Dragon Touch Tablet Review (Touch 7) – What You Need to Know

Dragon Touch Tablet Review (Touch 7) – What You Need to Know

Dragon Touch Tablet Review

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This dragon touch tablet review offers you a comprehensive guide on the features and specs of the dragon touch 7. If you’re looking for a portable, tablet PC that is affordable, simple and complete, then the dragon touch 7 tablet is just what you need. Running on Google Android 4.4 KitKat and weighing about 9.1 ounces, the dragon touch 7 tablet offers the speed and robustness necessary for a busy lifestyle. The dual camera, 8gb flash, HD 1024*600 multi-load screen, and google play ensures a potent combo of unlimited multimedia downloads and streaming. This tablet simply provides that rich, robust experience for the young and geeky. Although there are more recent Android OS such as Android 9 and 10, you can still execute most of your basic activities with Android KitKat. However, it’s advisable you upgrade to a more recent OS for better security and better access to recent apps.

My Rating


Audible speaker recharges extremely fast, very responsive, dual camera, access to apps downloads through Google play.


Tiny menus at the edge of the screen are hard to select; battery wastes fast when multitasking, Camera not up to quality.

My recommendation

Camera quality can improve if you adjust your camera settings. To preserve battery life, reduce the number of programs running simultaneously; if you have fat fingers, use a touch pen to select menus at the edge of the screen.

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Full dragon touch tablet review of the Touch 7 with Google Android 4.4 KitKat

This dragon touch 7 tablet, for its size, offers nothing less than a machine in a box. With the quad-core A33 processor ensuring that all programs are run almost 4 times faster than they would on a regular CPU, this tablet provides faster multi-tasking, clear content viewing, and a fantastic gaming experience. Here are some of the specs:

Dual camera

For endless selfies and party shots, you’ll find this tablet extremely useful. The dual camera feature is one of the key highlights of our dragon touch tablet review. You can use the rear camera to snap accurate shots while enjoying video chats with the front camera. It is an excellent option too if you want to upload instant photos on social networks. On the other hand, I think the image quality may not be too high, and although the camera settings can be adjusted, you may be left disappointed with the quality of images produced. I suggest you use some other gadget to take shots before uploading them to your dragon tablet.

Google play

A big advantage here for users. With this Dragon 7 tablet, you are just a click away from thousands of exciting apps and games. If what you want is a tablet that could be easily turned into a multi-media wallet or game box, then you can have just that with this dragon 7 tablet.

Battery life

This dragon touch tablet review wouldn’t be complete without scrutinizing and analyzing the  Touch 7 battery performance. Though the battery life isn’t as durable as you would expect from a travel tablet, it competes closely with other popular tablets like the Samsung tab 3 when other battery-wasters are turned off. This, coupled with the fact that it can be charged through portable batteries, makes it a great travel tablet choice.


This dragon tablet HD 1024*600 high resolution 7″ display makes reading, watching and gaming a valuable experience with crisp, sharp images and video quality you’ll fall in love with. The only red flag with the screen is its fragility. But this can be easily solved with the addition of a screen protector or tablet casing.

Ports and connections

Dragon Touch y88x 7

The wi-fi(802.11 a/b/g/n) which is built in also ensures that your connection is always readily available at the click of a button. There have been some issues about wi-fi connection cutting out, but a generous review confirmed that this dragon 7″ tablet gets a 4 bar connection through six walls in a room of about 2000 square-foot. For me, this is a strong indication of the usefulness of this dragon tablet for both online and offline interaction considering its limited size.


For this dragon tablet, your normal app or game can run at most 120mbs RAM, and sometimes for a lot less. So, you should expect all your traditional programs and apps to run extra quick on this gadget. Plus, the chrome browser can load as fast as lightning, and most of the games play excellently with good quality audio from a very limited internal speaker. This is one of the smart features that defines this tablet. The Zoodle kids pre-load offers an excellent learning opportunity for children through fun and interactive games and also provide parental control for tracking and selecting the right content for your kids. The Google PlayStore also brings a bounty of exciting multimedia content through downloads direct from your tablet.


Running on the latest quad-core A33 processor, the Dragon 7″ tablet ensures that speed is not affected even when multi-tasking. You can use the google android enabled voice search without hitches and also play games, download and play music without hampering the browsing speed. This dragon touch tablet review have given the dragon touch 7’s processor an impressive pass mark for its excellent performance and online ratings.

Battery life

As mentioned before, the durability of the battery is quite on the upside but, mostly dependent on how much multi-tasking the tablet is used for. Do you play music, download apps and chat at the same time? Then you may need to recharge every now and then. Another good option is to use and recharge at the same time. However, this may affect battery life negatively and will prevent mobility. Once you can use the tablet for what it is, there’ll be no problem about the battery durability.


The available 512 megabytes of RAM is certainly on the low side. So caution is needed before jumping on games that require a higher RAM. This means that your gaming experience may be limited on this tablet. But outside that, you’ll be fine with running other low-end games and standard apps.
The 8gb of internal memory is a good fit, supporting thousands of files and apps downloads from the Google play store. This ensures that you can have your favorite apps, games and files in your pocket when
traveling. The dragon touch 7″ tablet also supports external memory cards running up to 32gb, making sure that you don’t miss out on some exciting content when your internal memory is exhausted.

Final verdict

This dragon touch tablet review has touched on the key features of the dragon touch 7. A complete budget tablet for anyone. Your choice to purchase this dragon 7″ tablet will largely depend on your lifestyle. But the most important qualities of this gadget is its portability, the processor, and the Google play app. Also, if you’re not too techy and want something to start off with, this dragon touch 7″ will be perfect as most of the features are basic and easy to use.

The multi-touch screen also offers fast surfing and navigation around the content. I think the best use of this gadget should be as a portable, accessible complement of your other larger PCs. Maybe, for quick travel or for grabbing files to be used later on your other gadgets. Overall, I’ll give it a 4.5/5 rating mainly for its usability as a portable, robust utility for quick mobile access to files and apps.