How To Watch Free TV on Android Gadgets: 5 Cool Apps You’ll...

How To Watch Free TV on Android Gadgets: 5 Cool Apps You’ll Need to Install

Best Android mobile tv apps

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Many smartphone owners are looking for apps to watch free TV on their Android smartphones. However, deciding which app to install that will provide quality access to free TV content isn’t an easy task for these smartphone geeks. These apps make it easy to catch exciting TV programs on the go, making them a valuable tool for entertainment purposes.

How To Watch Free TV on Android Gadgets: 5 Apps you can install

One of the best and safest online app store for Android gadgets and devices is the Google Playstore. There literally thousands of apps for virtually any type of task you can think of, and most of these apps can be downloaded free of charge. There are lots of Free Android TV apps you can download on the Playstore, and you can install them all at your convenience. Please, you must understand that for you to enjoy fast, seamless TV viewing, you must have fast internet as a prerequisite.

1.   SPB TV

SPB TV app

The SPB TV App is an amazing android mobile TV app you can use to watch TV content on your Android devices. This app will provide you instant access to the world of entertainment right on your android gadgets and devices, providing over 200 channels for you to make a choice and relieve your mobile TV viewing experience. The TV channels can be accessed through the free bundle or the subscription bundle. Both of which are impressive, with the Paid version providing more premium access to exciting channels. There are over forty million users who make use of this mobile TV app for Android.

2.   ABC App

ABC mobile TV App

The ABC app, funny as the name may sound, is yet another powerful mobile TV app you can use to watch your favorite TV content on your Android mobile device. This app lets you stream live events, watch TV on-the-go, including your favorite ABC shows. Some of the amazing shows you can watch using the ABC mobile TV app include Modern Family, Designated survivor, Grey’s Anatomy, Quantico and much more. You can also watch live events like the NBA finals as well as The Oscars and other popular annual events right on your mobile Android gadget using this app. To get the best of this app, ensure that your internet connection is fast and hitch free.

3.   Hulu

Hulu mobile Android TV appHulu is another mobile TV app that lets users watch their favorite TV programs right on their Android devices for free. Founded in 2007, Hulu has grown to become a household TV for Online TV content. To stand out from the crowd and provide its teeming viewers more access, the company made changes to their policy which now allows viewers to watch any channel featured on their website without a subscription right on their mobile Android gadgets. Some of the providers Hulu partners to bring amazing TV content to its viewers include ABC, PBS, Fox, NBC, and SyFy network. Users can watch their favorite TV episodes in full and for free, making Hulu one of the best free mobile TV apps for Android gadgets.


4.   CBS

CBS mobile Android TV app

CBS also know as Columbia Broadcasting System launched a Subscription package known as CBS All access on Oct. 2014. This subscription package lets users watch all episodes of both its past and present shows. The CBS all access subscription package is broken into two pricing schemes, which include a subscription $9.99 per month (no advertisements) and $5.99 per month. The CBS free users can watch the latest TV episodes in High Definition during daytime, primetime and late-night programming. The CBS all Access lets its premium subscribers watch full seasons of hits like the Big Bang Theory, Survivor and NCIS as well as watch original series such as The Good Fight, Big Brother – Over The Top and Star Trek Discovery.

5.   Mobdro

Mobdro Android Mobile TV apps

Unlike most of the mobile TV apps for Android gadgets and devices listed above, the Mobdro app isn’t listed on the Google Playstore. So you’ll have to visit their website Mobdro is an amazing mobile app that you can use to stream online videos as well as well TV contents. Unlike other apps that crash when “the going gets tough,” the Mobdro app streams your favorite videos effortlessly, providing users a smooth, enjoyable TV viewing experience. This mobile TV app scours the internet continuously for free video, presents them in an organized manner, letting you decide which of them to watch. Like many other mobile TV apps, Mobdro comes with a free and paid version. The paid version offers a plethora of amazing features and capabilities like: use of sleep time, removal of all advertisements, streaming/connections to Chromecast and downloading video contents.


Mobile TV has become a mainstay in today’s digital environment. There are so many activities to keep with for the average businessman, entertainer or student. The fact that you are on-the-go most times of the day doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with your favorite TV programs. Most Android smartphone owners can watch their favorite TV shows on-the-go using the Mobile TV apps listed above. The world of TV entertainment is fast changing in recent times. We can follow the technological trends in this industry by installing any of the listed mobile TV apps on our Android devices.