Top 10 Free Phone Apps Every College Student Should Have

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Free phone apps are becoming a prominent feature these days, thanks to the preponderance of mobile apps scattered all over the web, competing for the attention of geeky internet surfers. Most Smartphone owners search for mobile apps that provide them some form of entertainment and are less concerned with educative apps. As students equipped with mobile gadgets, you should be concerned about equipping your electronic devices and gadgets with apps that can simplify and aid the learning process.

Most mobile educative apps are free; however, some mobile apps require some monthly or yearly subscription. Nevertheless, most students love free phone apps that can help them solve academic problems, and not bother them with recurring subscription fees. With that being said, these are the

Top 10 free phone apps every college student should have

1.  Dropbox

Free phone apps for college student

Dropbox is cloud-based storage service that allows users store important files and data online, which they can access remotely from any location in the world. Dropbox is one of the free phone apps that student can use to upload important documents, audio and video files for online storage. With this cloud storage service, you can securely store important notes and assignments, and even share them with friends, without fear of exposing or losing your valuable work.

2.  Scribd

free phone apps for college students

Scrib is touted as the world’s biggest online library and is loaded with millions of documents and books, covering every field of human endeavor. Scribd is a researcher’s paradise, as it exposes them to a collection of learning resources and publications. Scribd has a mobile app and is among the very best free phone apps enlightened minds can install on their gadgets and electronic devices. It’s customizable as it allows you pick your favorite books and documents, which you can use to create your virtual library.


Free phone apps for college students

Yes, the dictionary app is a must-have app for students and teachers alike, in fact, every gadget owner is meant to have a dictionary app installed on his or her device. How do you handle bogus words used by professors and other highly enlightened individuals without a dictionary? It’s almost impossible if you ask me. The app is one of the best free phone apps students can install on their devices to aid their learning process. It also provides them with common search words within their neighborhood, thus providing them a strategic direction on what words they need to learn.

4.  Google Drive

Free phone apps for college students

The Google Drive has a characteristic similar to Dropbox, which is cloud storage, but then it does more. Google drive makes it easy for students working in groups to collaborate with each other for the purpose of sharing presentations, spreadsheets, assignments and much more. Students can also edit any document using Google Drive because it shares lots of similarities with the Microsoft Office suite. Google drive is one of the cool free phone apps students can install on their mobile gadgets, and it grants them free access to 15GB worth of storage.

5.  Rescue Time

free phone apps for college students

In a world filled with distractions and time-consuming activities, it is pertinent for students to monitor and keep track of time spent on non-educative activities. Students can track time spent on social media, emails, websites, gaming and other phone-based activities, using the Rescue time app. It’s one of the coolest free phone apps to install on your gadgets because it helps you stay focus and avoid activities that might interfere with your academic goals.

6.  RealCalc Scientific Calculator

Free phone apps for college students

Doesn’t need much introduction, does it? Well, as you know, the RealCalc Scientific Calculator helps college students to solve equations and other mathematical problems with consummate ease. It’s one of the free phone apps students can arm their gadgets with when it comes to tackling complex mathematical problems and equations. With this mobile app, you don’t have to worry about carrying that your old, bulky scientific calculator anymore.

7.  iTunes U

Free phone apps for college students

The iTunes U app is one the free phone apps developed for students with iPhones and other Apple devices. It provides students unrestricted access to courses from the world’s leading universities and research institutions for free. You can practically receive lectures from Ivy League colleges, using this app virtually free.

8.  RefMe

free phone apps for college students

We all know how boring and tedious writing dissertations can be, especially if you are a college student. Referencing your work is crucial if you must scale through the academic rigors of the University successfully. The RefMe is one of the free mobile apps students can use to cite references using the various citation styles, such as Harvard, APA, MLA and much more, effortlessly.

9.  Kindle Reading App

Free phone apps for college students

EBooks and eReaders have become a mainstay of the society, thanks to the preponderance of digital and smart devices. Gone are the days when paper books were the cornerstone of the educational system. Now, massive books can be downloaded and carried around in memory cards and eReaders. The eReader is solely designed and equipped for reading eBooks. Some smartphones come with good eReading capabilities, but many lack such capabilities. That is why the Kindle reading app is one of the free phone apps that students would find valuable. It was created to help smartphones handle eBooks just like standard eReaders.

10.  CamScanner

Free phone apps

One of the best free phone apps students can use to scan documents is the Camscanner. This particular mobile app offers students so much flexibility when it comes to handling and distributing official papers and notes. It utilizes the Smartphone’s built-in camera in scanning documents, which you can share with fellow students online.


The apps listed above are some of the best free phone apps students can use to achieve their academic goals and objectives. These free phone apps are handy and offer so much value that, if exploited to the fullest capabilities, would give students an edge against students not employing them. College students shouldn’t see their Smartphone as some fancy toy for impressing friends and admirers, but a tool for accomplishing their academic goals and objectives.

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