7 Best Smart Vacuum Cleaners To Buy in 2021

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Have you tried the vacuum with the latest AI software and sensor? Well, this writeup would enlighten you on the best smart vacuum that you can use at home or office irrespective of floor type without emptying your bank account. These devices have all it takes to keep your floor shining with no hassle.

Furthermore, the latest intelligent robotic cleaner has many sensors that make it easy to identify obstructions or items during operation. It also empties debris properly while you perform other tasks. So, instead of worrying about hiring a cleaner to help keep your home tidy, why don’t you purchase any of the best smart vacuum 2021?

iRobot i3+ vacuum

iRobot i3+ vacuumLooking for one of the best smart robot vacuum cleaners to buy before the year runs out, consider iRobot i3+ vacuum. Unlike other designs that are not selective with the kind of dirt they pick, this device captures mold, dust, pollen, etc., with no hassle. All it requires is to press the command as it does the cleaning and empty its debris.

Customer review shows that it contains Automatic Dirt Disposal that can work effectively for more than 60 days without a recharge. Dirt capturing ability is 99% as it includes a dual rubber brush with multi-surface, which are effective depending on your floor type.  This device is loved among vacuum users because it can get to every corner and navigate its way effectively when faced with obstruction.

Likewise, there is an option of voice command by using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. To further relieve your pressure, you can schedule cleaning sessions with this smart robot vacuum cleaner.

Samsung JetBot Vacuum

Samsung JetBot VacuumWith the Samsung JetBot vacuum, you don’t need to worry about your robot scratching your desk leg while working.  It encompasses sensors that identify a fragile object in its front to avoid collision during operation. Unlike other designs, it uses AI object recognition and a LiDAR sensor detector to track its movement and sense obstruction.

Likewise, you can connect your phone to the device for the option of an efficient cleaning route within the home. For those that prefer monitoring during cleaning, Samsung JetBot vacuum has an in-built camera to enable you to monitor the device irrespective of your location within the home.

As a versatile device, it has a large debris storage bag and can automatically empty dirt while you continue with your daily activities. Samsung JetBot vacuum is a simple definition of luxury with no limit.

Xiaomi Mi vacuum

Xiaomi Mi vacuumThis Xiaomi brand is an intelligent cleaning device with an LDS scan. The unique feature of the Xiaomi Mi vacuum is, it can scan the surrounding 360 wide within a short duration. Other automatic vacuum models might move in a unilateral direction to clean the surroundings, but this product scans its environment to identify spots with much dirt concentration before starting operation.

Likewise, it can absorb a vast range of dirt like dust, pollen, etc. You can control the device using the Mi Home app and schedule a cleaning routine. Xiaomi vacuum enables you to select the cleaning mode that suits your floor type as some clients express that they love this model because of its simplicity.

Roborock S7 vacuum

Roborock S7 vacuumIf you find it difficult to scrub away tricky stains from your floor, consider using the Roborock S7 as your best smart vacuum for hardwood floors. For carpet, rug, or tiles, this automated device has a cleaning mode to enable you to select the one that best suits your home. Clients love it because it automatically scrubs your floor more than 2,500 times per minute.

You don’t need to worry about children staining your new carpet or rug with Roborock vacuum as all it requires is to set the command button while it does the cleaning in your stead. Aside from scrubbing the muddy footprint or coffee stain, it uses an auto-lifting mop with HyperForce suction during cleaning. In addition, you can get an additional rubber brush to support the device’s effectiveness based on your preference.


DreamTech D9 vacuum

DreamTech D9 vacuumIf you are thinking of an automated vacuum with a flexible cleaning method, DreamTech D9 vacuum should be your option. With this device, you can create a virtual wall if you want to avoid vacuuming certain areas within your home.

Likewise, it contains an antibacterial mopping feature, thereby performing the simultaneous tasks of killing harmful microbes and keeping your home clean. With more than 3,000 Pa suction power,  it has an efficient filtration system for all floors as customers express that it provides enough pressure on carpet to eject dust during operation. Advanced LDS laser navigation and prompt cleaning mapping settings can filter as low as 0.3-micron level with its fluid air duct.

