iPhone 6S and 6S Plus release – Here is What is New

iPhone 6S and 6S Plus release – Here is What is New

iPhone 6S

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The iPhone 6S release date has been an object of speculation in the last one year, with industry experts giving divergent opinions on the subject matter. However, the world stood agog on the 9th the of September 2015 at the Bill Graham Civic Center, San Francisco, USA, as Apple Inc took out time to unveil its new iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, iPad Pro and Apple Tv.

Thus, the rumor surrounding the iPhone 6S release date was finally laid to rest. The iPhone 6S was designed to consolidate on the gains of iPhone 6 as well as introduce new features that would  redefine the future of smartphones. Many have tagged the iPhone 6S and 6S plus as the most sophisticated set of smartphones in the world, owing to the amount of features included in its development.

Unlike previous iPhones, where little differences were seen between the S models and their predecessors, the iPhone 6S seem to be a bit different in terms of features than the iPhone 6. However, I wouldn’t be too enthusiastic about making the upgrade unless I own the 5S or lower models.

What’s new about the iPhone 6S?


The exterior of the 6S isn’t too different from the iPhone 6. It basically comes with the same slightly protruding camera and ceramic metal feel. However, there is a slight difference with the iPhone 6S in terms of thickness, which is largely due to the inclusion of the 3D touch technology. When compared with other high-end smartphones in the market, the iPhone 6S stood out in terms of design.

Apple also reinforced the iPhone 6S with the 7000 series aluminum, as a result of the iPhone 6’s Bendgate debacle. The iPhone 6 is prone to changing shape when minimal pressure is applied. Apple’s competitors have taken advantage of the “Bend issue,” which is largely uncommon with other high-end smartphones to dent Apple’s image. However, the iPhone 6S is less likely to bend or change shape, as Apple has taken considerable steps to curb the ugly situation.


3D Touch is the Future

Apple iPhone 6S 3D Touch

Perhaps, this is definitely the best selling point of the iPhone 6S. The 3D touch feature is simply breathtaking, as it gives a glimpse into the future of smartphones. Nevertheless, many may feel that it isn’t worth the upgrade, taking into consideration its scanty new features as well as the price it commands. But for the 5S owners, it’s worth shelling a few bucks for.

The 3D touch feature is more like the forced-touch technology many talked about during its pre-release. You simply had to touch the icons, just like other touchscreen devices, but when you add a little more pressure to your touch, it brings out other functionalities and options. The 3D touch feature allows you perform a wider range of operations previously not seen on the iPhone 6.


Apple iPhone 6S camera

There is a noticeable upgrade in the iPhone 6S camera functionality. The iPhone 6S now spots a 12megapixel camera, which is a significant boost especially when compared to the camera featured in its predecessor. To fans and customers alike, more is definitely better. With its rivals featuring more powerful cameras, Apple didn’t want to be left in the dust.

The Sony Xperia Z5 fields a 23MP camera, almost twice as powerful as that featured in the iPhone 6s, while Samsung galaxy S6 spots a 16megapixel camera, which is impressive by any standard. With all the aggression from its rivals, there was significant pressure on Apple’s management to up the ante, which they did.

The slow motion and time lapse feature is also present, but there is a sour taste with the changing of exposure. The sliding operations ,needed to control the exposure, seem not to work properly.

Another strong point with the iPhone 6S Camera function is Live Photo. Once the feature is activated, the Smartphone captures video and sounds when taking photographs for a few seconds and then saves them like normal photos. Once you click on the live photo for a few seconds, the live photo transforms into a video with sound for a few seconds and then stops.

This functionality may not be enough to sway and convince iPhone 6 owners to upgrade but would definitely create an impression in the minds of 5S owners.

A9 Chipset and RAM

Apple has upped the ante in terms of the iPhone 6S performance with the introduction of its new A9 chipset. It is 70% faster at CPU task and 90% faster at GPU task, which means that the iPhone 6S is almost twice as fast as the iPhone 6. This improvement definitely helps to improve battery life as well as gaming experience of customers.

It comes with a 64 bit system, which makes opening and closing apps such a breeze. Despite the fact it comes with the 64 bit system, it doesn’t have enough RAM to maximize its potential. Although Apple didn’t disclose the RAM size, it’s assumed that the iPhone 6S features a 2GB RAM, owing to its impressive performance and amazing features.

The Verdict

The iPhone 6S definitely lived up to the billing in terms of performance. Although it’s too early to actually rate the performance of the iPhone 6S, owing to its recent release. However, going by its new features and functionalities, it will definitely make a good buy for iPhone 5S users and maybe some enthusiastic 6S users.

However, we are still scrutinizing the 3D touch feature and a host of other amazing functionalities, besides that, the iPhone 6S  is perhaps the most sophisticated Smartphone to acquire at the moment.