Why Microsoft Xbox Series S is Worth Buying

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At$299, Microsoft Xbox Series S gives you top value for your money albeit with a few not-so-important compromises.

Microsoft Xbox X and Sony PS5 have been epitomized as the gaming industry’s next-generation consoles. The only problem: several months after launch, the demand for the products far outweighs supply. Chip shortages have held back console production, making it difficult to purchase an Xbox Series X or a PS5 these days. The Xbox Series S, however, is not that difficult to find. Plus, it’s regarded as next-gen in its own unique way.

Several online reviews have pitched the cheaper console against its more expensive sibling in a never-ending Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S battle. It is definitely not as powerful as the Xbox Series X. Yet, it is a very capable machine for next-gen gaming.

The Series S supports 1440 pixel resolution, and as a consequence of its 120FPS (frames per second), this is a very fluid and graphically immersive console. If you want a full next-gen gaming package and don’t want to overspend on minor, negligible details, the Series S is for you.

The Xbox Series S also remains one of the best next-gen gaming consoles you can buy. It is probably the best affordable next-generation console in the market at the moment.

Sincethe Xbox Series X still has a long waiting list that may take months to fulfill,it is time to give the Series S a chance. In this article, we will explore why Microsoft Xbox Series S holds great value for money.Microsoft Xbox Series S Gaming console gadget

An Inexpensive Route to Game Pass

If you are a subscriber to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the Xbox Series S is a cheap way to enjoy numerous games from several publishers. Dubbed Netflix for games, the subscription program gives you easy access to new and classic titles from Microsoft, EA, and other game publishers.

At the moment, you can enjoy fascinating old titles like Grand Theft Auto V, Titanfall 2, andPsychonauts. You also have newer favorites including Control, Jedi Fallen Order, and Outriders. The possibilities are endless thanks to Game Pass Ultimate.

More Than Good Enough Specs

The Series S may not have mind-blowing specs like the Series X, but you will still be blown away by its actual performance. The console’s Quick Resume feature is one of the highlights of the Series S.

With Quick Resume, you can jump back into action with no delay. This means you can leave your console to attend to urgent matters and come back to resume gameplay without having any hitch. This feature works for up to three titles running simultaneously.

While this isn’t a 4k gadget because it has a resolution of 1440 pixels, it is still very high by modern standards. Titles such as Doom Eternal still look very impressive and immersive regardless of your TV screen size.

The Series S GPU is capable of upscaling games up to 4k and still run at 120fps. Thanks to the Xbox Velocity Architecture introduced by Microsoft, it is additionally capable of loading games faster and ray tracing. When you combine this with the 10GB GDDR6 memory built inside the console, you have an excellent Xbox that is better than anything before it.

The Series S is built with a technique named Supersampling. This technique creates better-looking pictures even on inferior displays. This technique ensures that even with a 1080p TV, your 1440p Xbox transmits images that closely match 1440 pixels than full high definition (1080p).

So, if your TV isn’t capable of 4k or 1440p, you don’t have to worry. The Xbox Series S is capable enough to ensure you benefit from better image quality and overall gaming experience.

One more thing, the Series S is a quiet console and you will rarely hear the fan making any background noise. This is partly because the Xbox Series S comes with 512GB of storage. This shouldn’t be a problem since you can buy the Seagate Storage Expansion Card which will guarantee another 1TB of space.

It’s Pocket Friendly In Every Sense

Compared to its $500 sibling, Xbox Series S comes at just $299 and is a portable gadget to own. The Series S is comparable in size with school textbooks. The same cannot be said about the Xbox Series. X or Sony’s PS5.

In the end, the Series S and the Series X play the same number of games. The Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S battle has been greatly exaggerated because the differences are major things like storage and display resolution.

Weighing just 4.25 pounds, you can tuck the Series S in your bag on your way to work or some weekend vacation. Better, you will always find some space for this console on your entertainment cabinet.

When you remember that the Series S is packed with a 4 TFLOP GPU and an octa-core Custom Zen 2 CPU yet smaller than the Xbox One S, you recognize how powerful and portable it truly is.

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You Get Discount

It is noteworthy to inform you that the Microsoft Xbox All Access subscription service is extended to the Xbox Series S, and thus is available in certain regions such as the US, UK, and Australia.

With the Xbox All Access, your Series S comes with an Xbox Games Pass ultimate which is split into a 24-month plan for $24.99 each month. There is zero upfront cost. This service is also cheaper compared to paying for the Series S console and the 24 months Xbox Game Pass Ultimate as separate entities. Actually, you save an extra $30 if you follow the Microsoft Xbox All Access route.

Simplicity: The Most Portable Xbox Ever

Although everything inside the Xbox Series S is totally new, its design quite resembles the Xbox One S Digital Edition. No, that isn’t a flaw.

The Series S has a unique black fan vent that looks like a speaker grille. It is also the smallest Microsoft Xbox ever made. At the front, you will find a power button and a single USB port, giving the console a functional design.

While this may be a cheap version of the Xbox Series X, it has all the modern ports you will need for an immersive experience. At the rear, you will find two USB 3.2 ports, a storage expansion slot, one HDMI output, an Ethernet port, and an AC input.

More Interesting Features

Let’s talk more about Quick Resume and other brilliant features you will enjoy when you purchase the Xbox Series S.

There is a feature called Smart Delivery from the Xbox Store. This feature allows you to get the best versions of a game the moment you have it downloaded on your Series S. Also, your saved data carries over to a new device seamlessly. That is, if you move from Xbox One S to Xbox One X then to Xbox Series S, you do not lose any part of your game as it ensures backward and forward compatibility.

Thanks to Quick Resume which was talked about earlier, you can nowmaneuver between multiple games at the same time. This feature allows the console to hold several games in the memory in their particular state,at any given time.

Quick Resume ensures that you jump back and forth between several titles without needing to reload or relaunch the game.

The number of games you can suspend with the Quick Resume feature varies. We however recommend three games at any point in time. You can suspend as many as eight. However, some titles wouldn’t work and you will have to reload them.

This handy, time-saving aspect of the Series S can be preserved even when the console is powered down.

Multimedia Hub

To many people, the Series S would have justified its price thanks to the plenty fascinating features mentioned above. However, this console offers more.

The Xbox Series S is a capable streaming device. It carries some of the major media services including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, Apple TV Plus, and Hulu.

These services can be easily accessible by visiting the library and using the Apps section therein. Quick Resume also works with apps.

While the Series S has the maximum capability of displaying a 1440p resolution during games, it is capable of rendering a 4k HDR display when streaming with the apps. That means services such as Disney Plus, Netflix and Apple TV Plus will be available in 4k if you have a compatible screen.

A Final Note

If you are someone who prioritizes functionality over sheer size, the Xbox Series S will be a perfect fit for you. It is a small console that is better than anything before it. Only the Xbox Series X and the PS5 could be said to be better. And in most cases, it does the exact thing those higher-priced consoles are capable of.

The Series S gives you most of the fun you will derive from the Series X, and more — $200.


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