Discover Toronto’s Top Real Estate Investing Companies for 2024

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The real estate industry in Toronto has variety of options, regardless of whether you decide to buy an apartment or a house. But, finding the perfect property takes the time and effort required and could be a challenge if you try to do it yourself.

That’s where the real estate firms can benefit. They can help make the process simpler and less stressful.

We’ve identified the top real estate investment firms in Toronto. The agents they employ are certified and skillful in dealing with customers and possess many experience to identify their clients the excellent property for you.

These are the Best Real Estate Investing Companies in Toronto

The majority of houses located in Toronto are sold by the benefit of an agent for real estate or broker. These agents are licensed and certified for the purpose of benefit purchasers and sellers get the perfect possible price for the property.

Below are the rules we used to determine the best real estate investment firms in Toronto.

What is the cost of Real estate investment price in Toronto?

The price of an investment in real estate is more than the purchase cost. There are other costs associated with closing the deal that investors must be aware of.

The cost for these charges is usually borne by the seller or buyer. For instance sellers pay for the commission on real estate, whereas the cost of a home inspection is borne from the buyers.

Closing costs can include transfer taxes as well as legal fees as well as title insurance, home inspections, and an estate commissions. Here are the most common charges you need to be aware about.

Home Inspections$300 – $750
Real Estate commission5 – 6% of the purchase cost
Title Insurance$400
Ontario Land Transfer Tax.5 percent 2.5% 2.5% of the purchase cost
Toronto Municipal Land Transfer Tax.5 percent 2.5% 2.5% of the purchase cost
Land Survey$500 – $2000
Legal Fees$500

Expertise: The companies that we located have been in the industry for a few years or longer, so they have the necessary experience and skills to handle the transaction without any issues.

Availability: The person who will negotiate on behalf of the buyer and seller is a real estate agent or broker. Excellent service demands availability, even on weekends, as this involves time.

Services: Customers love it when they’re shown a range of properties, offered benefit with staging the home and promoted on various websites. We found a few companies who perform these tasks diligently and with patience.

Communication: Working with the real estate agent throughout the entire process is a constant. This is why open communication and flexibility with regards to schedule are essential.

1. Andrew Ipekian Real Estate Group

ServicesReal Estate
Home Evaluation
Market Analysis
Address624 King St W Lower Level, Toronto, ON M5V 1M7
Contact details416-572-1016
Hours of operationMonday to Sunday: 7 am 9 midnight
The Availability

Andrew Ipekian Real Estate Group that was named for four consecutive times as the top #1 real estate firm that helps sellers in Toronto and the GTA get connected with potential buyers from all over the around the world.

Its main goal is to locate the ideal dream home for customers by putting time into several property presentations.

Andrew as well as his staff are excellent at negotiating and achieving the accurate price for each property. They also listen to the needs of clients and make themselves easy to work with.

People looking for properties are sure to be pleased working with this team because the agents have been helpful and accommodating. We were pleased to receive straight-forward advice on our properties that we are looking at.

However, its services are limited to facilitating transactions between sellers and buyers. In contrast to other firms that provide services such as relocation or selling land that has been redeveloped.

Attention to detail is laudable. We were able to understand the details of the transaction easily as the agents explained them clearly and patiently.

Additionally, every aspect of selling a home were addressed from staging the home and food events, to constant promotions through social media. We were pleasantly surprised by how many attended an open house.

However the sales knowledge are not always easy to master. In addition, the team could be unorganized, particularly when they have to deal in a busy environment with many clients.

However, we are grateful that they respect our time and is an absolute pleasure to collaborate with. It’s not a problem because the team serve all the necessary information to benefit customers make the desirable choice.


