Electric Saver 1200 Review – The Perfect Power Saving Gadget for Households...

Electric Saver 1200 Review – The Perfect Power Saving Gadget for Households and Offices

Electric saver 1200

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  • Helps in reducing energy demand
  • Protects your entire home from electrical surges
  • Extends the life of your home appliances with increase heat dissipation
  • Provides users up to 25% return on investment
  • Comes with a 5 year warranty on Drier Unit


  • Faulty installation can lead to increase in power consumption

The electric saver was created to help people bring down cost associated with excessive power consumption which has soared in recent times. Electricity is one of the greatest inventions of man and its role in every industrialized society cannot be overemphasized. It’s used to power computers and machines that help drive forward the growth of any nation’s economy.

Electricity is also needed to run our homes efficiently. It powers our home appliances and gadgets efficiently, thereby making our homes comfortable to live. The use of electricity comes with its attendant cost. It is one of the most expensive bills to maintain especially for companies as well as households. Most of the equipment used in our homes and businesses are quite energy inefficient, and they are the primary reason we spend so much money on power each month, making it expensive to enjoy power. Power bills can create a gaping hole in one’s pocket if not checked. You can easily incure debts if you aren’t prudent on how you manage your power consumption.

The older equipment in our homes and offices come with old motors that are extremely power-demanding, and that’s the more reason we need an intelligent, energy management system to help reduce our household’s excessive dependence on the power grid.

The AES KVAR Electric Saver 1200

the special electric equipment specially designed to help bring down the cost of power to its barest minimum is called “The Electric Saver 1200.” This power saving gadget, produced by KVAR, can shave 30% to 40% off your power bill. It is also able to conserve power by capturing and recycling electricity, which it then releases back to your motor.

Motors like our Air conditioners, heaters, and electric pumps are the primary reason we pay exorbitant electrical bills each month. They require lots of power to run smoothly and efficiently, but then their efficient operation also mean that you’d be forced to spend more on power. But the Electric Saver provides you with the unique ability to make these motors more power efficient without having to pay through your nose.

Application and Affordability

Utility companies have long been applying this technology to their grid. This technology helps them to conserve more energy and also to serve more customers. This technology application, however, translates to huge profits for utility companies at the expense of the uninformed customer.

The idea behind the development of the Electric Saver 1200 is to make electricity more affordable for residential homes and to also make it tough for utility companies rip you off. If utility companies can utilize this incredible piece of technology to conserve power and serve more customers, why can’t regular households do the same? The Electric Saver 1200 is affordable and is largely within the financial reach of every home.


For those concerned about safety, you don’t have to worry as this product has been subjected through the sternest of all safety tests and it has met the requirements of UL. Due to the sensitive nature of this product, there is no room for cutting corners, as the company behind it is subjected to random inspection each year.

The Kvar Electric saver 1200 comes with surge protection which helps to guard and protect your valuable electric gadgets and equipments against power surges. It’s very difficult and stressful fixing electric devices affected by power surges. Why go through all that stress of fixing your electric gadgets when you can kill two birds with a stone using the Kvar Electric Saver 1200. You can reduce your power consumption as well as protect your valuable electric gadgets and equipment using the Electric Saver 1200.


Having access to electricity is good, but the major issue is the substantial cost associated with its extensive use. You shouldn’t have to worry about the high cost of your electrical bills anymore, once you purchase and install the Electric Saver 1200. This power saving gadget will help you conserve power using its unique power recycling technology, which ultimately helps you reduce your household’s complete dependence on the power grid, helping you save enough bucks that can be utilized for other important household necessities.