Discover the Best Investment Firms in Toronto: Maximizing Returns with Balanced Risks

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The investment firms are capable of offering you an array of options to benefit you earn incredible yields. However, there are some risks to be aware of.

This article will look at some of the excellent companies for investing in Toronto. They offer a range of products with an excellent balance of returns and risk.

What are the charges for investment advisers within Toronto?

Here are the percentages indicative of the charges of investment advisors:

Asset Under Management1%
The Commission Base for insurance products3% – 5%
A Commission Basis for Mutual Funds1%
Commission-Base for Annuities1% – 10%

Fees can be payable on a commission-based basis. Customers pay this fee upon the buying an investment product which was advised by the advisor.

Other financial advisors have a charge determined by the amount of assets managed (AUM). The client pays a percentage of the amount being controlled.

These are the Best Investment Firms in Toronto

This is our guide for choosing the best companies for investment in Toronto:

A Different Approach to Investment – The companies that we picked have different methods for managing funds. Their strategy is successful in meeting the investment objectives of their clients.

Real-time updates – We chose investment firms that utilize their website to impart insights about the market as much as performance of the fund.

Experience of Advisors – We picked firms that have managed funds for at minimum 10 years. The duration of their company is accompanied by a amount of experience.

Product Performance – Businesses whose products have a good performance due to their strategies. It would be great to know how much of their assets are under management, the value of their funds or yield.

A Variety of products – These companies we picked offer a wide range of investment options. They are able to cater to customers with different risk tolerances.

1. AGF

Services/ProductsAsset/Portfolio Management
Address8 Bay St. Suite 3900, Toronto, ON M5J 0G
Contact details416-367-1900
Hours of operationMonday – Friday: 8 am – 8 pmSaturday and Sunday The store is closed from Saturday to Sunday.
Approach to Investment Approach(5/5)
Live-time Updates(5/5)
Expertise of Advisors(5/5)
Product Performance(4/5)
A Variety of Products(5/5)

AGF has been involved in asset management for over 65 years. It has demonstrated its solid performance in managing portfolios by accumulating $42.6 billion in funds under administration.

To diversify, it provides the opportunity of investing in equity products as well as fixed income and even ETFs investing in infrastructure. The perfect part is that the products are able to take into account investments on the world market.

The company’s management style has earned its loyal customers among individual and institutional customers. They have achieved their goals in investing due to the company’s three guiding principles.

The team is able to share their knowledge and expertise across various industries and with one another. This has enabled them to identify new opportunities, and also provide creative strategies for investing.

Additionally, the team frequently studies and analyzes the market. They are able to control the risks with their portfolios.

The importance of accountability is that it is actively working to complete the objectives of each product and its customers. The portfolio managers constantly examine their strategies for investing and make changes whenever necessary.

Note that it is required for portfolio managers to put in 2x their salary base to the mutual funds they oversee. This will help warrant that the funds are being managed effectively and will continue to boost in terms of performance.

The company’s transparency regarding the investment strategy is also laudable. Clients are pleased to are aware of how their money will be handled and what risk involved.

Furthermore, the company will keep the client current regarding the current market. The site is up-to time with the latest insights of the firm and opinions that could impact portfolios of clients.


  • More than 65 years in business
  • 42.5 Billion assets under management
  • Variety of products available for the variety
  • Transfer of knowledge and expertise about specific industries within the team
  • Control risk through the use of research and analysis
  • Transparency and accountability are the norm.
  • Portfolio managers are easily accessible


  • Closed on weekends
  • Portfolio managers must invest their own money

Customer Review

A great portfolio with a solid investment and structure

“I’m an investor in AGF for the past nine years. The investment and portfolio structure is fantastic. Good returns, superior to banks with large branches. When compared to banks, the costs are lower. The withdrawal options are great and that’s the truth. After seven years, I do not have to pay any fees. It was a great investment at the time of a pandemic. It was great to get a credit card for only $25 while in RBC to purchase just one share of the company or even open an account it costs $500or. The customer service is top-notch. Furthermore, you are able to manage your own investments and earn income from your own funds, by becoming an agent for mutual funds. I can recommend anyone joining AGF. Thank AGF for your support. AGF.” — Viola

5 stars

“Positive: Quality, Responsiveness, Value” – Julius

2. Purpose Investments

Services/ProductsAsset Management
Purpose Credit Opportunities Fund
Scope Tactical Asset Allocation Fund
Objectives of Structure Equity Yield Portfolio
Aim Multi-purpose Real Asset Fund
Address130 Adelaide St W Suite 3100, Toronto, ON M5H 3P5
Contact details416-643-5210
Hours of operationMonday – Friday: 8:30 am – 6 pmSaturday and Sunday Saturday – Sunday: Closed
investment Approach(5/5)
Live-Time Updates(5/5)
The Experiences of Advisors(4/5)
Product Performance(5/5)
Variety of Products(5/5)

Purpose Investments strives to change the ways that asset management is conducted by adopting a modern method of management. In the midst of only 10 years of operation it is able to manage an asset of $14 billion under management.

