5 Best Media Streaming Devices You Can Bank On

5 Best Media Streaming Devices You Can Bank On

Amazon Fire Tv cube

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There has been a massive explosion of media and entertainment contents as a result of the internet. Each day the world is becoming more interconnected thanks to the internet. The internet has bridged the information gap that previously existed in the time past across all continents.

Videos and live TV programs are being streamed effortlessly across smart, hand-held devices, and even our TVs aren’t left out. Nowadays, Smart TVs come equipped with apps, internet, and video streaming capabilities. With few touches on your Smart TV’s remote control, you can access the internet and even stream your favorite videos and movies.

There are lots of people who don’t own Smart TVs and as a result, lack the capabilities to access the internet or even stream contents on their regular TVs. Nevertheless, these TVs can be converted into a smart device with the aid of a media streaming device.

Although media streaming devices have been around for quite some time, their qualities and performance differ. If you make the wrong choice when shopping for a media streaming device, you’ll get poor streaming performance. Having stated the obvious facts, these are the best media streaming devices you can bank on.

Amazon Fire Stick 4k                                          

Amazon Fire Stick 4k

Amazon products are seen as some of the very best in the world. They strive to maintain a good standard in all their operations as well as products. The Amazon Fire Stick 4K is no exception, as it’s seen as one of the best media streaming devices in the world. This streaming device comes with Dolby vision specifications, which makes it perfect for those TVs that support the Dolby Vision standard. It’s very easy to install the Amazon Fire Stick 4k. All you need to do is to attach or plug your Amazon Fire Stick via the HDMI port and then connect it to a WiFi device.

The Amazon Fire Stick comes equipped with a remote that features the Alexa voice command functionality. With the Alexa voice command functionality, you can easily switch between apps as well as access the internet for your favorite media content. Some popular video streaming services include Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, HBO, etc.

Amazon Fire TV Cube

Amazon Fire TV Cube

Just like the first streaming device in this article, the Amazon Fire TV cube is one of the best streaming devices money can buy. It’s a hub for entertainment and can be used to manage your entire entertainment setup efficiently. It comes loaded with the Alexa voice control feature that lets you control TV and other smart gadgets connected to the system.

Unlike the Amazon Fire Stick, the Fire TV Cube comes with a speaker, which gives you the flexibility to enjoy your video contents the way you want. It’s almost like putting the main features of the Fire TV stick and Echo Dot in one unit. That’s how versatile the Amazon Fire TV cube appears to be. It also comes with an IR blaster and HDMI CEC support, making it one of the best media streaming devices you can bank on any day.

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Google Chromecast Ultra

Google Chromecast Ultra

Another company that can rival Amazon in terms of product quality and service delivery is Google inc. Google Inc owns the world’s largest search engine, which helps them control a significant portion of the web. One of their coolest products is the Chromecast and it’s one of the best media streaming devices you can buy. It comes with a 4K HDR functionality that gives users the ability to streaming their favorite video and entertainment contents from popular streaming services such as Netflix, Youtube, and Hulu.

The major talking point for the Google Chromecast Ultra is its affordability. Just about anyone can acquire it. The major drawback is that it lacks a remote control. So a PC, Smartphone, or tablet is needed to use it.

Roku Streaming Stick

Roku Streaming stick

The Roku streaming stick may not be as popular as the above-mentioned media devices, but it holds its own excellently in terms of performance and efficiency. The Roku streaming stick comes loaded with the Dolby Atmos and 4K HDR Video support, as well as a simple, easy-to-use interface to go with it.

It’s so easy to install or setup. All you need to do is plug it into the HDMI port on your TV and then connect a USB cable to its power port. Now, connect the Roku streaming stick to a WiFi, and you are all set. Just like the Amazon Fire Stick 4K as well as the Amazon Fire TV Cube, the Roku Streaming Stick comes with a remote control that features the voice command functionality. You can use voice command to search for your favorite online media contents as well as perform other vital functions.

Nvidia Shield  

Nvidia shield tv

This is the perfect media streaming device for gamers. Video games are graphic demanding programs by default. You need a reliable media streaming the device so you can enjoy your video games with your friends and buddies around the world. It’s kind of pricier that the other media streaming device mentioned above, but it’s packed with features intended for high-performance gaming. 

The Nvidia shield has many games exclusive to it in addition to the 200+ games available on Android TV. If you are the type of gamer that loves doing his stuff on PC, then no need to worry. You can stream your PC video games to your TV with the aid of the Nvidia Shield media streaming device. This Nvidia shield media streaming device supports the DualShock 4 and XBox one controllers and also comes with its wireless gaming controller.


Choosing a wireless media controller shouldn’t be herculean if you follow the recommendations on this guide. There is a wireless media streaming device that caters for the needs of everyone. If you are on a budget, or can’t afford to spend much on a media streaming device, you may want to consider the Google Chromecast Ultra, Amazon Fire Stick 4k, and the Roku stick.

If you aren’t constrained by budget, a heavy gamer that likes to catch fun and experiment a lot, then the Nvidia shield should be your best bet. Media streaming devices provide us an opportunity to get the best out of our dumb TVs. It does that by giving us access to smart functionalities seen on Smart TVs affordably.