Amazing Tips to free up Your Smartphone Storage Space

Amazing Tips to free up Your Smartphone Storage Space

Smartphone Storage Space

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Smartphones are cool gadgets to own and carry about if you need to keep in touch with friends and family, stay entertained on-the-go, or perhaps complete jobs sent to you via email while working outside your office premises. Depending on your habits or how you use your smartphone, you might find out that you are quickly running out of your smartphone storage space, which is one of the most dreaded situations smartphone users face at some point in time.

Most times smart phones users often delete their precious pictures, apps, and interesting games, but then, they only seem to extend their internal storage space by some megabytes or gigabytes.  The major challenge for smartphone users, with regards to managing their smartphone storage space, is how to achieve long-lasting storage space increase without depriving themselves of the functionalities they enjoy or are used to.

Freeing Up Storage Space on Android Smartphones

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Freeing up space on your android gadgets is a must especially if you want to enjoy flawless, smooth operation of your android devices. Android smartphones, as compared to iPhones, tend to slow down considerably when their storage space is being maxed out. They freeze most time and can become a pain to use if actions aren’t taken by their users to increase their internal storage space.  Start with erasing temporary files, because you won’t need to have them all the time and their removal have little or no adverse effect on the operation of your Android smartphone.

If you own smartphones with the options of moving these temporary files or cache to SD card, take advantage of that feature and free up your smartphone space. If your Android smartphone lacks the functionality that allows you shift the location of temporary files, don’t hesitate to delete or erase your temporary files or cache. You can also get an overview of how much all the apps and games installed on your Android smartphones consume in real time. This method will allow you make critical decisions that will see you achieve significant gains and free up storage space for your Android smartphone. To do this, simply go to your Smartphone’s settings and click on the storage tab or button. Then identify apps or games that occupy huge space and are of less importance to you and delete them.

Freeing Up Storage Space on iPhones

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One major advantage iPhones have over android phones is how it operates quite efficiently despite users maxing out its storage space or running multiple apps. On the other hand, Android Phones tend to lag behind when handling multiple apps or maxing out its internal memory space. However, the performance of your iPhones can be enhanced if its users free up its internal storage space. Just like Android Smartphones, you’ll need to access the storage features via settings > General > Usage > Manage Storage. This will provide you with an overview of all the apps and programs consuming that vital storage space you crave.


Windows Phone

Windows Phone

Windows phone isn’t any different from the others mentioned above, just a little difference in how it names its phone apps and settings. To get an overview of all apps and programs taking up space on your Windows smartphone simply go to > Storage Sence > Phone or SD card.

Use SD card more often

There are certain smartphone features that take a toll on your smartphone’s memory especially when used more often. Some of those features include Videos, music, and photos. Try to ensure that the default storage settings for these media features are set to the memory card. You can also make use of streaming services such as Spotify to store and stream your favorite music etc.

Monitor Heavy Apps frequently

Apps such as Facebook and Instagram may require an initial storage space of 80 to 100 MB, but with time, they can take up space up to 600 MB each. These apps often cache images and web pages to make it easy for users to access these files quickly and efficiently. So it advisable to delete these caches if you feel you don’t need them, at least it will free up space for more important activities.


You can easily free up valuable storage space on your smartphone by following the tips provided above. However, there are still other personal tips you can apply to help you free up as well as maximize your smartphone’s storage space not mentioned above. One of which is curbing unnecessary downloads, which is one of the biggest eaters of smartphone memory space in recent times. Too many files you don’t need are available online. Freeing up your smartphone space is extremely helpful if you intend to optimize your user experience and satisfaction. It helps your smartphone respond quicker and process information faster. As technology progresses, there will be a point in time when our smartphone will possess unlimited memory capabilities. Until then, make this guide your daily companion