7 Top Quality Power Banks To Purchase In 2022

7 Top Quality Power Banks To Purchase In 2022

Top Quality Power Banks

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It is the year 2022, and your phone battery drains quicker than ever, but you are at a place that does not have an outlet in sight. What do you do? You could go back to your car or ask a stranger for their charger. Or, if you were wise enough to purchase one of these power banks before it was too late, you would be able to charge up quickly on the go! This article will tell you about some of the best power banks available now for sale in 2022 to avoid this scenario.

Most individuals feel all charger products are similar, but their efficiency has shown differences in price, designs, and demand. You can always get a good quality portable charger if you consider the functionality of the product. Although numerous cheap gadgets are available in the market, ensure that you look beyond price before selecting your choice.

The latest model of a good quality power bank can recharge itself while boosting your mobile gadget. Other merits include the portable size with additional encasement that makes it easy to carry irrespective of location.

Furthermore, solar designs have waterproof features to meet your charging requirement, where having access to electrical power might be complicated. With a high-quality portable charger, you will enjoy the best experience while on holiday or tour.

Among numerous quality power bank brands, the following are some of the best to use in 2022;

1.   Charmast power bank

Charmast power bankCharmast power bank product is one of the best because of its portable size and effectiveness. An interview with a set of customers in Europe confirms that this gadget has an excellent design and delivers quality power within a short duration. If you want a high-quality power bank brand that can boost your mobile device for emergency purposes, consider Charmast. So far, the disadvantage of this device is the unavailability of USB cords that support the iPhone.

A resident of Australia, Benjamin Harry, expresses that he puts the 10,000mAh power bank in his pocket unnoticed and connects his mobile gadget whenever he has a flat battery. It has a single USB-C port as you only need a maximum of three hours before your phone charges up to 100%.

Likewise, it has an 18W Charge speed that simultaneously charges the phone and power bank with cords suited to your mobile gadget.

2.   iMuto Portable Power Bank

iMuto Portable Power BankAs a top quality power bank, it provides excellent value with single charging options. If you want a power delivery gadget with high energy and rapid charging, enjoy the iMuto brand. Some users prefer this product compared to other 20000mAh models because of its unique features. Likewise, this gadget is easy to use, with a refined shape that perfectly suits your pocket or bag.

There is an option for home delivery as the purchase price could be as low as $29.99, depending on the store. Among good quality power bank brands, this design is the most effective two-port 20000mAh. By making your demand on eBay or Amazon, you can enjoy a free delivery option to your location.

As a practical device, it enables you to know the amount of power remaining in the gadget to conserve energy for critical situations. Therefore, during use, If you notice a single remaining LED light, kindly save it for yourself till you have the opportunity to charge your device again.

A quality iMuto power bank brand has two outputs for a USB-C port with up to 18W charge for your phone within a short duration. However, users complain that the latest design is heavy, and they might experience difficulty using it simultaneously while performing other tasks. In addition, it weighs more than 200g and sometimes has a similar height to most phone models.

This apparent weight has forced users to hold or carry a bag during exercise or outings. iMuto manufacturers supply USB and minimal carry cases to enable you to enjoy their product irrespective of the task you are doing. Also, immediately after purchasing, make sure the battery charges to 100% before first-time use.

3.   JIGA versatile power bank

JIGA versatile power bank

It has 30,000mAh and is available in e-commerce stores. JIGA model has up to 6 output and input as three are for the USB port while two are for charging the device. Unlike other power banks, JIGA 30,000mAh has a small bulb that projects light when required.

It is available for as low as $32.95 and can charge iPhone and numerous android models. If you plan to go for a long trip soon and are unsure whether there is a light source in your intended destination, consider this capacity device as your mobile power output for the journey.

JIGA is a simply excellent power bank priced with LED flash, effective when required. Additionally, there is an option to charge multiple devices like headsets, iPods, etc., at once. Although this product is affordable, some users complained about the plasticky design.

A group of users has affirmed that JIGA USB-A has up to 10.5W power output, but the USB-C can not work on all devices. Its competitive edge over other models is its power delivery speed for multiple phones and durability, which remains effective after a long duration.


4.   Anker PowerCore power bank

Anker PowerCore power bankAccording to numerous customer reviews, Anker PowerCore is one of the best quality 20000mah power banks. It has a cord that enables fast charging of your device. In addition, its portable size makes it easy to use while performing other tasks. So if you want a fashionable and efficient power bank, consider buying an Anker PowerCore power bank soon.

The Anker PowerCore offers great value for money. However, a user expressed that despite the effectiveness of this product, it has a single USB opening for charging and another for recharging the device with four LED indications.

Anker products are respected in the market because the manufacturers have continued to meet customer’s demands. The power bank weighs about 345.5g with a pleasing shape that makes it easy to hold when required. Typical designs are black and deliver quick charging in a short time.

Its single port opening serves as USB-C input and output as there is an option for a power button that shows the remaining power capacity of the device. Some gadgets encompassing this product include a soft carry case and USB-C cable that charges your phone or tablet.

5.   Mophie 10000mAh Wireless Power Bank

Mophie 10000mAh Wireless Power BankMophie 10000mAh wireless power bank is among the top wireless power banks in the market. Interestingly, it is available for as low as $29.95 with an 18W charging capability that enables your phone to reach 100% within a short time.

Mophie wireless model has a dual USB-C port for input and output with another opening used for charging. However, some users complain about the inability of this gadget to boost their Apple watch or iPod.

The wireless feature makes it easy to use while going on a morning jog or training. There is an option of cable in case you are close to a power socket. With this Qi device, you can charge two phones successfully with no hassle.

6.   Veho Pebble Power Bank

Veho Pebble Power BankA simple high-quality power bank price that has satisfied customers across different geography. Available on Amazon for as low as $35.99 with delivery option depending on location. Likewise, it has double USB output with USB-C and MicroUSB as some users said its Qi features are relatively effective.

Unlike the previous 10000mAh device, Veho’s power bank is affordable and suited for classic individuals. Research has shown that this product has 10,400mAh with a double charging option. This reasonable quality power bank price is for people that want simultaneous charging of two devices.

7.   Tech Wireless Powerkit

Tech Wireless PowerkitThe Tech Wireless Powerkit is another simple, efficient, and fast-charging tech upgrade for gadgets as it has 5,000mAh and 5W. Most users use the product for charging earpieces, iPods, or small mobile devices.

When you buy a Tech Wireless Powerkit as a bundle, you enjoy a considerable discount from Amazon or eBay as it has three cables and a wireless charging pad. In addition, it is in a black casing which makes it easy to use during charging.

The wireless feature on this model makes it easy to charge and connect to a music device simultaneously. Note that the charging would be done with a cable while the connection is passive.


The top-quality power bank to purchase in 2022 should be able to charge your phone 2-3 times before it needs recharging. It should also have a high capacity that supports all of your devices. You might need one with an indicator light and button so that you know how much juice is left at any given time.

Also, note that the prices of each power bank may vary, so ensure you confirm before purchase. Finally, we hope you have learned valuable information from our blog post. Let’s have your view in the comment section below!