5 Cool Free Single-Player Games for Your Android Gadgets and Smartphones

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Single-player games provide smartphone and gadget owners a good opportunity to stay entertained, especially on-the-go or during moments of relaxation. It’s has become somewhat fashionable to pass time playing games on your smartphone, when less busy or at an airport trying to catch the next flight out of the city. These games help us keep the brain mentally fit and alert, ready to solve complex problems and puzzles life throws at us.

Single-player games are very easy to install and play. Many smartphone games don’t require the internet to function, making it a perfect companion when camping or going to places with limited internet access and mobile network.

1.     Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty Android

If you are an adrenalin junkie or you love the thrills of firefights, then Call of Duty Mobile should be top on your bucket list. It’s one of the very best action-packed video games in the world. The good thing with the mobile version is that it provides you virtually the same type of quality that is common with the PC version.

This game comes with game modes that give you the option to either select the 100-player Battle Royale mode or 5-on-5 battles. There is also a mode that lets you battle 1-on-1 with your friend, which helps to rekindle healthy rivalry with your peers. This option is useful especially if you are competitive and you need to compete with friends and family during fun times. The graphics of Call of Duty Mobile is quite impressive, sharing lots of similarities with the PC version. Other exciting features give users the ability to win more prices, customize the load-outs, get ranked among competitors, and many more.

2.     Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9 LegendIf you are a fan of Car racing, then Asphalt 9 will be the perfect single-player game for your android gadget. By far, Asphalt mobile car racing games are one of the most popular games on android smartphones. The Asphalt 9: Legends was launched in 2018, and has lived up to expectations as compared to its predecessors, the Asphalt 8: Airborne and Asphalt Xtreme. The Asphalt 9 comes loaded with an impressive array of cars, up to 50 if I were to be more specific, amazing challenges as well as other exciting features.

With each level of advancement, users will be able to unlock cars as well as implement garage upgrades. This game comes with both single-player modes as well as multiplayer. The major drawback of the Asphalt 9 is the auto-go feature. This feature reduces the ability of users to accelerate their cars the way they like.

3.     Critical Ops

Critical Ops AndroidJust like Call of Duty, Critical Ops is another mission/shooting game you can consider if you love mission games. You can download this game for your Android gadgets and devices and relieve almost the same experience as the PC version. This game comes in single-player and multiplayer mode. It also has an enthusiastic online community where passionate gamers and fans of the game link up to slug it out with each other. An interesting feature I like about Critical Ops is that you can choose to play as a terrorist or counter-terrorist in different urban settings.

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4.     Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is another single-player game to consider if you are looking for something interesting to install on your Android gadgets.  If you are familiar with the clash of clans, you will find Brawl Stars exciting and easy to play. Some of the few things that make this game interesting are the multiplayer features as well as the MOBA elements. This game comes with many gameplay options, and the graphics are quite impressive as it looks a lot similar to cartoons we love to watch.

Brawl Stars also comes with different game modes that you’ll get to see as you progress during gameplay. Some of the modes you’ll find in the Brawl Stars game include Crystal collection, heist – where your opponent’s treasury becomes your target for theft, the brawl mode, and bounty hunt mode. Whatever mode you select, you must conquer your opponent to progress.

5.     EA Sports Games

Games from the stables of EA sports are tailored towards Sports fans and enthusiasts alike. If you are a lover of Sports, then you can be certain that a particular product of EA Sports will meet your expectation. EA Sports is by miles ahead of their counterparts, especially in the Sports Gaming industry. Most of the sports games produced by EA sport have sports characters that portray their real-life counterparts.  Some of the popular games produced by EA Sports include Fifa soccer, Madden NFL, EA Sports UFC, and many more.

All EA Sports games have Single-player modes as well as multiplayer modes. You can compete with friends and family as well as your counterparts around the globe via the multiplayer modes.


These are some of the coolest games you can get for your Android device and gadgets. All of them have single-player modes as well as multiplayer modes. Now you can keep your self entertained on the road while camping with friends and family or in an area with little or no network coverage. The major selling point of these games is that they are free for download and very easy to install. Now, you know what type of games to install once you’ve acquired your Android gadget. The onus is on you to make the right decision.

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