  • Consistent real estate awardee
  • Great negotiation skills
  • Provides honest advice
  • Complete marketing campaign


  • Overbearing sales skills
  • Team disorganized
  • Limited real estate services

Customer Review

Staff with knowledge

We had a fantastic experience working with Andrew Ipekian’s team. Erin McDonald worked with us to secure a gorgeous townhouse. Without her benefit I’m not convinced we would have been able to get it done. She’s skilled and an extremely good person to collaborate with. Brooke is a great person to work with. Brooke

Fantastic Support Team

Our encounter working with Shelley Shaw was better than we could have ever imagined. We laid out what we wanted to accomplish and Shelley gave us the guidance needed to benefit us accomplish our goal. There was no issue she couldn’t solve. She has a fantastic team of support to help her. We’d recommend Shelley as well as Andrew Ipekian Group. Andrew Ipekian Group to anyone looking to complete an investment in real estate regardless of the circumstance. – Andrew

2. Essential Assets Real Estate (CARE)

Purchases and Buying
Leasing /Client Rep
Investment Services
Development Services
Relocation Services
Address140 King St E, Toronto, ON M5C 1G7
Contact details416-398-5035
Hours of operationMonday – Sunday: 9 am – 6 pm
The Availability

Core Assets Real Estate (CARE) is comprised of a prestigious group of agents that always discover ways to meet their the requirements of clients. The firm’s brokerage business based on solutions was established in the year 2012, and it has continuously offered guidance and layers of assistance to customers.

Its success is due the team’s co-operation in sharing information and resources. Additionally, the agents work together one another to provide the excellent level of service.

What we like the most about this team is its ability to exceed expectations. They work with integrity and take care to do what is right for their customers themselves, their own, and the company.

The reputation of CARE for providing its accurate in all it does is unparalleled. The agents were helpful by adapting to our hectic schedules and showing us all the homes we wanted to visit.

The staff were also trustworthy and reliable. We appreciated that they encouraged us to keep looking for the accurate location and not accept lesser.

In addition to this, the agent’s responsiveness to our queries is highly commendable. People who are just beginning to learn about investing in real estate appreciate this.

However, it is possible to have miscommunication. Customers have reported receiving no confirmation about whether their appointment was going to go ahead and that what they are looking at was sold.

Despite that setback, this business will continue to strive to keep its top quality of service. Additionally, the unbeatable assistance of agents is unbeatable.


  • Agents from the elite group
  • Solution-based brokerage
  • Collaborative team
  • Flexible schedule


  • Miscommunication in schedules
  • Property updates are not up to date

Customer Review

A real lifesaver

Gavin of Core Assets is simply amazing. Gavin is professional reliable, reliable, and, at the same time, extremely friendly. Gavin is a great help in the stressful process of finding a property to lease, or lease or buy. Highly highly recommended. I personally came across Gavin through chance and luck as a first-time Toronto condo-renter. Gavin is an absolute lifesaver. Gavin was able to benefit me negotiate the confusing and extremely competitive Toronto rental market. He was extremely accommodating to my hectic schedule, which isn’t simple to work with. Gavin is also tremendous help in assisting me to become a first-time owner of a condo. He was able to understand my preferences and dislikes as well as being well-qualified in deciding on the best choices for me. This helped me save a lot of time and anxiety, and also helped me locate my property to close in just a month! Gavin remains to prepare me with outstanding assistance in finding appropriate tenants while I rent out my condo and is always quick to respond whenever I have a question from my side. Highly highly recommended. Franc. Fran

A useful insight

We were referred to Miranda through a friend ours. We were searching for an apartment in Toronto which met our particular criteria. Miranda was incredibly competent by her promptness to our needs, her organizational talent, professionalism, and calm manner of speaking. She gave us plenty of useful information and suggestions on what to look for, and she even managed to lower our rent by a significant amount from the the asking price. She walked all the way through from from beginning to end and made it easy for my husband and myself. I highly recommend Miranda to anyone who is searching for a rental to live in Toronto, ON. Miranda was excellent! She was amazing! Ian

3. Elevate Realty

ServicesReal Estate Investing
Property Management
Address228 Oakwood Ave, Toronto, ON M6E 2V4
Contact details416-889-2222
Hours of operationMonday through Sunday Monday – Sunday: Open all hours of the day.
The Availability

Elevate Realty is a specialized brokerage service that assists customers build wealth through investing in real estate. It provides a full range of real estate services to benefit customers attain their investment goals more quickly.

