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Manitoba CRS Score Calculator

Manitoba CRS Score Calculator

Manitoba CRS Score Calculator

Before diving into the points system, let’s first go over the basic eligibility criteria for Manitoba’s express entry program. To be eligible, you must:

Federal Express Entry Requirements

You must meet the eligibility requirements for the federal express entry program, which include factors such as skills, work experience, language ability, and education.

Express Entry Profile

You need to have a valid express entry profile number and job seeker validation code, which you get after creating an express entry profile and indicating your interest in Manitoba.

Work Experience

Applicants must have at least six months of recent experience in an occupation on Manitoba’s In-Demand Occupations list. This ensures that your skills are needed in Manitoba’s job market.

Language Proficiency

A minimum language proficiency of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 7 in all four language abilities (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) is required. This is to ensure you can effectively communicate in your workplace and community.

Educational Credential

Having completed a post-secondary education or training program of at least one year in length is necessary. This reflects the minimum level of education required to contribute to Manitoba’s economy.

Intent to Reside

You must have a genuine intention to live and work in Manitoba. This is typically assessed through your connections to the province and your plan to settle there.

Settlement Funds

Applicants should have sufficient settlement funds to support themselves and their dependents upon arrival in Manitoba. This demonstrates your financial readiness to establish your life in the province.

Proof of Adaptability

Being able to provide proof of adaptability, such as previous work or education in Manitoba, a close relative in Manitoba, or a friend in Manitoba who has known you for at least one year, is beneficial.

Keep in mind that meeting these eligibility criteria does not guarantee you a nomination from Manitoba’s provincial government. The final decision rests with the province and is based on the needs of their labor market and economy.

The Points System for Manitoba’s Express Entry Program

Now, let’s delve into the points system for Manitoba’s express entry program. This points system awards points based on several factors, including age, language proficiency, education, work experience, adaptability, and connections to Manitoba.

Age (maximum 100 points)

Age plays a significant role in your Manitoba CRS score. The younger you are, the more points you’ll receive. The points for age are awarded as follows:

Young Applicants

  • 18–24 years old: 75 points Young workers are highly sought after for their potential long-term contribution to the economy.

Early Career Professionals

  • 25-32 years old: 100 points Individuals in their prime working years are considered to have the perfect combination of youth and experience.

Mid-Career Professionals

  • 33-44 years old: 75 points applicants who have substantial work experience and are still in a productive age range.

Experienced Workers

  • 45-54 years old: 50 points – While older, these applicants still have valuable experience to contribute.

Senior Applicants

  • 55 years or older: 0 points – Applicants in this age range are less likely to receive points due to nearing retirement.

Language Proficiency (Maximum 150 points)

Language proficiency is another crucial factor in your Manitoba CRS score. To receive the maximum points, you must have a CLB level of 9 or higher in all four language abilities.

Superior Proficiency

  • CLB 9 or higher: 150 points – Reflects an excellent command of English or French and the ability to work in a professional capacity.

High Proficiency

  • CLB 8: 140 points – Indicates a very good proficiency in English or French, suitable for most forms of employment.

Moderate Proficiency

  • CLB 7: 130 points – Shows a good level of proficiency, with the ability to adapt to most job settings.

Basic Proficiency

  • CLB 6: 110 points – Suggests a developing proficiency that may meet the needs for some types of work.

Limited Proficiency

  • CLB 5: 100 points – Points decrease as the ability to communicate effectively in the workplace becomes more limited.

Minimal or No Proficiency

  • CLB 4 or lower: 0 points – Applicants with low proficiency may struggle to adapt and find employment.

Education (Maximum 125 points)

Your highest level of education completed will determine the number of points you receive in this category.

Doctorate or Master’s Degree

  • Master’s degree or higher: 125 points – Represents the highest level of education, with significant points awarded.

Dual Post-Secondary Programs

  • Two post-secondary programs of at least two years each: 115 points – Reflects a broad base of skills and knowledge.

Long-Term Post-Secondary Program

  • One post-secondary program of at least three years: 110 points – Shows a commitment to an in-depth education in a particular field.

