9 Amazing Gadgets and Tech Gifts for Kids to Keep Them Wowed!

9 Amazing Gadgets and Tech Gifts for Kids to Keep Them Wowed!

Petoi Bittle – A Portable STEM Robot Dog

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Kids love to play with toys a lot and always crave to have the latest gadgets and tech that they can show off to their friends. I remember how I was fascinated by gadgets and tech as a kid and would convince my parents to get me the latest RC toy cars then. The RC cars we had then were connected to our remote controls through wires. These days, almost every RC car operates wirelessly. We even had an RC helicopter then but that was just it. These days, technology has made the creation of gadgets and tech much easier, with an unbelievable number of amazing features and capabilities.

This article aims to give you the very best gadget and tech gift ideas for kids. These amazing gadgets can serve as gift ideas for your kid’s upcoming birthday celebration, school graduation, and other important events in their lives. Having stated the obvious, these are the 9 best gadgets and tech gifts for kids.

1.   Powerup Smartphone Controlled Paper Air Plane (RC)

Powerup Smartphone Controlled Paper Air PlaneThis gadget is one of the very best and most innovative gadgets I have seen designed for kids. We all played with paper airplanes growing up but I could not imagine in my wildest dreams that a motor and circuit could be attached to paper planes. Well, this gadget package comes with a motor as well as a circuit that lets you attach it to a paper plane and control it with your smartphone. This gadget helps you convert your everyday paper plane into an RC airplane. It comes with a Wind stabilizer that lets you fly it in windy conditions and is also capable of operating on autopilot, thanks to its onboard computer circuit.

Main features

  • Gyro Accelerometer
  • Autopilot
  • Flight Telemetry
  • Smartphone Controlled
  • Night lights

2.   Clicbot Educational Robot Kit

Clicbot Educational Robot KitHave you been looking for gadgets and toys that help to educate kids, especially in science and tech? Then you might want to give the Clicbot educational robot kit a shot. This smart, innovative, and futuristic-looking toy robot was specifically created for kids’ Educational /STEM purposes. It comes with a modular design that lets your kids turn it into basically any shape they want like poles, cars, etc. They can even attach hands and legs and make it look like other types of robots. This toy gadget for kids is quite programable and supports the python coding language. The Clicbot comes with a decent battery life that lets kids continuously operate it for up to 2 hours.

Main Features

  • Battery powered
  • Innovative modular design
  • Attractive display
  • App controlled
  • Touch sensing and visual recognition
  • Gesture & sound detection

3.   Petoi Bittle – A Portable STEM Robot Dog

Petoi Bittle – A Portable STEM Robot DogMost kids love to own and play with pet dogs and run around with them. What if you don’t own a pet dog and decide to get a Robot dog instead? That wouldn’t be a bad idea if you ask me. The Petoi Bittle portable robot dog is not just a robot dog, it’s a STEM-capable educative gadget designed for kids. What makes this robot dog an exciting gift for kids is that it can perform the basic tricks that dogs do like rolling, walking, and other fun tricks. Surprisingly it can maneuver tough terrains and can memorize patterns and learn new skills. It’s great to get if you are looking for STEM-capable educative gadgets for kids, and can be used to research STEM projects.

Main features

  • Open Source
  • Easy to program
  • Smartphone Controlled
  • Carries up 450 cargo

4.   MetaFly – A Sophisticated Ornithopter

MetaFly – A Sophisticated OrnithopterYes, I know Ornithopters may sound strange to many, however, they are simply flying machines that flap their wings like a bird or fly during flight. The MetaFly looks just like a robot fly but it’s an Ornithopter that flies like your everyday drone. It’s highly maneuverable and can stay up to 8 minutes in the air with a full battery charge.

Although its 100-meter range isn’t all that impressive, it’s decent enough for kids that are learning to handle drones and other flying gadgets. It physically looks like a dragonfly and flies like one. If you are looking for a cool toy or gadget to boost your kid’s interest in aviation, this ornithopter might be your best bet.

