Google Tools – 5 Amazing Things You Don’t Know Google Can Do

Google Tools – 5 Amazing Things You Don’t Know Google Can Do

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The are many Google tools we can use to carry out our day-to-day and make life easier to manage. These tools can be applied to almost every aspect of human endeavor, and more tools are continually being added from time to time.

Google Inc. is the world’s number one search engine giant; in fact, it’s currently one of the largest multinational telecommunication companies in the world. Incorporated in 1998, Google Inc. is mostly seen as a search engine company that allows people search for information and services.

However, its services stretch beyond the confines of search query resolution to providing other internet-related services and products. This search engine giant is the brainchild of Larry Page and Sergey Brin, both of whom were Ph.D. student at Stanford University as at the time of its founding.

Today, many internet users have limited knowledge when it comes to effectively utilizing Google tools. Many see it as a search engine, nothing more. However, there are several cool, amazing things you can do with Google tools that can effectively help you to manage your daily activities and schedules. With that being said, these are 5 Amazing things you don’t know Google can do:

1  Splitting Bills and Tips

Google Tip Calculator




Yes, there are times when we hang out with your friends and buddies at bars and restaurants, and that awkward moment comes when we guys have to split bills, but then we can’t seem to get the calculations right. This situation may lead to some members of the group bearing more of the financial responsibility than others. You don’t have to worry anymore as Google has observed your frustrations and has included a tip calculator in its search engine to help split bills and tips equally among members of a group. The Tip Calculator is a Google tool that allows people split bills equally between themselves. All you need is to type in “Tip Calculator” in the search bar to activate the tip calculating functionality.

2.  Set timer









There are times you need to effectively time and keep track of certain activities to better performance or meet important deadlines. This situation means that all activities necessary for achieving your goals must be accurately timed and tracked. You aren’t always going to have a stopwatch or electronic timer around you, and that’s why Google has taken appropriate measures to include a timer tool in its search engine. Just input the time you want to track in the search bar, followed by the word “timer,” and you’ll activate the timer functionality, which is one of the best Google tools you can deploy.

3.  Calorie comparisons

Google Calorie Comparism





These days, we have lots of unhealthy, junk foods making the rounds in most fast foods restaurants and canteens. Obesity is wrecking havoc in the society, with many people going through extreme measures to look fit. You can use Google to make calorie comparisons between most food items on the menu before placing an order. This strategy is imperative for making good choices about the meals you about to ingest, thereby helping you keep tabs on your weight. The Calorie calculator is one of the best Google tools you can use to compare meals by putting a “Versus” between them e.g. Beans versus Rice.

4.  Translate Characters, Languages, and Symbols

Google Translate





Many people aren’t aware they can draw and interpret special characters using Google. Characters carry special meanings and information, and Google has a comprehensive information database on characters and symbols. Google has also bridged the language gap by introducing the translate tool, so an American can communicate with a Chinese in Chinese and vice versa.  Just type in “Google translate” in your Google search bar to see links to Google’s official translate page. This tool is actually on of the best Google tools you can use to communicate people around the world in languages they can understand.

5.  Find out weekly football features

Google EPL Features





Football is currently one the most popular sports in the world, with billions of fans scattered across the various continents of our planet. Europe is home to some the most successful, entertaining football leagues in the world, with the English and Spanish league, leading the pack respectively. You can get all football fixtures for the week by typing in the name of the league in the search bar and hitting the search button e.g. you can input the English Premier League into Google Search bar, and it will produce fixtures for that week and much more.


Google is more than just a search engine as many would paint it. It’s more of like a smart online engine that can be applied to virtually every facet of human endeavor. Its algorithms constantly being developed and updated each day by Google’s talented set of engineers, and I see it one day managing almost every aspect of our human existence.