The Enkeeo Portable Power Station Review

The Enkeeo Portable Power Station Review

Enkeo portable power station

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The ENKEEO  Portable Powerstation is one of the most portable and powerful external batteries you can find online. It can be used with a foldable solar panel, as small as a women’s handbag. It weighs only 3.7 pounds, which means that it could never be a burden on the road. A very important gadget if love to travel or explore forests a lot.

I had no choice to review the product since I laid my hands on this beautiful piece of technology.

With three types of input ports, the utility can operate multiple devices efficiently at the same time.

Power Station for Each Device

It has 2 AC ports, 2 DC ports, 1 QC3.0 USB port, and 2 normal USB ports. It is equipped with a large screen for displaying data and 2 separate buttons for DC and AC output.

With a powerful 155 Wh battery, the powerhouse brings an incredible amount of energy to fully recharge your phones or tablets several times and run all your outdoor devices for hours.

Emergency Solution

Enkeeo S155 portable power station emergency solution

The Enkeeo S155 can be your emergency power supply that meets your basic indoor electrical needs. It’s a USB power bank, a DC output powerhouse, an emergency light, and a portable power outlet. You will never run out of power again if you decide to acquire this fantastic product.

Works with Solar Panel

In conjunction with a solar panel (not included), the Enkeeo S155 can be your powerful solar charger.  The Enkeeo S155 is equipped with a DC-MC4 connector (3.5 x 1.35) and can convert and store clean solar energy.

With this energy station, you are prepared for emergencies, both short and long power outages.
We use it as a great power bank. Besides, the station is equipped with an AC connection.

Charging of Gadgets

I bought the device to operate the laptop, as well as charge my smartphones. Mobile phones batteries can be recharged easily, even works for fast charging.

The Enkeeo portable power station has enough power to power the LED lights and a cool box for a long time.
For such capacity, the station is really compact and lightweight. The display shows the remaining energy available.

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At first glance, the device does not look as good as other products due to the glossy surface, but the workmanship is quite good. The USB Quick Charge function works perfectly. The 220V output voltage has a rectangular shape (not even symmetrical), but various chargers can be used with it easily.

Charging by solar cell works. However, the power of the solar panel is better utilized by power banks, so the charging process takes a relatively long time when charging directly from the solar panel.

You get from the installed 155-watt hours about 110 volts output, which is a good value because it is first converted and there are normal losses

Foldability/ Portability

This summer, I took the ENKEEO Power Station with me to be independent of any power outlet on the ship. Since I wanted to travel to Greece, I had doubts if I would be allowed to take the device on the plane.

The result:
Hand luggage isn’t a problem for most airlines, but I wasn’t allowed to board the flight with my power station. I had to complete my trip via the sea. The device fully met my expectations. After a 1 hour sleep, the smartphone had 2 more strokes (out of five). I fully charged the smartphone in about 1-2 hours and was ready for the next part of the journey. I had the device in the bunk next to my sleeping device and no longer had to lay any cables.

I have used the 12V output; the 230V output needs more power and is, therefore, less efficient once the power station runs low on battery.


Mains, 12 volt and solar can power this handy, lightweight, portable power station.  The AC output with a modified sine wave delivers up to 100 watts of power.

In addition, there are two 12 volt outputs (barrel connector) and two classic USB outputs. As a treat, the third USB output supports QuickCharge, which is not standard on any PowerBank / PowerStation.

The 3.5×1.35 mm dc hollow plug’s input is unusual. Thus, a mobile solar panel with 5.5 mm output can only be used as an input with an additional adapter (5.5 mm to 3.5 mm). The fact that you’d need an extra adapter is a bit annoying. For solar panels with MC4 output, an adapter is included.

This portable Power station is designed for mobile use and can be operated with a small, hinged solar panel. 


  • Foldable and handy
  • Next 155Wh (equivalent to 42000mAh / 3.7V)
  • Large LED screen
  • 2 AC connection, modified sine wave & 2 DC connections
  • 3 USB ports (including 1 QC3.0)
  • Solar panels are supported
  • Multiple security protection
  • Battery: Lithium-ion batteries


  • A little expensive
  • For sensitive devices, the output voltage is not suitable.


The Enkeeo S155 power station is portable and designed for people who love camping and traveling a lot. It has enough capacity to store power and recharge your smartphones and gadgets multiple times. The solar panel is foldable and very handy.  The fact that it can be operated off any power outlet makes it a top choice for fun seekers and adventurers. When planning your next camping or holiday trip, you might want to acquire the Enkeeo S155 power station if you want keep your mobile and portable gadgets running.