5 Tips to Help You Select the Best Gaming Headset

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Video gaming provides many people with a cool way to relax, catch fun, and build healthy rivalries between friends and loved ones. For you to enjoy a perfect gaming experience, you must ensure your consoles are up-to-date and equipped with the right accessories and peripherals. One of such accessories is the gaming headset and microphone.

One important feature you can’t afford to overlook is the gaming microphone. Being able to communicate during gameplay provides you an excellent gaming experience that can’t be imagined. Recently, headsets designed and optimized for gaming come with very long cords and quality microphones that make it easier for gamers to enjoy doing what they love doing best. Having stated the obvious, these are 5 tips to help you select the best gaming microphone.

1.  Impressive audible and isolation qualities

There are many mics that have great abilities to pick the faintest of sounds. However, the sensitivity of these microphones may not be suitable for gamers since they detect lots of unwanted background noises. A good mic optimized for gaming should be able to receive from up to 6 to 8 inches away, a well-modulated voice without picking up or detecting Keyboard clicks, excess feedback, static from breathing, and desk vibrations.

So when next you are shopping for a gaming headset, you may want to take into consideration the type of mic that comes with it. Preference should be given to mics that with dynamic or condenser capabilities, which can pick up voice without the common delays associated with other mics while canceling background noises.

It’s common knowledge that poor isolation affects the quality of sound reception. The size and material used in creating headset pads affect the efficiency of the seal. There is always the right headset fit for everyone.  The onus is on you to make the right choice.

2.   Affordability

Pricing plays a crucial role in the decision-making process for most buyers or potential customers. There isn’t always a positive correlation between the pricing and quality of a product, especially with regards to gaming microphones and headsets. What you should strive to achieve when hunting for the best gaming headsets and microphones is striking the balance between product quality and affordability. Some budget-friendly gaming microphones share similarities and features with pricey products.

Most budget-friendly gaming headsets come with a price range that usually falls below $100 and packs quality that will be just enough to satisfy the average gamer. But when you start shopping for gaming headsets with a price range exceeding $200, then you all know we are talking about some serious gaming.

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3.   Durability

Most gaming activities take place in a hyperactive or charged environment, which usually subjects the gaming microphones to unusual wear and tear.  The plastic quality used in the production of these gaming headsets plays a vital role in their longevity. Gaming headsets with poor plastic quality and build snap a lot when subjected to extensive use.

If you are concerned about the longevity of your gaming headset, then it’s advisable to get a wired and metal headset. Headset made with metals materials and wires last far much longer than their wireless, plastic counterparts. You should also pay attention to the clamping force of your new headset. The right balance is needed so the headset clamp force doesn’t build so much pressure on your head or drop off due it being too loose.

4.   Ease of assembly

It’s one thing to purchase a new electronic device, it’s another to set it up. When shopping for a gaming microphone, you must take into consideration how easy it is to assemble and set your gaming headset up. Usually, it’s easy to set up your gaming headset and microphone by just plugging it in your audio output. You will need to locate your PC’s audio output and then inspect the headset connectors. When you are done, plug it into your PC port.  Now, it’s time to organize the sound output on your PC and perform a mic check.

However, despite the simple setup instructions stated above, some gaming microphone headsets require a more advanced setup, which includes extra cables, preamplifiers, audio interfaces, etc. But if you want a stressfree gaming microphone setup, then you must check out their features and requirements before opening your wallet.

5.   Comfortable and convenient to use

Video gaming provides participants an avenue to relax and enjoy themselves. It provides gamers an avenue to cool off and release stress. However, when a wrong choice of headset is made, it can become more stressful playing your favorite video games. Comfort and convenience should be taken into consideration when shopping for the right gaming headset and microphone.

There are some types of games that require a longer playing time. It can become painful wearing a gaming headset that isn’t comfortable. Friction, heat, and sweat can build up after a couple of minutes or hours. If the gaming headset feels a bit too heavy, you might develop sore ears and pain around your neck. That’s why it’s imperative for you to choose the right gaming headset that provides you comfort and convenience at a fair price.


Choosing the right gaming headset can be a tough thing to do if you lack experience in shopping for the right gaming hardware. Pricing, affordability, durability, convenience are some of the important things to consider when shopping around for the best gaming headset. You should make an effort to scrutinize the specs and features of your gaming headset before making a choice.

Read the reviews of other customers as well as their ratings because it can give you clues about the product you are considering. Following these tips and guidelines will ensure that you make the right choice when shopping for the right gaming headset and microphone.

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