The Top 7 Home Security Systems and Gadgets to use in 2021

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The number of violent crimes in the U.S has been steadily on the rise, with burglaries being one of the most common types of crime that happens to homeowners and renters alike.

So if you’re looking for a way to protect your home from intruders, then installing a home security system is an ideal solution. In this post, we’ll be taking a look at the 7 top-rated security systems that are available on today’s market so you can make an informed decision about which smart home security system will best suit your needs and budget.

But before then, we need to understand what Home Security Systems are and what they seek to achieve in homes where they are installed.

What do we understand about a Home Security System?

A home security system is understood to be a network of electronic components that are in sync to regulate a building or group of buildings in a particular environment.

It consists of a control panel which is the essential component that regulates the motion sensors, a camera, and other devices.

A home security system will pick up any uncanny movement within the device’s coverage, sometimes towards the door post or the window, in the event of a home invasion. It will generally trigger an alarm or go into forced closure of doors and windows depending on the type in the system installed.

Aside from the home security system guarding against intruders, it can also regulate gas leakages, high voltage, and other problems that could be hazardous to a home.

While some systems are thermally wired to seal the doors, open them and windows, and turn on and off the lights at intervals. The home security systems have surveillance cameras for homes to be monitored from far away distances to homes in check for unwanted visitors without close supervision.

Some home security systems are wired electrically through the conduit to the different security devices being installed.  These security devices can be accessed through a phone linked to a security company or an intervention agency if the alarm is triggered.

Meanwhile, some other systems are wireless; they use high battery-powered connectors to operate their security devices. These systems are stealthy and employ internet connection or cellular devices to monitor. They can be integrated into your mobile devices for easy access and passing of information to security agencies.

Now, if you continue reading, we will guide you through to the top seven home security systems to use in 2021.

1.     Best Overall: Vivint Smart Home

Vivint Smart Home securityThis home wireless security system made it to the top of the list as the complete Security and home mechanization device. This home device comes with its full set of components ranging from its sensors, cameras to its control devices.

It crafted its system as an overall means of protection installed by well-skilled and trained technicians from the security agency. Vivint Smart Home is particular that communications between the security devices, your cell phone, and the agency’s monitoring centers are not tampered with. This security device costs a lot, but it is worth every penny invested into it.

The system is simple to use and has state-of-the-art security features that can be put to good use, like regulating the house’s temperature, ease of the mobile app, and control features. When there’s a hazard outbreak, there’s always a monitoring team available in very little time!

Finally, Vivint is affordable with little or no interest for customers who acquire the device upfront. It guarantees a professional touch and can be subscribed to at any point you want, and if you wish to cancel its subscription, you’re free to do so.

2.     Xfinity home

Xfinity home security systemThis professionally installed system has two advantages; first, its users can save a lot of money when you purchase them, the cost of installation is constantly waived for their customers.

Secondly is the ease of control, where you employ hands-free (voice commands) to monitor your security devices. Your TV and acts as a screen guide to watching your environment.

The compatibility with numerous other devices makes this security device stand out as a top pick for home security systems; just as Vivint systems also develop their whole component systems, Xfinity Home isn’t any different.

3.     Abode

Abode home security cameraIf affordability is what you seek in your home security system, then search no more. The Abode security system employs a modular design in its settings. As a result, when you acquire its device at a low cost, it can be easily set up and doesn’t require a skilled set of technicians for installation.

You can attach the sensors at various vantage points in the house and power them up with a central device easily accessible to you.

It is also compatible with third-party devices. Be sure to install the sensors at the right junctions and set them up correctly before leaving the house. An advantage of the Abode is that it can be self-monitored.


4.     SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe home security systemSimpliSafe components are designed as a unit, a single integrated system that works together to monitor and send feedback to the base.

When you use a SimpliSafe device, you do not require much skill to install home security. Once you connect to the base center, the step-by-step instructions will guide you through the process.

SimpliSafe systems come with a unique set of security components like a glass break sensor, remote panic control, smoke detector, water, and temperature sensors. They are also compatible with third-party devices but do not possess an outdoor security camera.

5.     ADT Home Security

ADT Home Security SystemYou can’t talk about home security systems without mentioning ADT. Not only are they one of the most popular home security camera providers, but they also boast millions of users across the world.

With their numerous interconnected monitoring centers and offices, people feel safer when using their home security systems. ADT systems require professional installation and monitoring. They have a long life span and can’t be terminated quickly.

The price of its equipment can vary, but you stand a chance to get the best of services if you deal directly with their local offices.

6.     Ring Security System

Ring Security SystemRing, just as the name suggests, is typical for its video doorbell security type. The home system includes a base station, keypad, motion detector, door and window sensor, and a home alarm system extender that pulls through to the outdoor security camera to ensure strong communication all around.

One beautiful ability of the Ring system is its quality camera and video features that have an inbuilt motion detector, lights, rewatchable video, and two-way communicator and alarm.

It is not compatible with other devices and is wholly built like the rest; however, it is well affordable and offers professional monitoring, activity retainer, and cellular backup.

7.     Frontpoint

This home system’s package consists of two-door and window sensors, one motion sensor, a ground symbol, and door stickers.

Frontpoint system is designed for easy configuration and backed up with a range of manual guides and online technical assistance to work you through the process of activation.

The system has a sordid monitoring plan, and you might have it rough initially, but it is promising and offers you the best protection you can imagine. It is almost one of the cheapest security cameras for homes.


No one wants to employ a security system they cannot trust. As a result, people have evolved from the traditional means of securing themselves with guards and trained dogs. With the advent of sophisticated apartment security systems, your home is safe and protected from hazardous outbreaks.

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