Sanus Wall Mount: The Sanus Tilt Wall Mount (BLT2-B1) for 42″ to...

Sanus Wall Mount: The Sanus Tilt Wall Mount (BLT2-B1) for 42″ to 90″ Displays Mini Review

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The Sanus wall mount (BLT2-B1) comes with an expandable design that’s optimized to fit securely on walls Flat panel televisions ranging from 27″ to 90″. It features a durable powder-coated finish with Heavy-gauge, sturdy steel construction, allowing it to handle large flat panel TVs without much fuss. The Sanus wall mount (BLT2-B1) comes packed with two sets of mounting brackets for your flat panel TVs. One of the Sanus TV wall mount brackets is designed to tilt the position of your flat panel TV vertically, allowing you to adjust your viewing angles vertically with a slight push. The second Sanus TV wall mount bracket is optimized to mount your TV securely in a fixed position e.g. 1-9″/16″ from the wall.

Features of the Sanus Wall Mount

  • Powdered coated finish with heavy gauge steel construction
  • Comes with mounting hardware
  • Supports 280 lbs, giving it the unique ability to handle most flat panel TVs in the market
  • Low profile brackets which include tilting and fixed
  • Features an optional plate that gives it the capacity to accommodate a good range of TVs
  • Tilt range: +6°to -12°
  • Fits most flat-panel LCD and plasma TVs from 27” to 90” (200mm X 200mm, 200mm X 100mm, and 400mm X 100mm, and VESA 50, 75, 100 mounting standard)
  • Monitor brackets: 17 inches (Expandable up to 27-7/16”) X 1-11/16” H X 2-5/16’’
  • Wall plate: 27-1/8” W (expandable up to 42-3/8”) X 9-1/16”H X 7/8”D
  • Product warranty: 5 years

What’s in the Box?

  • Hex-nut
  • Hex-Key
  • Eight ¼” washers
  • Four spacers
  • Six Wall-mount anchors
  • Six 5/16” X 2-3/4” lag bolts
  • Four M4/M5 high-quality washers
  • Four M6/ M8 high-quality washers
  • Six 0.695 X 0.35 X 0.075 high-quality washer
  • Four M8 X 35mm screws
  • Four M8 X 20mm screws
  • Four M8 X 16mm screws
  • Four M6 x 35mm screws
  • Four M6 X 20mm screws
  • Four M6 X 12mm screws
  • Four M5 X 35 mm screws
  • Four M5 X 12 mm screws
  • Four M4 X 35 mm screws
  • Four M4 X 12 mm screws
  • 2 Latch extensions
  • 2 TV bracket extensions
  • 2 Low-profile TV brackets
  • Two vertical TV brackets
  • Expandable Wall bracket
  • Instructions


The Sanus TV wall mount (BLT2-B1) certainly punches above its weight in terms of pricing and quality. It’s very rugged and is built to handle most large flat panel TVs in the market. The Sanus TV mount certainly relieves you of the stress of installation, considering the fact that you do not have to frequent your favorite hardware store in other to get extra nuts/washers because it comes packed with all the tools and necessary equipment to allow for a seamless installation process.  Most importantly, it gives you the flexibility to choose the perfect TV angle to watch your favourite shows. The Sanus TV wall mount is optimized to improve your TV viewing experience by enabling you to watch your favorite programs at angles you love best.