One of the most modern approaches is together non-financial elements like Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) when deciding growth opportunities. The funds are put into companies that are responsible for their environment and operate with good governance.

It is important to know that transparency is crucial to the company. Strategies and portfolio payoff are accessible at any time through its site.

The portfolio managers will discuss the performance of the funds in comparison to their competitors and recent market data.

The Purpose Credit Opportunities Fund has an yield of 5.68 percent. This is a decent return given that the fund leverages the borrowing of institutions and government.

In addition, Purpose Tactical Asset Allocation Fund will automatically move funds to markets more profitable. Through this method it can protect the capital of its clients and is currently yielding 0.81 percent, but it is still the lowest rate of return among its offerings.

The Purpose Structure Equity Yield Portfolio is the most yielding relative to its other funds, with 7.1 percent. It is a fund based on equity, but has the ability to safeguard investments from losses.

The Purpose Diversified Real Asset Fund invests in commodities as well as stocks, with a particular focus on the real estate industry. Current clients can enjoy an annual yield of 1.2 percent in their funds.

What’s unique with these top funds is that they shield capital from risk. They also let investors pick and choose the product and the risk they are comfortable with.


  • $14 billion of assets under management within just 10 years of operation
  • Strategies for investing consider elements like social, environmental, and governance
  • Transparent with portfolio strategies and Portfolio performance
  • Diverse investment funds can provide excellent returns
  • Clients are able to select the right product based on their risk tolerance


  • It’s still relatively new in the industry
  • The yield of a managed funds is lower than 1% and much lower than the other products.

Customer Review

Different products that meet the goals

“A excellent product suite of ETFs that meet my investment goals. Additionally, bitcoin.” Tuba – Tuba

Innovative firm

“One one of the largest and most innovative financial businesses in the world!” – Omer

3. CI Global Asset Management

Services/ProductsMutual Funds
Liquid Alternatives
Alternative & Private Market Investments
Address15 York St #2, Toronto, ON M5J 0A3
Contact details416-364-1145
Hours of operationMonday – Thursday: 8 am – 6 pm
Friday: 8 am – 5 pm
Saturday through Sunday Monday – Friday: Closed
Approach to Investment Approach(4/5)
Live-Time Updates(5/5)
The Experiences of Advisors(5/5)
Product Performance(5/5)
Variety of Products(5/5)

CI Global Asset Management is part of the publicly-traded business, CI Financial. It is currently one of Canada’s top companies that offer a variety of investment options.

A one-stop company for investment It offers a range of traditional investments, from bonds as well as less volatile crypto. Financial advisors require time to provide clear explanations of the products so customers can make an informed choice about which one to perfect put their money.

It allows access to the world market for clients who invest in mutual funds or various managed funds. They are placed in different kinds of sectors, investments and markets all over the world.

The exchange-traded fund (ETFs) are considered to be safe investment options. We have discovered that they are able to be traded as equity, so the risk is controlled.

For those who are more sophisticated who have a higher tolerance for risk It offers alternatives to traditional investment options and cryptocurrency.

Furthermore, they post on their website the results of their funds. This is a huge benefit because it’s only working hours to request information on a particular investment product.

For extra convenience, customers can use the calculator available on the website to calculate your cash flows. This can help people plan their finances because it gives them an overview of what they have and the amount they will have to make for retirement.

We also appreciate that valuable information about investment options are available on its website. It provides news on the market as well as insight into what the future holds for the companies they have investing in.


  • A publically traded financial company
  • One-stop investment company
  • Diverse investment products
  • Products opens up the world market to its customers
  • Investments that are modern and accessible like cryptocurrency
  • Calculator for the flow of cash on the internet as well as other financial calculations


  • Operating days are limited.
  • The investment portfolio could be daunting for new investors.