It provides leasing, sales and leases of real estate and property management as a result of its conviction that these services could enable financial freedom. Additionally, it conducts market studies to benefit clients better understand the property market.

We are grateful for the agent’s willingness to provide data-driven insights as well as financial forecasts. Additionally, it was simple to work with Elevate because they bring end-to-end investment solutions, ranging from buying property to selling it.

They have helped us increase and expand our real property portfolio. Our team is always way beyond helping clients locate the perfect property.

The services provided by the company do not end when you acquisition of the home. It offers a variety of mortgage lawyers, brokers contractors, accountants and other experts which clients can contact to get reliable advice and support.

A 30 minute discovery call is offered to customers to find out what they can concerning Elevate as well as how Elevate could benefit in addressing their concerns. It is also helpful to learn the needs of the customer and offer some initial suggestions.

The agents are experienced and skillful in the manner they conduct their phone calls. They are always available to assist with queries and provide important information on the market and properties.

However, there were instances of appointments being cancelled in the very last minute. We also were not a fan of the agent’s high-pressure sales tactics, even before showing the property.

Overall the thing we love about this firm is the amount of time and effort it spends on researching properties prior to presenting them to us. Additionally their knowledge and experience has helped us to find the perfect property to buy.


  • End-to-end real estate services
  • Conducts market research
  • Experts from the pool of experts from related areas
  • 30-minute discovery call
  • Professional and knowledgeable well-qualified agents


  • Late-night cancellation of an appointment
  • High-pressure sales tactics

Customer Review

Fantastic service

I could not say more favorable words about what we have experienced working with Elevate Realty Inc. We are our very first time investing with Elevate Realty Inc. We had a great introduction session in the presence of Simon as well as Spiro to guide us through the services they offer including realtor assistance, managing and leasing. The realtor we chose Spiro was very skilled and truly took into consideration our requirements. Kate went way beyond the call of duty to get the property in great shape to rent and has been fantastic at rapidly securing excellent tenants for us. Everyone is knowledgeable, skillful and very courteous and attuned. We are now in contact with our property manager Nicholas. We are very satisfied with the way we have managed this investment property to date and would highly recommend Elevate Realty services to anyone who is looking to lease or purchase the property. Kim. Kim

The staff is always on hand

We began our investment property search in August 2021. We had leased and purchased an apartment by the beginning of the beginning of January 2022! Nick was knowledgeable, friendly and always available to answer any queries we might have and was an absolute well-qualified. Fantastic experience for us as we started investing in the very first instance. We highly suggest Elevate Realty for all of your needs for investment properties. Roberta – Roberta

4. Kevin Yu Team

ServicesSelling and buying real estate
Digital marketing services
Home staging
Address10. Yonge St Unit 113-115, Toronto, ON M5E 1R4
Contact details416-894-8729
Hours of operationTuesday – Friday: 10 am – 4 pmSaturday: 9 am – 4 pmSunday-Monday (closed on Mondays)

Kevin Yu Team is helping clients with their real estate investment through the application in digital strategies for marketing. Kevin Yu Team has joined forces with Curaytor which is among the fastest-growing businesses in America.

Through curaytor’s benefit of Curaytor The company now can access marketing tools for email and strategies for advertising. They also have the ability to create stunning websites that showcase and benefit to make your property pop.

The short operating hours of the company is not an issue as they create customized property pages online which can be viewed at any time. The websites have shown impressive payoff since we received numerous visits and offers over the price of bid.

Facebook and Instagram can also be used to advertise and showcase the accurate aspects of your house. To communicate with potential customers, it employs emails as well as videos on Youtube for marketing.

