Westinghouse TV Reviews 2021 – Westinghouse 55” 120Hz 1080P LED HDTV

Westinghouse TV Reviews 2021 – Westinghouse 55” 120Hz 1080P LED HDTV

Westinghouse TV Reviews

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  • Impressive 120 Hz refresh rate
  • Fair Price
  • Good 1-year warranty
  • Impressive connectivity features


  • Poor speaker quality

There are many Westinghouse TV reviews on the internet, but they often tend to skip the Westinghouse 55″ 120Hz 1080P LED HDTV, maybe because its price or other reasons best known to them. Unlike most Westinghouse TV reviews you’d find online, we are going to scrutinize to a good extent the Westinghouse 55″ 120Hz 1080P LED HDTV in the subsequent paragraphs of this review.

Westinghouse Electronics has been at the forefront in the production LED HDTVs in recent years. Although not as popular as big brands such as Sony, LG, and Samsung, they gotten their fair share of successes in recent times. Westinghouse Electronics unveiled five models of HDTV not too long ago, and the Westinghouse 55″ 120Hz 1080P is one of those models. Most Westinghouse TV reviews love to compare the display specs of Westinghouse products with other top brands in the HDTV industry because of its impressive quality and features.

The Westinghouse 55″ 120Hz 1080 LED HDTV comes with a 54.6-inch panel, with 1920 by 1080 pixel resolution that renders at 120Hz in a 3200- 4000:1 contrast ratio, 16:9 aspect ratio, and two 8Watts speakers. The energy efficiency of the Westinghouse TV brands is often highlighted by most Westinghouse TV reviews online because of their Energy Star compliance. The Westinghouse 55-inch HDTV consumes 96.6 watts in Energy star mode, 0.5 watts in standby mode, and a maximum of 180Watts when not using any energy saving modes.


The connectivity options of the Westinghouse 55” 1080P LED HDTV are quite impressive as outlined by a few Westinghouse TV reviews online. In reality, they aren’t far from the truth as the Westinghouse comes packed with 4 HDMI ports that offer you a good range of flexibility other than watching TV. The connectivity options of this amazing LED HDTV makes it easy for users to connect their gaming consoles, personal computers and many other portable electronic gadgets to their HDTV.  The Westinghouse 55-inch HDTV also comes with USB ports that users can use to access the multimedia contents on their USB Sticks. Those with older computer systems without HDMI support aren’t left out in the connectivity options, as the Westinghouse 55” HDTV also features a VGA port.

Westinghouse TV Reviews Impressive 120 Hz refresh rate

Most Westinghouse TV reviews often talk about the impressive refresh rate of Westinghouse HDTV brands because such quality is hard to find amongst competing products in the same price range. The 120Hz refresh rate of the Westinghouse 55″ 1080P LED HDTV makes it perfectly optimized for occasional gaming and computer use.  The perfect combination of HDTV, 55-inch display, and 120 Hz refresh rate, makes The Westinghouse 55 inch LED HDTV a product to beat for the price it commands.

Fair Price

As highlighted in the concluding part of the preceding paragraph, the Westinghouse 55-inch LED HDTV is the product to beat for the price it commands. Most Westinghouse TV reviews online have praised Westinghouse Electronics for striking a good balance between price and product quality, and the price of the Westinghouse 55-inch LED HDTV is no exception. If you want good bang for your bucks, then you should consider pitching your tent with the Westinghouse Electronics’ LED HDTVs.

Westinghouse TV Reviews

Basic Features and Specs

  • 3D Adaptive comb filter
  • Contrast Ratio: 4000: 1
  • Inverse 3:2 Pull Down
  • Resolution 1920 X 1080
  • Sleep Timer
  • Energy Star
  • Parental Control
  • Dynamic Contrast Ratio: 100,000: 1
  • 1 D-Sub (VGA)
  • 4 HDMI Input
  • 1 Headphone Output
  • Built-in ATSC/NTSC and QAM
  • 3D Noise Reduction
  • 1 Composite Antenna
  • 1 F Antenna
  • 1 Output SPDIF Digital Audio (Coaxial)
  • De-Interlacing
  • Full function Remote Control
  • 2 Input Audio In ( Dual RCA)


The best selling points of the Westinghouse 55″ LED HDTV include the connectivity, impressive refresh rates, and price tag. It also comes with a good 1-year warranty, which is a bit fair and acceptable going by industry standards. You’d also get a 30-day free technical support from the date of purchase, which is helpful in mitigating the challenges you might encounter during the initial period of installation.


Although we aren’t expecting world class, high-end performance from a moderately priced HDTV, we were a bit disappointed with the speaker quality. However, such challenges can easily be surmounted by using a good external sound system. Picture quality isn’t entirely too great, especially when looking at it from the high-end perspective, but then considering the price it commands, it’s perfect.

The Verdict

Unlike most Westinghouse TV reviews, we have taken considerable efforts to cover the basic features and functionalities of the Westinghouse 55” 1080 LED HDTV. However, you must understand that this is a budget TV, and you must fair with your expectations about it. If you have a limited budget, and you like widescreen HDTVs with basic functionalities, then the Westinghouse 55-inch LED HDTV is your best bet.