How to Delete a Twitter Account Using These Simple Steps

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Knowing how to delete a twitter account can be handy especially if you are fed up or irritated by the services you are getting from your twitter handle. Twitter is one of the world’s most popular social media platforms and is second only to Facebook. It’s an effective social media platform that can be used to drive traffic to your website or create awareness about your brand. However, there are sometimes when it becomes incredibly annoying to read other people’s boring hashtags or spammy tweets, and deleting your twitter account may just be your only option. Then it becomes imperative for you to learn how to delete a twitter account.

What do I need in other to successfully delete a twitter account?

Unsurprisingly, deleting a Twitter account isn’t simple as it sounds. There are certain things you need to know or put in place before embarking on such action. To begin this process, you’ll need to deactivate your account. There will be a 31-day period where Twitter will scrutinize your account before pulling the plug. For you to learn how to delete a Twitter account successfully, you’ll need to have in your possession your login credentials which include your username and your password. However, there are exceptional situations when can’t remember your login credentials; you can use the “Forgot Password Tool” which will send the link to your registered email address on how to reset your password.

What are the drawbacks of deleting a Twitter account?

  • Your username will be permanently blacklisted, meaning it can’t be used again
  • Your registered email address will be permanently blacklisted as well
  • There isn’t an instant way deleting a Twitter account; you’d have to wait for 30days, during which you can annul the process if you change your mind about it
  • Some of your contents will remain on Twitter a few days after deletion; however it will be removed subsequently

 How to surmount the challenges of deleting a Twitter account

Considering the drawbacks of deleting a Twitter account, you may want to mitigate the challenges associated with deleting a Twitter account by implementing certain precautionary measures on your part.

Step 1.  Start with your username

You’ll need to change your username into something else, especially if you intend to use it in future. It’s very easy to do. Just go to your settings and change your username into something irrelevant.

Step 2.   Change your current email address

how to delete twitter account

You may want to reuse your email address at some point in time in future. If that is the case, you will need to change your email address. To change your email address, just click the icon at your upper right, a drop-down menu will appear, scroll down to settings and click on it. You will see the tab that allows you change your email address. Now you can change or replace your current email address with any less important email address of yours.

Step 3.  Your indexed content

This is one of the uncontrollable factors when it comes to deleting a Twitter account. You can only hope that the search engines will do the needful when the time arises. You can make the process a bit easier by not posting contents in the account you want to deactivate because it will make the whole process of de-indexing your deleted contents more complex for the search engines

Step 4.  Upon activating your Twitter account deleting process, you’ll be given a 30-day period (to perhaps change your mind).  So it’s advisable not to log in during this process, else Twitter may assume you are still interested in retaining your account and may halt the account deletion process.

How to Delete Twitter Account – The Process

Now at this stage, it’s assumed that you have taken all the precautionary measures you’ll need to take in other to get the best out of this process.

1.  Visit Twitter and login into your account (preferably using a desktop computer)

2.  Go to your account settings (See the process above if you don’t know how to)

how to delete twitter account

3.  Once you have clicked on the settings, go all the way down to the bottom, you’ll see the Deactivate my account button, click on it

How to delete twitter account

4.  It’s advisable you go through all information thoroughly before hitting the deactivation button

how to delete twitter account

5.  Now, you’ll see a tab requesting you to input your password to complete the deactivation process, input your password and BAM!!! You’re done.


We all know it’s sad to say goodbye or delete your once treasured Twitter account. However, there are times when you need to do that in other to keep your head sane. Deactivating your twitter account without taking precautionary measures could backfire at some point in future, especially if there’s an urgent need to resurrect your deactivated account. So do it wisely and strategically so as to get the best of it. Please share this article if you find it useful so you can teach your friends how to delete a twitter account successfully.

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