Shopping for a Smartphone? – The Pros and Cons of iOS-Powered Smartphones

Shopping for a Smartphone? – The Pros and Cons of iOS-Powered Smartphones

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No doubt, iOS-powered smartphones are one of the best and most prestigious smartphones to own these days. Since its first introduction in 2007, these smartphones, produced by Apple, have grown by leaps and bounds and have become mainstay amongst the business and the social class.

The successes attained by the iPhone brand have primarily contributed to the substantial net profits posted by Apple over the years and will continue to remain that way until its rivals figure a way to usurp its leadership of the smartphone market.

The iPhone Followership

There is something that keeps and maintains the successes attained by any brand, and that is building an active followership of willing, enthusiastic and paying customers. That Apple has managed to secure using its iPhone range of customers. On the launch of any of its smartphone brand, you’d see many fans and customers jostling to be the first to own the latest iPhone smartphone irrespective of its prices.

They queue and form makeshift camps outside shopping malls to ensure they are one of the first to lay their hands on the latest iPhone gadget Apple has to offer. The iPhone 8 and iPhone X are currently the most recent smartphones from the stables of Apple taking the market by storm through its exceptional combination of state-of-art technology and styling.

Accessory prices are pricey

Mobile accessories enhance the effectiveness and functionality of smartphones, and the iPhone is no exception in this regard. To get the best of your lovely iPhone 8 and iPhone X, you’ll need some cool accessories such as the Selfie stick, wireless Bluetooth earbuds, iPhone cases, etc. However, as compared to Android smartphone accessories, iPhone accessories are quite a bit pricey, so you might just consider that when shopping for your next iPhone smartphone gadget. If you can shell out some good bucks to get iPhone X or iPhone 8, then the iPhone accessories prices shouldn’t be much of fuzz for a true iPhone fan.

Battery Life

iPhone battery

Battery life has been a significant bane and headache for most smartphone makers due to the power-hungry features they pack. Most smartphones struggle to handle basic operations throughout a day on a full charge, including iPhones and have been the focus of Smartphone manufacturers in recent times. The major challenge for iPhones is the sleek, compact design which has restricted the size of its battery as well as capacity. Many high-end Android smartphones can easily go through a day or more on full charge because their hardware designs are flexible enough to match their power needs, allowing for larger capacity batteries that have been optimized to handle extensive use and operation.


Looking at battery life performances of previous models such as the iPhone 7, especially when compared to the Samsung Galaxy S7, the LG G5 and the HTC 10, leaves a lot to be desired. Which, a United Kingdom organization, compared the performances of the iPhone 7 to the Samsung Galaxy S7 and HTC 10 and the results were quite staggering. While the Samsung Galaxy S7 and HTC 10 was able to go 24 hours and 31 hours on full charge respectively, the iPhone 7 did a miserly 12 hours which meant that users who need to be outside their homes for 12hours must to go along with their chargers to avoid running out of power. Despite the power challenge, the iPhone still remains a great smartphone and it’s left to be seen if their power problems are surmounted with the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X recent launch.

Availability of apps

iOS apps

When it comes to apps availability, iOS apps take the cake with its plethora of clean, crisps and fluid apps. Although android have a good cache of existing apps in their Playstore, most of these apps are bedeviled by freezes and lags, something that is virtually non-existent with iOS based apps.  If you want to get a feel of iOS app’s smoothness, check out Facebook paper and the Dark Sky.

The iPhones OS quality

This is one of the strongest selling points for the iPhone. The iOS is no doubt one of the very best smartphone operating systems. The iOS is updated more frequently than Android OS, which makes it safer and more efficient to operate than other mobile operating systems of its rivals.

Backups are comprehensive

iCloud backup

When it comes comprehensive backing up of data, the iCloud backup service is King! Unlike android’s partial backups with Google’s cloud services, the iCloud services is detailed and comprehensive, allowing you to carry out 100% backup of your iPhone, including its application data.

In conclusion, the iOS is a great mobile operating system. That can also be said about the Android OS, but then, these Mobile OS have features that fit the needs of different users. Some may prefer one over the other for specific reasons. The iOS has definitely come a long way since its introduction and will continue to improve and satisfy its teeming users for a long time to come.