7 Best DSLR Camera Bags and Accessory Kits under $50

7 Best DSLR Camera Bags and Accessory Kits under $50

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DSLR Camera bags help to protect expensive camera gears from the harmful elements of nature as well as accidents. If you are looking a cheap, yet effective DSLR camera to protect your camera gadgets against accidental drops that can set you back by 100s if not thousands of dollars, then you’ll need to keep this list handy. Also, you also need a digital camera bag to house all those tiny pieces of camera accessories you might find handy when you least expect. That’s why it’s imperative to get your DSLR Camera bags and accessory kit if you are a professional photographer, traveler, or camera geek. These set of individuals normally subject their DSLR cameras to heavy wear and tear due to extensive usage.

7 Best DSLR Camera Bags and Kits

In other to help you protect your pricey camera and its supporting gear such as lenses and tools, we’ve found great DSLR camera bags that sell for under $50. You don’t have to burn a hole through your pockets in a bid to secure your expensive digital camera gear. That’s why we have taken the time to research and analyze these awesome DSLR camera bags and kits. Having said that, these are 7 DSLR camera bags and kits under $50 to purchase if you want to safeguard and protect your expensive camera gear.

1.   BESTEK Caden Waterproof Nylon BackPack

Best Nylon Backpack

The Bestek Nylon Backpack offer photographers lots of flexibility when it comes to packing digital camera gear. Photography is a technical job that requires lots of equipment. Carrying all these equipment during engagements can be a herculean task, and that’s why you need a good Camera nylon backpack that can effectively carry all those gadgets as well as their accessories. The good thing about the nylon backpack is that it’s light-weight and very durable, and can be used to transport your personal items efficiently.

Large capacity, Variety pockets, and Simple Structure

Taking a peep into the BESTEK Camera Nylon backpack reveals a camera liner that can accommodate a good range of lenses, cameras, and other accessories, and itself is lined with a protective fabric for enhanced protection. The foam padded, removable dividers allow you customize the way you want to hold your equipment.

The main compartment is well protected with high-quality fabric linings and has a lid at the top for extra protection for your pricey camera equipment. You can easily takeout the lid and use the bag for other purposes.

The main compartment’s front panel has zippered pockets, which you can easily use to hold extra gear. Looking at the exteriors of the BESTEK Nylon backpack, you’d see a flexible cord at the front and side straps which you can use to carry a tripod or an umbrella.


One of the impressive features in this gadget bag is its impressive high-density durable Nylon, which is all weather capable, waterproof, and easy to wash and clean.

Comfort on-the-go

This nylon camera backpack has well designed, padded shoulder straps optimized for efficient weight distribution. The thickened back pads provide air permeability.


  • Inner Size (L*W*H): 21*18*36cm
  • Whole Size (L*W*H): 25*21*41cm

Features of the Bestek Nylon Backpack

  • Adjustable cells optimized to accommodate your accessories
  • High-density durable nylon, all-weather cover, waterproof, easy to clean and wash
  • Flexible main compartment liner – able to hold an array of lenses, cameras, and           other accessories
  • Easy customization enabled by Foam-padded divider
  • Thickened mesh back pads allow for good air permeability

2.   Ohuhu DSLR Camera Bag

Ohuhu DSLR Camera Bag

The Ohuhu DSLR digital camera bag offers unsurpassed protection and housing to camera accessories of most professional and amateur photographers. This digital camera bag allows you to carry safely and securely digital cameras as well as essential accessories such as lenses, batteries, and other expensive camera hardware. The Ohuhu DSLR digital camera bag comes with a high-quality waterproof canvas material, which helps to provide enhanced protection to sensitive camera equipment and components.

Photographers are smart, sophisticated people who love to capture life’s best moments on camera. The nature of their business requires them to move about with their bulky DSLR cameras, as well as their accessories, which is by no means an easy feat. The photography business is a professional business, so they will need to appear smart and professional in physical appearance. One accessory they can’t afford to neglect is the Ohuhu DSLR digital camera bag. This camera bag comes with a removable interior design and logical organization that helps to photographers get easy access to their digital cameras as well as their accessories.

Standard Specifications

  • Package dimension: 13’’ X 6’’ X 7.8’’
  • Product dimension: 13’’ X 6.3’’ X 7.8
  • Material: Canvas
  • Product Weight: 2.71 lbs

Package includes

  • 1 x Camera case
  • 1 X Camera bag

Essential Features

  • High-grade shock-proof sponge case and waterproof canvas material
  • Well-designed multiple pockets, adjustable shoulder strap and good product                 dimension (13’’ X 6’’ X 7.8’’)
  • Good holding capacity that can accommodate 1 DSLR camera and flash unit or up         to 3 lenses
  • Fully padded camera case and removable interior design – allows this digital                camera bag to accommodate a dslr camera and its accessories, as well as provide          easy access to them

3.   Blue ELF DSLR Camera Bag

Blue Elf DSLR Camera Bag


The Blue Elf DSLR camera bag is a premium, high-quality gadget bag designed for professional photographers. This gadget bag comes with superior styling that incorporates one of the finest materials, making the Blue Elf DSLR camera bag one of the best dslr camera bags to acquire if you into serious photography business. This product is very fashionable, yet very durable and rugged.

Another significant advantage going for the Blue Elf camera bag is affordability, which isn’t common with most gadget bags in the photography industry. With this dslr camera bag, you don’t have to break an arm or a leg to appear smart and professional, which is one of the most important attributes of a modern photographer.