Proscenic M7 intelligent vacuum

Proscenic M7 intelligent vacuumSpend less effort cleaning your home with a Proscenic M7 as your best smart vacuum and mop. During operation, it can be increased to the full mode when it senses a carpet.  You don’t need to worry about removing tough stains or keeping your rug dry, as it has different cleaning modes to enable you to select the one that best suits your preference.

Proscenic intelligent vacuum can create a cleaning map route around your home as it also contains up to 24 sensors to help detect obstacles during operation. After one or two trials, the machine automatically learns your home’s routine as it performs cleaning duties based on the schedule. For any cleaning related to sweep or mop, try Proscenic M7 vacuum.

Neato D vacuum

Neato D vacuumIf you love pets or have allergies, consider the Neato D vacuum. This device can capture more than 99.3% allergens when keeping your home clean, as it is available in different models to enable you to select the one that suits your preference. The standard models are D8 and D10.

It’s safe for pets and contains a large dirt bin with an extra brush to cover an ample space within a short duration. A design like D8 has LaserSmart technology for improving effectiveness as D10 is the best for a high cleaning experience. Its LIDAR technology can easily capture minor dirt during cleans.  You can use your MyNeato app to set your cleaning schedule and monitor the device’s battery life as you perform other tasks. Choose Neato D vacuum as your best smart vacuum for pet hair today.

Buying guide to identifying the best vacuum

With just a simple click, intelligent vacuum cleaners can take care of your home. When going for a robot cleaner shopping, below are standard information you should consider before making your purchase;

Filter type

Most individuals ignore the filter type of the robot cleaner they plan to purchase. However, a device with an effective filter system like High-Efficiency Particulate Air(HEPA) can remove about 99.7% of dirt particles during the cleaning exercises. For individuals with health complications like Asthma, etc., try to get a device with an excellent filter feature.

Bin size

Models like iRobot i3+ vacuum have bin containers large enough to operate for more than 40 days. An effective smart vacuum will not put you through any stress of emptying waste as it is structured to dispose of debris properly as scheduled.

Sizes are usually measured in liters and could range from 0.25, 1 liter, or more. Devices with a small lier bin might not be efficient for ample space and may require you to clean the room manually. Always go for a high-capacity smart vacuum with a large bin size to clean your home.

Battery life

Aside from having long battery life, an efficient robot cleaner consumes less energy when charging. You can get any of the above-listed products today to enjoy better battery life and effectiveness.

The latest design has a dock, so when the battery reaches 50% or below, it automatically goes there to charge itself while you watch your favorite movie. Models like Samsung JetBot and  Neato D9 can operate for more than 4 hours non-stop. Similarly, you can monitor the battery life on your app.

Corner cleaning

Some robotic cleaners have a single operating system as it will require the user to change the route when performing its duties. Designs like Roborock and Xiaomi effectively keep the house clean and healthy with less stress required. They contain sensors that can sense obstruction as it changes routes for more effectiveness.

Routine cleaning

Do not worry about cleaning your home every day or week. You can always schedule the latest robotic cleaner and monitor its operations while performing other tasks or spending time with your family.

You can set the specific time, hour, or date on your app, and whether you are at home or not, the device automatically cleans the room in your stead. Likewise, you can monitor the exercise and set the cleaning mode you prefer.

Low Noise

Noise is another essential factor you should consider before buying a vacuum cleaner. I am sure you would not like any unnecessary sound in your home during the cleaning process. A lower decibel vacuum is appropriate for individuals that tolerate zero noise, and you can get one from our reviewed smart vacuum.


Getting the best vacuum cleaner is not an arduous task if you adhere to the guideline in this content. Note that some of these products are available at considerable prices with delivery options based on your location.

So, instead of worrying about cleaning your home periodically, get any of the gadgets above while you spend more time with your loved ones. Kindly drop your opinion in the comment box below about the best intelligent vacuum cleaner in 2021.

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