7 Tips to Help You Select the Best Gaming Mouse

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Video and PC games provide users a decent opportunity for people to relax and catch fun. These games can be enjoyed on different platforms such as hand-held devices, smartphones, PC, video gaming consoles, and many more. For you to get the best of your gaming devices, you need the right gaming accessory.

If you make a mistake while selecting the right gaming accessory, your gaming experience will be awful and boring. The gaming mouse is mainly used for PC gaming and can be used to perform other important operations on your PC. To help you avoid making the wrong mistakes when it comes to purchasing a gaming mouse, these are seven tips to consider when selecting the right gaming mouse for your PC.

Wired or wireless

Lots of users love wireless devices as it provides flexibility and freedom of operation. Besides, people don’t like the entanglement of wires, as it can be very annoying and stressful untangling them. Wireless gaming mice provide a great degree of freedom to gamers for them to enjoy doing what they love to do. But unlike wired mice, wireless mice rely on wireless signals to operate efficiently.

However, these signals can be interrupted, and these can lead to lags during gameplay. These days, wireless mice are produced to a high degree of standard, making most of them lag-free. One of the best wireless gaming mice is the Logitech G7, and it’s completely lag-free, which makes it a great choice among gamers.

Logitech G7 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Rugged build

During gameplay, a lot of things can get physical. If your gaming mouse is not reliable enough, it could cave-in under enormous pressure. Even though most gaming mice are built to withstand heaving pounding and thrashing, many gaming addicts end up damaging them within a few months of their acquisition. 

Quality differs among competing products. Some gaming mice are more rugged than others, but they command premium prices. Some good rugged gaming mice to consider are Microsoft Intellimouse and the Logitech MX518. Unlike the Logitech MX518, the Microsoft Intellimouse wasn’t created specifically for gamers. But it can be used for intensive gaming and can take severe abuse and punishment.

Left or Right-handed

It’s pretty much straight-forward as to which category you fall into. However, most gamers are right-handed or at least operate their gaming mice using their right hand. This situation also means that their far more right-handed mice than those that are designed for left-handed people. You can still find some decent amount of left-handed mice; however, they may not be as good as those created for right-handed users. Some left-handed mice also have fewer buttons and functionalities than right-handed gaming mice.

If you are looking for good left-handed gaming mice, then you should consider the Razer Deathadder. It also has a version created for right-handed gamers. It comes packed programmable buttons, which makes it optimized for advanced gaming.  


Customization allows you to tweak any gadget or product to your needs or specifications. You’ll need a gaming mouse that lets you configure it to your gaming needs. These customizable gaming mice come with their software that helps them connect easily with other important hardware gaming accessories. This software also lets you tweak things like sensitivity, lighting, and button functionality. 

Knowing your grip style

We all know gaming mice come in a wide variety of gripping styles. You need to know what works best for you and your friends. You need to understand that the way you grip your mouse while gaming is quite different from using it for regular, official purposes. In fact, there are 3 mouse gripping styles PC gamers employ.

There is the palm grip, which involves users placing their fingers flat on the mouse. The second mouse gripping style is known as the claw grip. The claw grip allows your fingers to be placed at a delicately angled on the buttons, in clawing position, while the palms rest behind the mouse. This Kind of gripping style is suitable for gamers with longer fingers. The third mouse gripping style is known as the Tip grip.  Here, your fingertips are placed on the mouse but palms your stays suspended above the mouse.

People making use of the palm gripping style frequently will find a wide mouse useful as it has a larger surface area to support your palms. However, the smaller or shorter mouse is perfect for gamers making use of claw and tip grip frequently.

Your preferences should come tops

There are specifications we all look out for before acquiring or purchasing a product online or at your regular brick and mortar shop. Our preferences come in colors, shapes, sizes, technicality, seasonality, and many more. When you pick the right gaming mouse that meets your expectations, you will be happy playing the games you love to play. Remember, gaming provides us a perfect opportunity to relax and unwind with friends and family. So you need to be comfortable doing so. Knowing that you have a gaming mouse, with the right shape, size, spec, and color, could do wonders for your mentality. Whatever you get, make sure you like it to avoid regrets in the long run.   

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For you to get anything excellent or rewarding in life, It’s gotta cost you something. There are cheap computer mice everywhere, but many aren’t suitable for gaming. A good gaming mouse doesn’t come cheap. You get what you pay for generally. However, the fact that a gaming mouse is quite expensive doesn’t make it the right gaming accessory for you.

Cost plays a crucial role

The mouse features, as well as your gripping style, should first be taken into consideration before thinking about the cost. Gaming mice with more sophisticated features don’t come cheap. When you have settled for the type of mouse you prefer in terms of features and gripping styles, you can then consider the cost. You need to plan ahead of time by preparing a budget.


Despite all the tips mentioned above, the final choice on the best gaming mouse to select lies with you. You need to understand that your ergonomic preferences and mouse specifications play a vital role in choosing the best gaming mouse.

If you go wrong with your choices, you are going to have an awful time playing the computer games you love. You also need to strike a balance between pricing and features when choosing the right gaming mouse.  Don’t sacrifice quality for a few bucks of savings. Try to go for the very best gaming mouse, however, keep your budget in mind. 

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