Top 7 Websites To Learn To Code

Top 7 Websites To Learn To Code

Code Avengers Learn to code

The world is getting smarter by the day, and many activities in it are being controlled by computers and other intelligent systems. IoT, also known as Internet of Things, help us control virtually everything that makes life easy for us from our homes to our businesses, from our cars to our skyscrapers, there’s hardly anything we can’t manage from the convenience of our smartphones and laptops. Thanks to the internet. However, everything that is connected or controlled via the internet will need some programs to help them run or perform their intended activity efficiently, and that’s where coding comes in. Coding is the bedrock or foundation of computer programs.

The world is becoming more computerized and technologically driven each day. Programmers are having a field day and smiling the bank consistently because the world requires their services and can’t do without them. Learning how to code can open countless opportunities for you, earn you a living and make you highly sought-after in the technologically driven world that we all live today. For you to learn how to code, you’ll need to be trained by experienced professionals, and you can learn this lucrative skill remotely from the comfort of your home or offices. That’s why you’ll need good websites that can provide you the required training materials and instructional video guides to get you started. Having said that, these are top 7 websites you can use to learn to code.

1.   Skill Crush

Skill Crush Learn to code

Skill Crush is one of the best websites you can use to learn how to code because of their unique approach to training. It actually gives you the impression that you are a classroom because you can easily reach out to your instructors during office hours and fellow students like you through the forum provided on the site. The site is also simple to navigate, and you should get started with your training in a couple of clicks.

2.   Code School

Code School Learn to code

As the name implies, Code School is primarily designed to teach aspiring programmers how to code. Initially founded by Plural Sight, Code School has grown to become a powerhouse when it comes coding education. This website lets you implement everything you are taught parallelly, which helps to cement and instill what you have been taught into your mind.

3.   Udemy

Udemy Learn to code

Udemy is quite a powerhouse for digital skills such as web development, coding, graphic design, etc. Udemy has a well-defined course outline that is geared to get your coding career started in a matter of weeks. Although quite a bit expensive, their courses and training materials pack quite a punch and will give you your money’s worth within the shortest timeframe.

4.   Udacity

Udacity Learn to code

Udacity, just like Udemy, is a compendium of online digital courses. You can find virtually any course you can think of on the site. The coding course materials and outlines are well detailed and simplified to suit the needs of basic and advanced programming students.

5.   Khan Academy


Khan Academy Learn to code

Khan Academy simply offers you an amazing platform to learn to code at your pace. This site goes down to the nitty-gritty of coding all the way up, leaving you with no option than to become a master programmer in no distant time. It uses the “learning to instructions approach” in instilling the required knowledge and skill, which makes the whole process of learning how to code seamless.

6.   Hack Design

Hack Design Learn to code


Hack Design is a compendium of online training resources that teach you virtually any course you need to learn. The lessons and training materials on this site are made up of the collective contributions of experienced experts and specialists from around the world. So you might need to pay attention to your trainer’s suitability when choosing his or her course or training materials.

7.   Code Avengers

Code Avengers Learn to code

Funny as the site name may sound, they actually mean business as far as coding education is concerned. This site is perfect for those looking for an avenue or platform to learn web development and coding in general. Concise steps are taken to guide trainees on CSS, HTML, Javascript which is helpful in building their coding career and making them ready for advanced programming courses.

Final thoughts

Every computer program is built or created via coding and these programs control almost every facet of human endeavor. For you to remain relevant going forward, you must learn how these programs are built. Above contains a list of websites with great educative resources designed to get your coding career started. You can teach yourself to code but that might require more effort to pull-off on your own. The choice is yours to determine your relevance in a world powered by IoT.