Review by Customer

Highly recommended

“Great investment company that I would recommend them 100 100%” David


“Really useful” Sijuju Siju

4. Vanguard

Services/ProductsMutual Funds
Address22 Adelaide St W #2500, Toronto, ON M5H 4E3
Contact details416-263-7100
Hours of operationMonday – Friday: 9 am – 5 pm
Saturday and Sunday The store is closed from Saturday to Sunday.
Approach to Investment Approach(5/5)
Live-Time Updates(5/5)
The Experiences of Advisors(5/5)
Product Performance(4/5)
Variety of products(5/5)

Vanguard is helping people procure satisfaction from their investments since. Vanguard offers a wide variety of investment options that clients can select to achieve their financial objectives.

The clients of Vanguard get a higher profit on their investment since Vanguard has no outside owners to generate profit for. This means that more money generated by investments will go into clients in their pockets.

The mutual fund managed by Vanguard utilizes an active approach to managing funds. Apart from keeping fees to a minimum They also choose the fund managers they choose carefully.

External advisors and in-house talent are matched to complement one in order to come up with a better strategy to limit the risk of the funds.

Vanguard also provides Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) that permit investors to invest in a variety of indexes like those of the S&P 500 (the 500 biggest companies within the US), MSCI International index, and more. This gives investors immediate diversification.

Although the company offers investments however, access to these products is provided through advisors from third parties. Financial advisors who are clients’ own can invest in any one of Vanguard’s funds for them.

Another easy feature to gain access to the investment options offered by Vanguard is opening an account for trading online with any brokerage. Once you have an account, it is easy to purchase as well as sell ETFs from Vanguard throughout trading hours.

Like other investment companies, Vanguard also utilises its website to grant its opinions on the market and the latest trends. Customers can also access Vanguard’s analysis of the latest events that affect the financial industry.

However, we have been informed that some clients who have investment concerns had some difficulties calling the office, and didn’t receive calls back requests.


  • Since 1975.
  • A wide range of ETFs and mutual funds.
  • Make sure to select their fund managers with care
  • $1.8 trillion in active funds
  • Online access to purchase managed funds


  • A few instances of difficulty getting in touch with the office
  • Purchase and advice on products offered by intermediary advisors and brokers

Customer Review

There are no issues with investments

“I have been a client of the US S&P 500 ETF, and it has a very low expense ratio for management of about 0.08 percent. I have never had any issues in it.” Alex. Alex

The absolute excellent

“Everyone should know about the index fund and ETFs rather than investing in hedge funds or mutual funds. The MER is more efficient and all the hidden charges will eat into your gains in the long run. Vanguard is the accurate! Don’t believe me, instead listen to Warren Buffet and John Bogle.” — Vee

5. CPP Investments

Services/ProductsCPP Fund Management
Address1 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M5C 2W5
Contact details416-868-4075
Hours of operationMonday – Friday: 9 am – 5 pm
Saturday through Sunday Saturday – Sunday: Closed
investment Approach(4/5)
Live-Time Updates(5/5)
The Experiences of Advisors(5/5)
Product Performance(5/5)
A Variety of Products(4/5)

CPP Investments manages the assets in the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) since 1997. The goal of this asset management is to benefit Canadians to save their money to retire as well as fulfill a noble goal.

This company is not only responsible to federal authorities, but in addition, to Canadians who trust money for retirement to the firm. In March 2022, the company had an estimated $539 billion invested in funds managed.

However, it is important to note that the company does not offer other investment options apart from managing funds allocated for CPP. The funds of clients may never be eligible to benefit of greater earnings since they are restricted by the government regulations regarding retirement funds.

However, it’s beneficial to be aware that the assets of clients are covered through legislation, which means they are not placed in danger. The investment should always be an appropriate balance between risk and reward in order to serve the interests of pension plan participants and their beneficiaries.

The firm is able to provide this high rate of return thanks to its comprehensive portfolio approach. It invests locally as well as globally in a variety of markets that include equity bond private debts, infrastructure and real estate investments.

It is also noteworthy for its constant selection, re-assessment and weighting of the risks in the portfolio to obtain greater yields. One method they employ to reduce risk is placing their money into Canadian Treasury bonds. They are which are a very low risk investment.

They also need to consider the possibility of having funds available at any time for the purpose of distributing pension holders with benefits. Thus they assure that the majority in the portfolio such as the equity portfolio, is able to be liquidated.


  • Controls CPP funds for over 20 years
  • $539 billion managed funds
  • 6.8 percent return for fiscal year 2022
  • Total portfolio approach
  • Always checks and reassess investment strategies regularly and reassess


  • There are no other investment options apart from the management of CPP-allocated fund
  • Lower chance of earning more due to regulations of the government on the balance between reward and risk

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