Top 7 Apps, Gadgets and Gears For Hunting Enthusiasts

Top 7 Apps, Gadgets and Gears For Hunting Enthusiasts


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Hunting is as old mankind and generations have depended on it for food and sustenance. In the past, hunting was mostly done using crude weapons such as bows and arrows, spears, clubs, cudgels, poison darts and many more. The disadvantage of using such crude equipment such as these is that their quarries are put through so much pain through mortal wounds and suffer a great deal before death.

However, with the advent of technologies, wildlife are put down faster and more humanely. Although, there is an ongoing debate as to how much technology can be deployed to hunt down or take out games. Some are of the opinion that, technologies give an unfair advantage to the hunter and will remove the thrill of working to earn or bag a well-deserved kill. Despite all these debates going around, technologies, such as apps and gadgets, have made it easier for you locate and take out animals quickly and safely. Having mentioned the importance of deploying apps and gadgets, these are the top 7 apps, gadgets, and gears you can use to make your hunting endeavor easier and safer.

1.     Bite-Irritation Relief Device – BITE Helper

Bites are very common when hunting, and so many people react adversely to certain types of insect bites. The BITE helper utilizes cutting-edge, Thermo-Pulse technology which helps to dilute the irritant as well as increase the blood flow of the affected part of your body, which in turn helps you recover faster and set to bag your next kill. Its long-lasting battery ensures that you can hunt safely for hours, without concern about your about adverse reaction to bites, most especially that of mosquitoes. All what you need to get a relief from a bite is to apply the Bite-Irritation Relief Device for 45 seconds, and you are good to go.

2.   Perfect Recall – Hunting Journal Pro

hunting Journal Pro

Yes, most of us have that manual log that we use in keeping track of our hunting trips for us to hunt safely and stay organized. This app offers users a much more detailed method of recording and monitoring your hunting trips. This Amazing app gives exact times, locations, temperature and automatically contribute the information to previous or existing entries. This app also gives users the ability to use important keywords and phrases to pull old logs from files previously stored quickly. Sharing information with other hunting enthusiast is made easy. However, the choice of sharing information depends on the user.

3.   Premier Hunting and Exploration App – onX: Hunt


on X: HuntIf you are looking for some of the very finest hunting maps, then you have to consider using the onX: Hunt. This app offers dependable offline GPS support as well as complete mapping capabilities. Users of the onX: Hunt app are granted access to information from 12 types of mappings, some of which include – temperature, hydro, and satellite imaging app. The on X: Hunt can also be used in areas where there is little or no cellular reception. However, you’ll need to use the internet to download map when using it for the very first time. After downloading your map, you can access your important information whenever you want. Hunting enthusiast would find this app helpful because it provides a bird’s eye view of the entire hunting area. The ability of the GPS to work offline in tandem with the downloaded map is a lifesaver.


4.   The Ultimate Compass – Altimeter GPS Pro

Altimeter GPS Pro

In the time past, the compass has been used by explorers as well as sailors to navigate or find their direction when traveling from one location to another, either by land or by sea. However, modern GPS devices have relegated compass to the museums as relics. But if you are the type that loves the old school method of finding directions when hunting, then you have to consider acquiring the Altimeter GPS Pro. All information relating altitude, directions, wind directions and GPS location are provided by the Altimeter GPS Pro. If you are the night hunter that goes after big games, then you will find the Altimeter GPS Pro handy because it’s a mobile app unlike the traditional compass.

5.   The Sporting Scope

Sporting Scope 01

When you are looking to identify quarry at an extremely long distance, then you’ll need a binoculars or scope. However, a Sporting Scope takes magnifications to the next level, and it’s more effective than binoculars. Sporting scopes allow you track targets that are mobile and difficult to reach easily, allowing you to get a good estimate of range. Users can get a clear and upright image, even in low-light conditions or dense forests as the Sporting scope comes in a variety multi-coated lens. You can get between 40 to 60 times the magnifications when using a sporting scope than you’d get when using a regular binoculars or scope. The price range of sporting scopes hovers between $200 to $1000.

6.   The Hunter’s Wallet – Dango Tactical Wallets

Dango Tactical Wallets

Wallets are a handy piece of accessories that help everyone stay organized. They can be used to keep money, business cards and other important information safely and neatly. However, when you are talking about a tactical wallet, then you refer to a wallet will essential tools. The Dango Tactical Wallets comes packed with up to 13 different tools, some of which include a knife, saw and other important tools. You can also keep money and other important small documents in your wallet. If you happen to find yourself in the bush hunting, and you suddenly get lost for unexplained reasons, this tactical wallet will come in handy as the perfect survival tool.

7.   The UCO Portable Camping Grill

The UCO Portable Camping Grill

The grill is a perfect gear for hunters and lovers of game meat. If you intend to hunt for several days, which might require you to eat or preserve some of your game meat, then the UCO Portable Camping Grill is the perfect hunting gear for you. Its simple 9.1” X 10.2” appearance makes it easy for you to pack up quickly and easily in a 10.2” metal tube container. Cleaning this portable camping grill is made so easy, thanks to its unique coating.  This portable grill removes the hassles of carrying the traditional grill about, especially in a tricky environment like a dense forest. Your ability to quickly pack up or relocate is key if you are in an emergency.


Hunting should be very pleasurable especially if you are equipped with the right gadgets, apps and gear. You can quickly navigate through unknown terrains using the right tools and you won’t get lost. You would also have the ability to identify and take out game humanely at long distances, treat yourself easily especially when bitten by insects and eat or preserve your game meat as you’d like. Equipping yourself with the right hunting apps, gear and gadgets will no doubt make your hunting experience pleasurable and exciting.