A Smart Home Guide: 10 Best Apple HomeKit Devices

A Smart Home Guide: 10 Best Apple HomeKit Devices


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Suppose you’re new to Homekit, or you’ve just obtained your first HomeKit-enabled accessory. In that case, you’re in luck because you have invested in an intuitive, secure, and private device that works effortlessly with any Apple product and Mac.

Apple’s smartphone interface, HomeKit, makes a smart home as it controls various home accessories like thermostats, light bulbs, sensors, among others. This means that you can control your Wifi-connected devices with your iPhone or Siri. Today, HomeKit is becoming widely used in homes because of the convenience it offers.

In this article, we’ll be exploring the benefits of Apple HomeKit, the various devices that work with the HomeKit, and what to look out for when choosing a HomeKit gadget. Let’s get started!

The Benefits of using Apple HomeKit

From automation to voice commands and easy setup, Apple HomeKit devices offer many benefits. For example, you can automate your outdoor lights to come on at specific times within the day. Furthermore, you can set your bedroom touch screen to see who is at the door when the bell rings. With the voice commands, you can control many devices like turning off the lights and locking doors at a specific time.

The 10 Best Compatible HomeKit gadgets

We’ve compiled a list of the best Homekit compatible devices that would be a good fit for your home. Our list spans a video camera, garage door opener, light switch, sensor, sprinkler, or irrigation system. Here’s a review of each device.

1.   Aqara HomeKit Video Camera G2H

Aqara HomeKit Video Camera G2HAvailable on Android and iOS devices, the Aqara HomeKit Video Camera offers digital privacy while preventing hackers from stealing vital information. With its 140° ultra-wide-angle lens and 1080p high definition, you can capture all details, whether it’s day or night. The camera hub integrates seamlessly with aqara’s sensors and home automation devices for efficient performance. In addition, it features two-way audio, which enables you to make voice calls and view real-time video images.

2.   Refoss Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener

Refoss Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door OpenerThis garage door opener is compatible with Apple Watch, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Siri, among others. It features a remote control that enables you to control your garage door from anywhere at any time. Furthermore, it has many modes of notifications for safety alerts; hence your car and properties are secured at all times. You can set your garage door on “overtime close” or “fixed time close.” While the overtime close shuts the door automatically after being opened for a specific period, the fixed time close shuts the door automatically when the door is still open after a specific time.

3.   Eve Light Switch Apple HomeKit

Eve Light Switch Apple HomeKitTransform your bulb setup to an intelligent lighting system with this light switch. Enjoy the comfort of connected lighting without having to replace a bulb in your living space. When synced to your device, you can instruct Siri to control the lights in your home. Even if you’re on the move or on a trip, you can control your lighting from anywhere in the world. Based on your preference, you can set timers to turn on and off lights at given times. This switch can be connected to other accessories so they can work in unison. With just a command, you can turn on your lights and switch on your fan.

4.   Fibaro FGBHFS-101 Flood, Water & Temperature Sensor

Fibaro FGBHFS-101 Flood, Water & Temperature SensorIf you want to protect your home against water damage, the Fibaro Sensor will be an ideal choice. The device works alongside the Apple HomeKit to notify you of leaks by sending notifications to your iPhone. Fibaro Sensor is designed with a visual and sound alarm; thus, it works as a stand-alone device. Control your home directly from your phone by using an Apple HomeKit hub like an iPad or Apple TV. With the built-in alarm, you will act responsively and fast to handle the situation.

The voice commands allow you to monitor temperature and check the status of your water leak detector. Fibaro Sensor can also be connected to a Home Kit enabled light bulb, which turns to a pre-set color when water leaks. If you’re still having second thoughts about this device, you might want to consider its easy installation. Place the sensor under the sink or close to the pipes, connect it to Apple Home App, and your device is all up and running.


