The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Laptops to Buy in 2022

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Since there are various kinds of laptop options available in the market, you should know the desired spec that works best for you before you decide on the best buy laptops in 2022. Regardless of which operating system you have in mind, you might also have to consider other vital aspects than just the operating system.

Like the operating system, the features of the laptop are also important. For instance, you might prefer a unique screen quality to the regular screen that comes with most standard laptops, or you might even be looking out for the availability of port outlets to be sure that your devices can work perfectly with your laptop. We’ll be looking at all these in detail in this article, and most importantly, we’ll guide you on the best buy laptops in 2022.

Choosing Your Preferred Operating System (OS)
Your first concern before purchasing a laptop should be the operating system. In this area, there’s no doubt that the major contenders in the market have been Windows OS from Microsoft and Mac OS from Apple.

However, we have seen the emergence of the Chrome OS from Google, and this OS option can serve as a suitable alternative for your laptop. Despite the presence of similar hardware for these various operating systems, they are very different, and their differences bring about their uniqueness.

Windows OS

The windows operating system is a diverse operating system option for your laptop. Various PC manufacturers install this product, and they have multiple models, quality, and branding. The efficiency of your operating system will depend on the model you choose to go for. However, there are speculations that the faster windows models will best Macs for high-efficiency delivery.



There are a variety of options when it comes to Windows PCs. Some typical windows laptops are common everywhere; even their touchscreen versions hardly fall into the high-end category of laptops.
However, this is never the same with Apple’s MacBook. We can’t dispute that Windows laptops are produced in fascinating designs and sizes. Some are foldable and can perform the dual functions of a tablet and a laptop. On the other hand, Apple specifically provides dual function capabilities for only the iPad Pro category.

There’s no such thing as dual function with their MacBook. Windows software is more accessible than Mac software. Windows PCs are more capable of gaming and business programs, and their software updates are more frequent than that of Apple’s Mac OS. You have lots of options to choose from the various PC manufacturers such as Dell, Hp, Lenovo, and so on. However, on the other hand, Apple is limited when it comes to assorted options.


The Apple brand makes specific products, and they follow a certain standard, unlike the Chrome and Windows OS, whose various manufacturers create various products with their unique specifications. Mac OS is a stable operating system with Apple’s support system backing.

Mac has top-quality products than Windows due to their top-notch designs, and that is why they are much more expensive than their rivals. Their hardware is efficient; however, the quality of their chips pales in comparison to that of the Windows. There are also limitations when it comes to the upgrading of components.

So once you buy an Apple device, the spec remains the same till the end time. Some of the common software you can find on the Mac OS is mostly standard media editing and office software. So you can see why art specialists and designers often opt for Mac OS.

Chrome OS
The Chrome operating system is different from the Mac OS and the Windows OS. They are mainly compatible with web applications, and they are excellent alternatives in terms of affordability. The Chrome OS powers chrome book.

One interesting fact about the best buy chromebook is that it is more affordable than Windows and Mac OS devices. Their hardware standard is not as high as its counterparts; however, it is ideal for students and anyone who needs a device for surfing the internet. Although its library is not diverse, the Chrome OS is still waxing strong and competing with its counterparts.

The Variety of Laptops
There are varieties of laptops in the market today. When you want to purchase one, you should be sure of the purpose you intend to use it for. The following are some of the common categories of laptops available in the market and some of the ideal choices for each category.

Affordable Laptops for Beginners (Under $600)
There’s no doubt that laptops are pretty expensive on the market. Therefore not everyone can afford a high-end laptop that is over $1000. It is why laptop manufacturers have come up with cheap laptops for sale. These budget laptops are primarily for people who don’t do anything serious with laptops besides surfing the internet. They are light and durable; however, don’t expect a high RAM capability for this device or top-notch graphics. Therefore, their performance rate will not be as exceptional as the other top laptop categories. A good example of devices that excel most in this category of laptops is the Chromebooks.

Standard Laptops (Over $600)
It is the common standard laptop category. They are high-quality laptops, unlike the budget laptop mentioned earlier. The hardware is excellent, and the software is efficient in all aspects. The standard laptop category is often the category with the highest laptop options available in the market. You’ll find great designs, excellent processing speed, and high graphics in this category.

High-end Laptops (Over $1500)
This category contains the highest quality laptops you’ll ever find in the market. Everything in the standard laptop category is upgraded to a higher level—better batteries, Faster processing speed, and more sophisticated hardware, not to mention a high-resolution screen display.

Although these laptops are high-end, you’re guaranteed to get top value for your money when you have one of these in your possessions. Game lovers can choose a laptop of 15 inches in this category since it has a 6 core processor and a special graphic card. Some good laptops you can get in this category are the Razor Blade from Windows and the MacBook Air from Apple.

Dual Purpose Laptops
It is a category that contains dual-purpose laptops. These are laptops that can be used as regular laptops or tablets. This category’s two common designs are the detachable and convertible laptop designs.
The detachable options come with a removable keyboard, while the convertible options can be flipped into a laptop or a tablet, depending on the user’s choice. You might also want to consider the fact that these laptops may be expensive, but it all depends on the purpose why you need the laptop.

Portable Laptops (Ultrabook)

When the term Ultrabook is mentioned, it simply means a portable laptop that is easy to carry about. They are capable of lasting long and their intel core processes efficiently. Since it’s a standard Laptop, it is popularly known as Ultrabook due to its lightweight features and the fact that it uses SSD.

Business Laptops
This kind of Laptop comes with Lots of features for the user. They possess excellent battery life and exceptional durability. However, they are costly, and that’s one of the major drawbacks. On the other hand, their screens are slightly bigger than the standard laptop, and their color precision is excellent, so it is an ideal option for photographers and creators of content. Another essential feature of this laptop is the higher security features.
Biometrics are available to ensure that your laptop content’s security is guaranteed. If you’re looking for a great option that suits this category, you might want to consider the Lenovo ThinkPad as an example of a business laptop.

Game Laptops
One essential characteristic of the best gaming laptop to buy for 2022 is a high-speed processor that should ensure that the game progresses smoothly. When it comes to the current game types available in the market today, you’ll know that it’ll take the likes of a laptop with high processing speed and a higher RAM to allow top Games like “God of War” and “Mortal Kombat” to run smoothly on your laptop. On the other hand, if you’re using a laptop with far fewer capabilities, expect it to crash while even attempting to play up to 10 minutes of game time.

Gaming laptops are heavyweight laptops explicitly built for gaming. They contain hardware that is built specifically for desktops. Gaming is a power-consuming activity, so you can rest assured that this laptop category is built with an excellent battery life that will suit your gaming needs. The Area 51m is a perfect example of the best gaming laptop to buy for 2022 from Alienware. It comes with a rigid frame and special hardware to ensure you get the best gaming experience.

Final Thoughts
Laptops are essential devices that can be used in all industries to carry out digital and virtual activities. However, laptops vary a lot, and you might want to consider the reason why you’re purchasing one to be able to know the exact spec that suits your field of expertise.

If you’re a business entrepreneur, you might want to consider getting a laptop that falls into the business category. Whichever choice you choose to make, make sure that you go for an option that falls within your budget category and ensures that it has all it takes to carry out your daily online tasks. You can check each laptop category listed in this article and pick the best buy laptops that suits your preference.

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