7 Important Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

7 Important Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

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The world of business technology is becoming smarter each day, thanks to the increasing role played by our smartphones and other mobile digital devices. 

The major advantage going these mobile gadgets and digital devices, such as our smartphones, is the convenience and portability they afford users. A recent study organized by search engine giant, Google, shows that the bulk on daily internet searches comes from smartphones.

Searchengineland.com wrote an article on this development as far back as 2016. This mobile trend isn’t slowing down anytime soon, as more and more users are turning to their mobile devices and gadgets to manage their daily business and personal needs.

Many businesses are taking advantage of the recent surge in mobile search traffic to create more brand awareness as well as boost profitability. And that’s why lots of businesses are creating mobile apps to enhance user experience as well as provide them better opportunities to market their services.

1. To Improve and maintain customer loyalty 

One of the major challenges most businesses are facing in recent times is in the area of customer loyalty. It’s increasingly becoming more difficult to retain and maintain customers these days due to rising competition and availability of options. You need to create programs that would retain your customers as well as make them see you as the best in your line of business. Creating mobile apps for your business is the perfect strategy to bring your business closer to the door-steps of your customers.

You can use your mobile app to keep them up to speed on the latest development in your business or company. These apps enable you to push important notifications and information that will help to keep your business brand in the minds of your customers.

2. Improves brand awareness and visibility for your business  

With the growing surge of mobile internet users in recent times, it will be suicidal for business not to cater to the needs of their mobile users and customers. More and more people are spending countless hours each day on their smartphones. You need to take advantage of these mobile internet trends to make your business more noticeable as well as improve brand awareness. Creating a mobile app puts your business within reach of your customers, and it’s always there to remind them of the need to check up on your services.

3. When mobile site can’t provide a satisfactory user experience

Nowadays, websites are being designed to become more responsive as well as carter for the needs of mobile users. Google is now rewarding sites that are optimized to enhance mobile user experience as well as demoting sites that are mobile user unfriendly. One way to avoid Google’s SERP algorithms wrath is by developing a mobile app for your website that is user-friendly and easy to navigate. It helps to increase time on site as well as reduce the bounce rate, which will result in an overall improvement of the SERP as well as user experience.

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4. When competition is rife

No business likes competition, especially when the customer base is quite limited when compared to service the industry. But to customers, competition is great as it affords them several options as well as improvement in product availability. But as earlier stated, many companies are exploring various ways to extend their reach as well as improve brand awareness.

There are also several businesses that have failed to move along with the mobile trend, and as a result of their noncompliance, they are losing valuable leads to rivals. A mobile app gives your business an edge especially when competition is rife. It gives you an ability to put yours services within easy reach of your customers. This is something many other businesses have failed to do.

5. To better market your services

Creating a mobile app for your business will help you market your services better. A mobile app can help to list your services in an organized manner, provide customers information about your opening hours, closing hours, official address, listing prices and many more. It importance these days can’t be overemphasized. It’s either you innovate or die out. The choice is yours to make.   

Mobile apps have special popup feature as well as push notification functions that gives you the ability to provide up-to-speed information about latest developments as well as special offers going on. All these activities can boost sales, create awareness and better market your services easily and efficiently.

6. When most of your website’s traffic come from mobile

Most business experience increases in mobile traffic to their sites, however, only a handful are optimized to harness and convert this traffic. This observation is mostly true for businesses that primarily promote products that appeal to a youthful audience. A huge portion of mobile traffic comes young users with age ranging from 18 to 24.

When you have such mobile, tech-savvy, youthful audience, owning a mobile app is a must. Your business will convert mobile traffic better, using a mobile app, as compared to other traditional forms of mobile internet traffic management.

7. When you need to keep track of user engagement

A mobile app provides you a perfect opportunity to track and understand how users engage with your products and brand. You can get a peek into the browsing, spending, shopping patterns by tweaking the code of your mobile app during application development. You can set up analytics during development which will give you direct access to this information.

The information gotten from your mobile app analytics can be used to improve your user experience, create better marketing offers, as well as develop effective pricing strategies for your products.


As the internet world continues its trend towards mobile technological revolution, smartphones and other mobile gadgets are going to be the main instrument in closing the digital gap and boundaries that exist. Information is bound to flow more freely and seamlessly, thanks to our smartphones and gadgets.

Businesses can exploit and tap into this opportunity that has been exposed by this latest mobile technology development. They can only do that if they innovate and create mobile apps that can help them help them market and deliver their products and services efficiently.