Westinghouse 40 Inch TV – The Westinghouse UW40T2BW Review 2021

Westinghouse 40 Inch TV – The Westinghouse UW40T2BW Review 2021

Westinghouse 40 Inch TV

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  • Good audio output
  • 120Hz refresh rate technology
  • Affordable and competitive pricing
  • Impressive viewing angles
  • Good design and finishing


  • Poor positioning of the two HDMI port
  • Low contrast ratio
  • Weak color accuracy

The Westinghouse UW40T2BW comes with amazing features and an ultra-modern design that is attractive and pleasing to the eye. This Westinghouse 40 Inch TV features a LED-Backlit HDTV display that’s is optimized or primed to handle fast-moving video and deliver excellent pictures. It may not be as efficient as products from the big, well-known brands, but it offers immense value for the price it commands. Technology has made it easy for manufacturers to reduce the cost of the producing, LED HDTV. Nowadays, manufacturers produce LED HDTVs at a far cheaper cost than what was obtainable in the past. This development is one of the reasons people with limited budgets go for products like the Westinghouse 40 Inch TV.


One of the best selling points of the Westinghouse 40 Inch TV (UW40T2BW) is its design. This HDTV comes with a simple, classy design that oozes ostentation, but then it’s only a budget TV. When a budget TV packs an amazing design for a fair price, then you can be sure you to get value for money. Unpacking this wonderful piece of ingenuity, you’ll see a thin frame (2.3 inches at the thickest side), nicely textured side and top bezels with a thick (0.75-inch) matte black upper frame. This Westinghouse 40 Inch TV weighs 27 pounds, which makes it easy to deploy as well as carry around. It also comes with a highly efficient 10-watts speakers that dish out impressive sounds, which is important when it comes to improving your overall viewing experience. The Westinghouse UW40T2BW comes with a rectangle; no-swivel stand as well as the standard four VESA mounting holes, which you can use to mount your HDTV on the wall.

Some of the buttons you’ll find on the  right side of the lower bezel include input, Channel, touch sensitive menu, volume and power buttons. This Westinghouse 40 Inch TV comes with a well-organized on-screen menu system that includes saturation, brightness, Color temperature, contrast and hue adjustments. The 40-inch Westinghouse LED HDTV (UW40T2BW) also features five preset picture modes (Game, Showroom, Sports, and custom), and awesome audio options. In addition to its standard audio options that include Bass, treble, and balance settings, the Westinghouse UW40T2BW LED HDTV comes with five amazing audio presets that include: Classical, Rock, Flat, Pop and custom) and a highly efficient 3D setting. The Surround effect of the speakers included in this Westinghouse 40 inch TV isn’t as effective as those found on high-end brands, but it’s certainly more than enough to satisfy the average user.

Westinghouse 40 Inch TV HDMI port

The connectivity options of the Westinghouse UW40T2BW LED HDTV are quite impressive as it features two HDMI ports that are located at the rear the HDTV’s cabinet. Although located at the back, the UW40T2BW HDMI port faces downward, making it difficult for you to access without bending the unit over. Also located at this position include an SPDIF audio jack as well as a USB port. It’s not all doom and gloom for the Westinghouse 40 inch TV with regards to the positioning of its ports also features right facing ports that include VGA and PC audio (analog) inputs, composite A/V, antenna/cable coaxial jack and stereo audio outputs.

Westinghouse 40 Inch TV rear ports

The UW40T2BW LED HDTV also comes with a 7-inch remote that contains 38 nicely arranged buttons.  This remote doesn’t come with a dedicated picture mode button, but it includes buttons that make it easy for you to toggle between the medium room, Bright Room, and Dark Room backlighting settings.

Westinghouse 40 Inch TV remote


The Westinghouse UW40T2BW HDTV didn’t perform badly in terms of performance. As a result of its 120Hz refresh technology, it provides stutter-free, smooth pictures when watching Blu-ray movies. The contrast ratio, which stands at 1,514: 1 isn’t too impressive especially when compared to those featured on similarly priced products. This Westinghouse 40 Inch TV comes with a respectable 0.07 cd/m2 black level that significantly helps to give the overall picture quality the much-needed boost.

The color accuracy of the UW40T2BW isn’t impressive, especially when analyzed in the CIE color comparison chart. The green, red and blue levels appear oversaturated. However, the heavy greens were the biggest culprits as it caused tinting in the highlights and skin tones. This HDTV also comes with an impressive wide viewing angle, despite the fact that it’s an LCD set. When viewing pictures or movies on the screen from the side, the pictures didn’t lose Luminance, and the colors remained mostly intact. However, the Reds appeared a bit lighter, especially when viewed from the extreme side angle. The power consumption of this Westinghouse 40 inch TV stands at 53 watts, which is the average for most 40-inch LED-backlit HDTV produced these days.


This Westinghouse 40 Inch TV (UW40T2BW) may not have all the whistles and bells of the big brands, but it certainly packs the punch necessary to floor or amaze the average user.  Although there are minor color accuracy issues here and there, with a little tweaking and tinkering, you could improve its color accuracy. If you have a limited budget, and you are looking for a widescreen 40 Inch pocket-friendly 1080P HDTV to improve the ambiance of your living space, then the Westinghouse UW40T2BW HDTV should be a top choice on your agenda.