The company provides free valuations of homes to sellers. the initial meetings with buyers concentrate on determining the requirements to buy a house. The information is well communicated and thoroughly explained so that there’s no surprises.

Despite the occasional late response to emails The team is pleasant to work with because they are patient, helpful and attentive to every aspect.

The process of working together with Kevin along with his crew is seamless from beginning to finish. They stay in contact until the paperwork is finished.


  • Digital marketing strategies
  • Amazing websites for property listings
  • Free home assessment
  • Seamless process


  • Late email replies
  • Limited operating schedule

Reviews by Customers

Excellent customer service

Kevin along with his crew were wonderful to work with during our first attempt at purchasing a house. Kevin was patient and supportive each step of the way. His market knowledge and understanding of our desires to find the perfect home were outstanding. In general, he was a pleasure to go on home visits with and exhibited enthusiasm for us to find the perfect home. His office staff and Stacy were also great extremely organized and easy to communicate with. We’ll definitely work with Kevin along with his crew in future real estate needs. Matt – Matt

Quick process

Recently purchased our first house through help from the benefit from Kevin and his team of real estate agents. The whole process went quicker than we had anticipated. We were able to work together with Kevin to pick our top priorities and only looked at properties that met the criteria we wanted. After looking at about five properties Kevin’s team assisted us to locate the perfect one, and in less than a month, we were settled in! I can’t thank Kevin and his team suitable for all their hard work they put into it and we are thrilled to have found the perfect home. I highly recommend Kevin’s staff for anyone looking to purchase the perfect home in Toronto! Bree – Bree

5. Re/Max Real Estate Solutions – The Sundeep Bahl & Tim Yew Team

ServicesReal estate brokering
Property Management
Address14. Harbour St, Toronto, ON M5J 2Y4
Contact details647-259-8806
Hours of operationMonday – Thursday: 9 am – 5 pm Friday: 8 am – 5 pmSaturday: 10 am – 5 pmSunday Monday: Closed

Re/Max Real Estate Solutions under the supervision of the Sundeep Bahl & Tim Yew Team offers well-qualified guidance to benefit clients achieve a positive return on their investment. Customers have been loyal to the company since 2002, making the team an elite 15 producing teams for Re/Max Canada.

As a real estate broker that provides full-services it focuses on helping clients to purchase properties at the lowest cost and to sell the property at the best value. This is achieved without any hassle for the buyers.

The team assists and encourages every member to offer clients their expertise as well as their knowledge and experience. They have helped investors to successfully lease, sell and purchase properties.

However, we have seen some poor human talent from a few agents. However, this isn’t a generalization of the whole team.

The majority of them actually, they always put the needs of their clients first, as they’re kind and patient as they guide us through the steps of investing in real estate. It was a pleasure to work with them due to their expertise and knowledge of the market conditions.

The team’s professionalism helped us to expand our portfolio. They’re aware of everything and have talked about both solutions and opportunities.


  • Experience in the field
  • Full-service real estate brokerage
  • A hassle-free procedure
  • Team Support
  • Agents who are knowledgeable and competent


  • Some agents are not able to communicate definitely. abilities

Review by Customer

Highly skillful

I was in the market to purchase an apartment in the area and Neve Dowey was the agent. I didn’t just trust her to help me find the right properties, but I also relied on her suggestions too. She was able and attentive to my needs and was patient when taking me through the process of viewings and ultimately in finding the perfect property. Her service was well-qualified and flexible. Due to the timing constraints on my relocation, I didn’t buy a condo but rented and she was able to benefit me locate the perfect rental. – Nazia

Everything was easy to understand

I love this agency! They make everything easy and I’m grateful for! I have worked with them a few times, and am always an extremely satisfied customer. Their professionalism is unmatched none.Tim, Jefferey were fantastic. The team is attentive prompt and accountable. Recommended. Thank you guys. Thanks for the support. SJ

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