High-Resolution MonitorIf you are looking to engage in a next-level PC gaming experience, you should also be able to enjoy the game’s graphics to the fullest. It can only be possible with the help of a 4K high-resolution monitor. A 4k high-resolution monitor is a special type of monitor that was built with the idea of giving gamers the perfect gaming graphics.

This particular monitor comes with a display port and dual HDMI ports to enable you to connect it to your gaming console. Another essential feature of this monitor is the High Dynamic Range (HDR). The HDR serves as an innovative feature that transforms the color displayed by the monitor into a lifelike display.

The response time is 1 millisecond which helps reduce the lagging time between your game operations and the actions in the game. There are also surrounding sensors that help adjust the monitor’s color temperature. These sensors make night gaming on your pc possible.

5.     Razer Ornata Game Keyboard

Razer Ornata Game KeyboardThe introduction of this full-size backlit keyboard was to ensure that PC gamers enjoy their gaming experience. It is why it is always amongst the best gaming accessories pc gamers utilize in their gaming activities. It has a portion where you can rest your wrist while using it.

The mid-height keys are soft when pressed due to the mecha-membrane feature. These essential features helped the Backlit keyboard make our list of best gaming gadgets for 2022. The keyboard’s backlight gives it a fascinating beauty when gaming. Interestingly, you can change the keyboard’s light color to any color.

It can, however, be possible with the help of the Razer PC app. From this app, you’ll discover that this gaming keyboard supports up to 16.8 million colors. You can change these colors subsequently to match the color graphics of the kind of game you’re playing.


6.     Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse

Logitech G502 Gaming MouseWhile using your Razer Ornata gaming keyboard, you might need to add the G502 gaming mouse to make it a perfect match. This fascinating wired mouse features 25600 dots per inch sensor that enables the tracking of your movement with high accuracy.

The mechanical switches make clicking the mouse efficient and effective when gaming.  Another exciting aspect of this device is that the buttons are programmable. You can configure five different settings to your mouse buttons.

It will enable you to configure your most preferred setups for your regularly playing games. If you are playing a fast game, you’ll need a mouse to match the game’s speed. It is why the Logitech G502 gaming mouse has a weight space at the bottom of the mouse.

This weight space makes it possible to insert a 3.6-gram weight into the mouse. Changing the weight of your mouse will help when you want to improve your game accuracy, depending on the kind of game you are playing. The mouse also features LEDs on the top and around the mouse. Like the gaming keyboard, this gaming mouse also supports 16.8 million colors.

7.     Microsoft Xbox Controller

Microsoft Xbox ControllerThere’s no doubt that many individuals prefer to make use of game keyboards and mouse for gaming. However, there is also a vast majority of gamers who will opt for a controller. The Microsoft Xbox Controller features a direction pad, dual analog sticks, 4 triggers, and 4 front buttons. Setting up the game controller in such a way enables it to control various PC games.

One of the exciting aspects of the Microsoft Xbox controller is the wireless feature that enables you to pair it with your computer via Bluetooth. All you need to do is make sure the controller is fully charged before gaming. A single charge of this gadget alone can give you up to 30 hours of game time, thanks to the rechargeable AA batteries they come with. There’s no way this gadget wouldn’t make our list of best pc gaming accessories for 2022.

8.     4K Webcam

4K WebcamFor the professional gamers who want to stream their gameplay on various social media platforms, you’ll need the help of a 4k webcam to make this possible. The easiest way to stream a 4k video is via a 4k webcam; however, you should also have an available USB microphone to increase the sound quality. This gadget is compatible with all PCs and streaming applications.

9.  Three Mesh Wifi Router

Three Mesh Wifi RouterOnline gaming doesn’t just require any internet connection. It requires a solid internet connection that can keep up with the speed of your game. If you must go for WiFi for your gaming experience, you should go for a three-mesh WiFi router. Why three, you might ask?

Three because one of the WiFi routers must be connected to the cable modem to enable the other two to be freely placed at your chosen location. The purpose of these three mesh WiFi routers is to create a solid and reliable network throughout your gaming room. It is why they are designed specifically for houses of 5000 square feet.

10.  Blue Light Blocking Eye Glasses

Blue Light Blocking Eye GlassesThere is one danger in gaming for hours, and that’s exposure to excessive blue light. These lights might affect you in various ways. For instance, they could make you miscalculate the time, affecting your daily schedule. Some people would opt for reducing their playing time. But it’s best to secure Blue light blocking eyeglasses.

The eyeglasses have UV protective features that help keep up to 90 percent of blue light from reaching your eyes. The eyeglasses will surely help you overcome the regular eye strain you encounter from your regular gaming activities.

Final Thoughts

There’s been a lot of improvement in technology in 2022. It has helped the gaming world evolve by introducing a variety of gaming gadgets for the best gaming experience. If you are looking to upgrade your PC gaming accessories this year, then we recommend our list of 10 best PC gaming gadgets for 2022.