The Sanus VLF525-B1 51” – 70” Full Motion Wall Mount Reviews

The Sanus VLF525-B1 51” – 70” Full Motion Wall Mount Reviews

sanus full motion wall mount

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If you are looking for a premium Full-motion wall mount that you can easily use to attach or mount your flat panel televisions securely to the wall of your living room or office, then the Sanus VLF525-B1 shouldn’t be off your shopping list. This premium TV wall mount offers viewers unsurpassed satisfaction as it allows them to watch their flat panel TVs at various angles without sacrificing picture quality. The Sanus full motion wall mount lets you extend, swivel, tilt and level your flat panel TV easily without the need for some fancy tool or equipment. This full motion wall mount can support TVs weighing up to 125 lbs, with screen sizes from 51-inches to 70-inches without much fuss

The assemblage of this TV wall mount is tool free, which very helpful if you need to install it quickly. It also helps you manage your TV cables effectively as well as help to keep them concealed, which adds so much elegance to your living room. The Sanus full motion wall mount lets you slide your TV easily from side-to-side, which is helpful when it comes to improving your viewing experience and relaxation.

Fine-tune your TV Placement

The beauty of most Sanus TV wall mounts is that they offer users lots of flexibility when it comes fine tuning or adjusting your TV’s screen position. This flexibility lets users watch their TV programs comfortably irrespective of their current siting positions. The arm assembly that comes with the Sanus VLF 525 full motion wall mount can be shifted slightly to either left or right, which is very useful especially in a situation where the wall studs aren’t properly centered. So with a little adjustment of the arm assembly, you can easily center your flat panel TV. The Sanus full motion TV wall mount’s hollow arm allows users to tread cables easily. This helps to keep the cables free from entanglement and out of sight.

Sanus full motion wall mount

A Secure design for mounting

Because most flat-panel TVs produced these days are often pricey, adequate measures should be put in place to safeguard them from accidental drops. Accidental drops normally occur when you mount flat panel TVs using cheaper, inferior wall mounts. Once you secure your brace to the wall, the arm nicely slides into position. You’ll hear an audible click once the safety lock closes and the arm is securely in place. The sliding tab locks to keep the arm securely attached. The plastic template, as well as the stud finder, helps to keep your mounting hardware well-spaced.

Basic features of the Sanus Full Motion Wall Mount (Sanus VLF525-B1)

  • In-arm wire channel hides cables without obstructing movement
  • Supports up to 125 lbs
  • Roll adjustment: +3° to -3°
  • Compatible with TVs 51″ – 70.”
  • Tilt range: +5°to – 15°(Depending on the size of TV)
  • Pivoting arm extends TV up to 25″ away from the wall
  • 30-7/8”W X 18-5/8” H X 3-5/8” D (up to 25” with arm extended)
  • Product Warranty: 10 years

sanus full motion wall mount

What’s in the Box?

  • Four 5/16” X 3- ½” Lag bolts
  • 4 Spacers
  • Four M6/M8 washers
  • Four M4/M5 washers
  • Four M8 X 35mm bolts
  • Four M6 X 35mm bolts
  • Four M5 X 30mm bolts
  • Four M4 X 30mm bolts
  • 2 Horizontal TV brackets
  • Vertical TV Bracket
  • Wall-plate
  • Arm assembly
  • 4 Anchors
  • Online Product Registration
  • Stud-finder/level
  • Wall-mount template
  • Instruction manual

The Verdict

The Sanus VLF525 full-motion TV wall mount is designed to help you securely mount flat panel TVs on your wall. Apart from the fact that the Sanus full motion TV wall mount helps to improve your viewing experience by allowing you to adjust your viewing angles in various ways, it also helps to keep your TV cables neatly arranged and concealed. Since it’s a full motion wall mount, users have the flexibility to adjust their TV screens in virtually all directions. It may seem a bit pricey, but it’s worth every penny in gold as it helps securely mount your pricey flat panel TVs on walls as well as improve your viewing experience.