Standard Post-Secondary Program

  • One post-secondary program of at least two years: 100 points – Indicates a solid foundation of post-secondary education.

Short Post-Secondary Program

  • One-year post-secondary program: 70 points – Represents the completion of a shorter, focused program of study.

Trade Certification

  • Trade certification: 70 points – Reflects specialized skills in trades that are often in demand.

No Post-Secondary Education

  • No post-secondary education: 0 points – Points are not awarded for lack of post-secondary education, emphasizing its importance.

Work Experience (Maximum 75 points)

Work experience is another essential factor in your Manitoba CRS score.

Extensive Experience

  • Five years or more: 75 points – Rewards those with a solid professional background and expertise.

Significant Experience

  • Four years: 70 points – Demonstrates a strong level of experience in a given field.

Established Experience

  • Three years: 60 points – Reflects a sufficient amount of time to develop professional skills.

Moderate Experience

  • Two years: 40 points – Indicates some professional experience, but not as much as longer tenures.

Limited Experience

  • One year: 20 points – Shows entry-level experience, which still holds value in the Manitoba job market.

No Experience

  • No work experience: 0 points – Lack of professional experience does not contribute points towards the Manitoba CRS score.

Adaptability (Maximum 100 points)

Adaptability refers to your potential to adapt to life in Manitoba, and it can be demonstrated in several ways.

Work Experience in Manitoba

  • Previous work experience in Manitoba: 50 points – Directly relevant to the local job market and economy.

Education in Manitoba

  • Previous education in Manitoba: 50 points – Indicates familiarity with the province’s educational and social environment.

Close Relative in Manitoba

  • Close relative in Manitoba: 200 points – Shows strong family ties that can help in settling and adapting.

Manitoba Invitation

  • Invitation to apply received from Manitoba: 200 points – Signifies that the province has recognized your potential contribution.

Manitoba Visit

  • Previous visit to Manitoba for at least five days: 25 points – Demonstrates firsthand experience with the province’s culture and lifestyle.

Manitoba Friend or Relative

  • Friend or distant relative in Manitoba: 25 points – Indicates a social network that can provide support.

Connections to Manitoba (Maximum 100 points)

Having connections to Manitoba can also boost your Manitoba CRS score.

Family Connections

  • Close relative in Manitoba: 200 points – Family connections are highly valuable and can greatly assist in the settlement process.

Provincial Nomination

  • Invitation to apply received from Manitoba: 200 points – A provincial nomination is a strong endorsement of your application.

Professional Connections

  • Previous work experience in Manitoba: 50 points – Professional ties in the province can lead to job opportunities.

Academic Connections

  • Previous education in Manitoba: 50 points – Educational ties demonstrate an ability to integrate into the local academic community.

Personal Exploration

  • Previous visit to Manitoba for at least five days: 25 points – Personal visits show initiative and interest in the province.

Social Network

  • Friend or distant relative in Manitoba: 25 points – A social network can provide emotional and practical support during the adaptation period.

Manitoba CRS Score Calculator

Now that you have a better understanding of the points system, you can use our Manitoba CRS score calculator to determine your score. Simply input your information in the calculator below, and we’ll do the math for you.


Your age is a critical factor in your potential to contribute to Manitoba’s workforce over the long term.

Language proficiency (CLB level)

Language proficiency in English or French is vital for effective communication in the workplace and society.

Education Credentials

Your highest level of education is an indicator of your skills and knowledge, making it a key factor in the points system.

Work Experience

The amount of relevant work experience you have can significantly influence your CRS score.

Adaptability Factors

Adaptability factors, such as connections to Manitoba, can enhance your ability to settle successfully in the province.

Manitoba Connections

Strong connections to the province can provide you with a better chance of integrating into the local community and job market.


We hope this article has shed some light on the Manitoba CRS score calculator and how to determine your eligibility for Manitoba’s express entry program. Keep in mind that your Manitoba CRS score is just one factor in the nomination process, and meeting the eligibility criteria does not guarantee a nomination. However, by understanding the points system and working towards improving your score, you’ll increase your chances of being nominated for permanent residency in Manitoba.