Acer C720 Chromebook (11.6 – inch 2gb) Review

Acer C720 Chromebook (11.6 – inch 2gb) Review

Acer 720 Chromebook

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You may not have caught the chrome google bug, but I bet you soon will. With this simple, fully-secured Acer c720 Chromebook, you’ll be getting the best of Google and more. The Acer c720 Chromebook 11.6″ is not just a laptop, it’s a continuum. Always being updated to remain useful and better for your ever-changing PC needs.

Running on the latest Intel Celeron 2955u Haswell micro-architecture processor, the speed of download and surfing for this laptop is in a league of its own, giving you unparalleled access to quicker downloads of thousands of your favorite apps and games. In fact, if what you need is a budget laptop that offers simplicity, security and support, then this Chromebook should be your first option. With a battery life that stays up to 8.5 hours long, you are guaranteed to enjoy more working time online and offline, far away from the plug.

My Rating


Inexpensive, light-weight, sturdy, decent back-up computer, strong wi-fi signal, compact and perfect for surfing the net.


Poor screen backlight quality, LCD screen can be delicate.

My recommendation

Expect to be satisfied using this Chromebook for extremely demanding jobs both offline and online. The LCD screen could be better, but you can help it with a screen protector. At 1.25kg, you’ll find the ace Chromebook easy to move around due to its light weight, and I daresay it’s highly mobile.



Acer Chromebook

Full review of the Acer c720 Chromebook(11.6-inch 2gb)

If you work online or do most of your work connected to the internet, you’ll find this Chromebook indispensable. To be constantly connected to your favorite web-based apps, programs, and videos, this Acer Chromebook c720 will be just perfect for you. With the use of specific Google apps, you can create your documents, spreadsheets, and do basic office designs all by yourself. You can also expect the Acer c720 Chromebook to boot as fast as 8 seconds, and you’ll be gifted with a guaranteed system and virus free updates without getting those intrusive alerts.

The Intel Celeron 2955u Haswell micro-architecture processor is also in a league of its own, helping you browse your favorite web pages without hassles, even your YouTube videos. You will also be amazed that this Chromebook provides HD video playback for all your videos. Multitasking is also a breeze as you can run up to 10 tabs all at the same time and expect the same quality without compromising the browsing speed. That is what you’d get with this powerful Acer Chromebook. I think it’s a perfect gadget for people who do online jobs like video and music editing, blogging, video blogging, research and networking mostly. Virtual assistants too will find this Chromebook to be a great asset.

The Acer c720 Chromebook and the c720p are almost the same, with the latter having a touch screen upgrade. This makes surfing flawless and extremely fast. You can run Gmail, google drive, google docs,
Facebook, Google cloud print, Google Plus, YouTube, flash player sites and many more. You can also choose to send more apps and photos from your mobile phone and PC using the USB port. Video calls are also very easy with Google hangouts, and you can print all your documents easily using google cloud print.

Here are some of the specs to look out for


Battery life

At 8.5 hours longevity, the 3-cell Li-polymer battery life is impressive and gives you enough time for browsing outdoors or away from the plug. I think this is perfect too for handling small online tasks during travel. Plus, the battery can recharge very quick after each cycle.



The c720p touch screen is cool for a laptop but lacks the pinch zoom-in capability of the Android. So, you’ll just have to touch and go, no matter the size of the image you get. But the touchpad
complements this feature and makes browsing faster. The screen brightness is also on the high side with Intel HD graphics with 128mb of dedicated system memory. The downside is the quality of colors, and 1366*768 resolution might be unattractive to many Ports and connectivity The USB port can be used to charge the Chromebook and can transfer files using flash drives.

This feature makes it a very significant double utility. The Acer Invilink Nplify 802.11 a/b/5/n (MIMO dual-band 2.4 GHz & 5ghz) wireless LAN also support group connectivity for official use.The speakers, on their own, can be somehow too loud and scattered. I think this is another insignificant downside. Since, you’ll get a better, more improved sound quality once you plug in your headphone or external speakers.

Google freebies

Now, to the freebies, Google helps you save up to $120 with the two years of free 100GB Google Drive. And saves you about $10 in wi-fi connection fee with 12 free wi-fi passes when you’re flying. The free anti-virus updates will also save you thousands of dollars in time, cash and files being secured.


2gb of RAM would do justice to your browsing as long as you keep it low and don’t open more than a dozen tabs at once. One other high point for this Chromebook is that the processor performs way high above expectation. For a relatively unpopular brand name, the processor keeps this Chromebook up against other popular brands like Samsung with regards to performance. So, no matter how heavy your browsing is, the 2.048gb DDR3L SD RAM memory plus the 16gb SSD drive should be more than sufficient.


The web camera on this c720 Chromebook offers way more than expected. Especially, when you consider the screen quality and price. The resolution is cool and works well when the screen light is low. The viewing angle is also larger than the ones you’ll find today.



Acer Chromebook Laptop

Although this c720 Chromebook is heavier than its Samsung counterpart, it’s still light weight considering its frame size. I’ll still call it a portable laptop since it can easily be carried using one hand.

The whole package also gives a good first impression and a solid look and feel. It may not be as sleek or stylish as you want, but then it looks appealing and can be perceived as expensive.


This Acer c720 Chromebook is extremely easy to use. And no matter your level of tech proficiency or gadget adeptness, it could be a good start for both kids and professionals like writers, video bloggers,
and webmasters. I also think it brings a whole complete web experience in one place. Whether you’re shopping, watching movies, chatting or researching, this Chromebook will help improve your entire experience both online and offline. Offline, you can listen to your downloaded music, use your favorite apps, play your favorite games and carry out all your official tasks with google docs and google chrome apps. For the price and the freebies, I can only say that this Acer c720 Chromebook is almost a giveaway if you add up all the value you would get.

Google Chrome Os

For this gadget, the Google Chrome Os is a perfect combination and requires zero to no maintenance; with constant support and seamless updates. You have everything you need for a complete web takeover.

Final verdict

I’ll give this Chromebook a rating of 5/5 for its affordability and robust features. For it to be comparable to high-end brands like Samsung, and still keep a low price, then it’s a total bargain for anyone. Go for it!