7 Critical Tech Every Business and Organization Need

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Technology is the driving force behind every successful business or organization. It plays a major role in the way most companies and businesses carry out or manage their daily tasks and routines, and could be a deciding factor in whether businesses stay profitable and relevant in the present economy. Simple technology tools, systems, and programs help modern entrepreneurs and businessmen manage their businesses or startups effortlessly, making easier for them to multitask, cut unnecessary cost in manpower and stay productive on-the-go.

Technology continues to evolve from time to time. A particular technology that is relevant today may become obsolete tomorrow. That’s why businesses and organizations must continue to adapt to these changes so they won’t become irrelevant or pushed out of the industry by competing, technology-savvy enterprises. One important aspect of technology most businesses can’t do without is the internet. The internet is one of the greatest inventions of mankind and has become the bedrock and lifeline of all businesses. Having stated the obvious, here are 7 critical techs every business and organization need to remain relevant.

  1.    Cloud Computing

cloud computing

Cloud computing offer organizations the ability to store and retrieve important data online. This removes the need to invest in heavy, expensive IT equipment as valuable information can easily be stored and retrieved anywhere they are on the surface of the earth as long as there is internet presence. Many businesses now use the cloud computing model to cut cost and reduce overhead. This makes it easy for organizations to deliver quality service with amazing accuracy and speed, as well as tap into opportunities as they arise. Some notable examples of cloud computing are Dropbox and Gmail. These amazing cloud computing programs are available on a wide range of devices and offer an incredible way for business to manage their data.

  1. IT Support

IT support

Every business needs an IT support department or individual who specializes in ensuring businesses continue to operate with little or no technical hitches. Businesses operating primarily online or virtually will need developers or techies to keep their businesses running. When businesses with online presence go offline even for a couple of minutes, losses will be incurred no matter how little. The losses in downtime could spell doom for startups struggling to stay afloat or even cost their listing in popular search engines such as Google.

  1. Automation

Business automation

Many businesses carry out repetitive task on a daily or consistent basis. In such businesses, implementing a well-designed automation system could help in keeping cost low and saving valuable time that can be channeled into more productive activities. Businesses don’t need to hire, for example, a payroll officer these days since their activities can easily be replaced by systems and programs designed automate the processes and records seamlessly. Here, the cost that would have been paid to a payroll officer can be channeled to other important segments of the business.

  1. Specialist software

Specialist software

Specialist software are simply programs designed to meet the peculiar needs of businesses or organizations. Many small businesses deploy these specialist software programs such as QuickBooks, Peachtree, Sage programs to manage and track their daily expenses, inventory, and records. And like the automation programs, many of these specialist software can be automated or integrated with automation systems to help manage businesses effectively, thereby helping to save cost and allocated spare time to other profitable ventures.


  1. Smartphone Apps

Smartphone Apps

Smartphones are one vital tech modern businesses and organizations can’t afford to do without. Apart from their traditional features allowing businesses to keep in touch with prospective clients and customers, Smartphones can be used to manage and track many businesses on-the-go using applications. There are applications that can provide real-time access to an organization’s records; enabling businesses managers to make quick, vital decisions on-the-go that could see organizations take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

  1. Video Conferencing

Video conferencing

This technology has definitely revolutionalized the way modern businesses and organizations conduct their meetings and conferences. Previously, business executives had to travel to designated centers to keep up with appointments and meetings. Appointments requiring certain trips eat up valuable time that could have been channeled to other productive activities. Video conferencing affords business executives the ability and flexibility to conduct their meetings and conferences remotely. This ensures that the executives can save valuable time and money in travels as well as return to their desk immediately after the conclusion of meetings or conferences.

  1. A decent Website

Responsive Website

This is tech’s cream of the crop for all modern businesses.  Websites give businesses the ability to create awareness about their brands and corporate values. Prospective clients can visit your website and get at a glance what your business or company is about and make decisions on whether to invest or patronize your company or not. Businesses need easy-to-navigate, fast, responsive websites that are easy to update. It is your company’s brand and identity and should be attractive and welcoming to first-time visitors. Adding a blog to a website will help to keep the contents updated as well as improve its presence on search engines. Efforts should be made to retain first-time visitors and then convert them into loyal, repeat customers.


Every business needs technology to stay productive and take advantage of opportunities as they arise. Technologies help to simplify everyday processes, reducing the cost and time needed to complete a given task. This important factor could make a major difference whether an organization goes aground or remains afloat in a business world where dog eats dog.

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