5.   Meross Smart Outdoor Plug

Meross Smart Outdoor PlugNext on our list of Apple homekit compatible devices is the Meross Smart Outdoor Plug, which is best suited for outdoor use. This plug comes with 2 individual AC sockets which can be set to turn on and off by themselves. The remote and voice control allows you to manage your smart device from anywhere, whether you’re at work or on a trip. Its weatherproof design and socket cover make Meross Smart Outdoor Plug suitable for gardens, washing machines, and other electrical appliances.

6.   VOCOlinc Apple HomeKit

VOCOlinc Apple HomeKitAutomate your home by opening the door to activate other HomeKit-enabled products with your Apple Watch or Apple Home App on your phone. You can set your home to illuminate once you step in. Automate your light to brighten your space when your little one enters a room that contains harmful objects. In some cases, VOCOlinc Apple HomeKit doubles as an Apple home security device. Depending on your preference, you can automate your home in various ways. For example, you can set your smart lights to turn blue on after shutting the door for movie night. Schedule your device to turn on the air diffuser when the blinds are closed. You can adjust this setting to specific hours in the day. The device is easy to set up. Just attach it to your door or window and create automation.

7.   Reagle Smart Lock

Reagle Smart LockReplace your deadlocks and keys with Reagle Smart Lock. Control entry and exit by connecting the device to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Say goodbye to inconvenience as you won’t have to carry clunky keys or rummage through your bags to get the keys to your home. With Reagle Smart Lock, you won’t have to worry about losing your keys. Just input codes on the illuminated keypad and gain access to your space. The HomeKit enabled device sends push notifications to your phone to inform you about your lock’s low batteries. If you prioritize convenience and peace of mind, then this is a must-have.

8.   Eve Aqua Smart Water Controller for Sprinkler or Irrigation System

ve Aqua Smart Water Controller for Sprinkler or Irrigation SystemAnother Apple smart home device that you should consider is Eve Aqua Sprinkler or Irrigation System. If you’re a garden lover, this is a good choice. With this device, you can seamlessly automate watering your garden even when you’re out of town. You don’t have to monitor the water meter or flood your garden again. The Sprinkler System features an auto on and off function, which enables you to set watering time. It has 7 watering periods. Thus, you can set the device to your most preferred time. Perhaps the weather is wetter than expected; you can pause watering till a later time.

9.   Sensibo Smart Air Conditioner

Sensibo Smart Air ConditionerControl your air conditioner from your smartphone and create a conducive area for yourself and your loved ones with Sensibo Air. Transform your regular AC into a smart cooling system. You can use the free mobile app to set up your air conditioner within 60 seconds, requiring no professional help. If you’re looking for the best cooling system to control the humidity and temperature of your living space, Sensibo Air Conditioner is your best bet!

10.   Brilliant Smart Home Control

Brilliant Smart Home ControlBrilliant Smart Home Control caps our list of the best HomeKit devices. With touchscreen panels, you can control various devices such as thermostats, lighting, cameras, etc. If you’re a pet owner, you’ll love the Brilliant Smart Home Control. Using the live video feature on your built-in camera, you can check on your pets when you’re at work. Be your DJ by connecting this Smart Home Control with your Sonos speakers. From answering the door to doing a video chat, broadcast announcements, and displaying artwork, there’s a lot you can do with this smart device.

How to choose the best HomeKit device

It can be quite challenging to pick the ideal HomeKit device for your home. Nevertheless, with the right features, your search for the best device is made a lot easier. Below are some features to look out for before making a purchasing decision.

Design: Does the product design fit your home setup? Consider this before choosing any HomeKit gadget. Don’t forget the importance of this device. Guess you want convenience. Choose the right option that suits your home.

Functionality: What features does the device possess? Does it have an auto-on and off button for easy use? Check the features of each device before opting for it.

Price: Consider the cost of your most preferred device. Don’t be misled by the low price. Cheap products do not usually offer the best quality. So in a bid to save cost, don’t choose a low-quality device.


From a light switch to a garage door opener and smart lock, there are various HomeKit gadgets you can install in your home. Which HomeKit device are you choosing? Do you have questions about these smart home devices? Let us know in the comments box.