Main Features

  • Range up to 100 meters
  • 8-minute flight time
  • Can be flown indoors
  • Crash proof
  • Comes with an 18km/h speed


5.   Go Cube

Go Cube

The Rubiks cube has been in existence for decades and is one of the bestselling toys in the world. As the gadget and tech world becomes increasingly sophisticated as the day goes by, the traditional Rubiks cube you know hasn’t been left out of the sweeping tech storm.

The Go Cube is a smart cube that can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It can track and monitor your kid’s activity using a host of advanced sensors. The Go Cube uses its contactless sensor to track the Cube’s state continuously. It also comes with a gyroscope and accelerometer that lets the cube track the 3D positions easily, helping to improve your kid’s overall experience in the game.

Main features

  • Smart Sensors that track 3D positions
  • A light indicator that provides status information
  • Comes with 3D sensors
  • Rechargeable battery with low power consumption technology
  • Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection

6.   Sphero Specdrums – Musical rings with Play pad

Sphero Specdrums – Musical rings with Play padSphero is a well-known brand when it comes to designing robots, toys, and gadgets for kids. The Sphero Specdrum is an innovative, exciting piece of music accessory that can be connected to smartphones. It’s worn like a ring and amazingly detects colors. Once you put it on, you will need to pair it with your smartphone and tap the ring on any colored surface. It will make different sounds once it comes in contact with different colors. It will make a great, exciting gadget for kids below 10 and teenagers.

Main features

  • Smartphone App
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Wireless rings
  • Play pad included

7.   Makeway Modular Magnetic Marble Run

Makeway Modular Magnetic Marble RunModular toy kits help to test the creativity and critical thinking ability of kids. The Makeaway modular magnetic marble lets kids create modular magnetic bits that can be attached to a car, wall, whiteboard, fridge, and many other surfaces. It comes with 100 modular pieces kids can use to create complex marble runs. These modular pieces include 20 marbles, 11 trick pieces, and 67 tracks. Unlike most other games that can easily bore kids with repetitive tasks, the Makeway Modular Magnetic Marble lets kids have incredible fun by letting them create as many puzzles and tracks as their imagination can handle.

Main Features

  • Can easily work on a magnetic surface
  • Perfect young kids and teenagers
  • 100 pieces for lots of combinations
  • Innovative engineering kids

8.   Robosen T9 – A Transformable Robot

Robosen T9 – A Transformable RobotWhen we think of the movie Transformers, we immediately remember seeing trucks that can easily transform their appearance into robots and vice versa. Kids love high-tech movie-inspired gadgets like the Robosen T9. When you first come in contact with this gadget, it looks like your regular toy military fighting vehicle. But then, with a simple touch of a button, it turns into a robot that can walk, bend and do other mind-blowing stuff.

Main features

  • Bipedal walking ability
  • Programmable
  • 22 servo motors
  • Decent backup battery (90 minutes)

9.   Sphero Mini: App-controlled Robot Ball

Sphero Mini App-controlled Robot BallSphero is known for creating educative gadgets and STEM toys for kids. The Sphero Mini is an amazing app-controlled robot ball can you can program the way you want. Using your smartphone, you can move this Sphero ball around, play exciting games and compete with other Sphero users. This smart robot can even be controlled using your face, which sounds unbelievable but it’s actually true. It comes with a Face drive feature that utilizes facial recognition technology to move the ball around. It also comes loaded with an accelerometer, gyroscope, and LED lights that can create a bunch of beautiful amazing colors. The Sphero Mini will make an exciting gadget or gift for kids.

Main Features

  • Easy to program
  • Can act as a controller
  • Capable of being controlled by a Smartphone
  • Comes equipped with Gyroscope, Accelerometer, and LEDs


We have in no way exhausted the plethora of gadgets and tech gift ideas for kids that exist on the market. They are too many to be listed in this article. However, we have listed the very best we came across and can guarantee that these amazing gadgets and toys will impress your kids and will make perfect gift items you can use to wow during important occasions and events.