One important accessory a professional photographer can’t afford to do without is the camera bag. It gives them a sense of organization and helps to pack those bulky, camera accessories easily and efficiently.

Basic Features the Blue Elf DSLR Camera Bag

  • Comes with detachable should strap, rain cover and grab handle
  • Well protected by 13mm thick protective material
  • Provides easy access to camera, which is important for emergency photo shoots
  • Well designed, separate pockets for cable battery or lens cap storage


  • Interior dimension: 7.5” X 5.25” X 5”
  • Outer Size: 8” X 6” X 6”


4.   BESTEK Waterproof Dslr Camera Bag

Bestek Waterproof DSLR Camera Bag

The BESTEK Waterproof dslr camera bag comes equipped with high-grade, protective materials, designed to securely house and protect your SLR DSLR cameras, accessories, and other vital gadgets.  It’s designed in such a way that helps to organize your camera and its accessories in a special, well-crafted compartment that makes your cameras and gear easy to reach. The BESTEK waterproof DSLR camera bag comes with a protective, waterproof canvas design that makes this camera bag perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking, traveling, camping and other professional outings.

When you fully deploy the separate insert out, the waterproof DSLR camera bag becomes more spacious and roomy and can be used as a school or casual messenger bag.

Easily Customizable

Irrespective of the type of camera equipment you use, the BESTEK waterproof DSLR camera bag comes with an adjustable, removable interior, allowing you to house a DSLR Camera, three lenses, and other essential accessories securely.

Comes with side pockets and iPad tablet compartment

The iPad plays a significant role in modern day business activities and can be used to show conveniently potential clients previous jobs and projects executed. BESTEK recognized the role of tablets in modern day business and included in a compartment at the front of this camera bag that can be used to keep them securely. In addition to the tablet compartment, there are two side pockets you can use to carry smartphones and other essential accessories.


  • Good logical organization and quality materials ensure that your dslr camera is well       housed safely and securely
  • Comes with a well-organized compartment that can be used to store a dslr camera,       three lenses, tablets, chargers, flash and Smartphones
  • It allows you to easily reposition or remove dividers using the shockproof padded           camera insert, so as to accommodate other gear
  • This waterproof canvas camera bag comes with a cross-body or over the shoulder         strap and top flap, making it perfect for outings


  • Camera Insert Size: 12 X 5 X 7 inches
  • Outer-bag size: 15 X 7 X 11 inches

5.   Nikon Deluxe Dslr Camera Case

Nikon Delux DSLR Camera case

The Nikon Deluxe dslr camera case is designed to help professionals carry essential camera gear and equipment safely, especially when going for professional engagements. The Nikon Deluxe Dslr bag has a sophisticated design that confers on its user a professional image that is crucial in the photography business. This Dslr camera case incorporates durable, water-repellant, Ballistic Nylon in its design, which helps to provide adequate protection for your important camera gear. The Nikon Dslr camera case is perfect for storing dslr cameras, lenses, accessories and other essential equipment.

The frontal compartment can be used to store safely and transport your tablet computer. This gives you the ability to take along with you a portfolio of previous jobs and projects undertaken, which you can showcase to a prospective client. The Nikon Deluxe Dslr camera case is all weather capable, as it allows you to work even on rainy days because of it unique waterproof design. Note! This Dslr bag is refurbished, but it comes intact with all its original accessories and warranties.

What you’d find in this package                                                 

  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • Nikon Deluxe Digital Camera case

6.   Gopro Accessory Kit

Go Pro Accessory Kit

The GoPro kit is the perfect kit for lovers of high-speed photos. Most GoPro cameras require a full complement of accessories and kits to get the best out of them. The GoPro kit will be of much assistance to professional photographers involved in extreme sports events such as Car racing, skateboarding, sky diving, skiing and much more. The standard 1/4 -20 thread Cushioned NBR handle can fit most camcorders and compact cameras, and also help to reduce stress associated with extended filming.

This GoPro kit comes with non-slip rubber rail shoe mount (ABS impact-Absorbent plastic) for flashes, video light, or microphones, Max.

Package contents of the GoPro kit

  • Mini HDMI Cable
  • 32GB MicroSDHC High speed memory card with free adaptor
  • Opteka X-GRIP action stabilizing handle
  • Rapid AC/DC Battery Charger + Extended life 2000 MAH AHDT – 301 Battery               packs
  • USB 2.0 Card Reader
  • Floating wrist strap
  • Deluxe lens cleaning kit + LCD screen protector


  • Height: 4.75’’ (120mm)
  • Weight: 12.2 oz (345g) without devices
  • Dimension: 8.25” X 9.75” X 3.50” HxLxW ( 209mm X 247mm X 89mm)

7.   DGI MART Thumb Screw

DGI MART thumb screw

The DGI MART GoPro Screw is one the most important GoPro accessories you can’t afford to do without if you are into professional photography. Professional photographers require good tripod stands to ease the job and make it easier to capture the perfect shot, and the GoPro photographer is no exception.

The Digimart GoPro screw is mainly used for fixing GoPro to standard suction cups and tripods, and it consists of two long screws and a short screw.


  • 1 X Long Screw
  • 2 X Short Screws


  • Material: CNC Aluminum
  • Durable and super water-resistant
  • Compatible with camera models: GoPro HD Hero/ Hero 2/ Hero 3


These are some of the coolest, yet affordable camera bags and kits you can purchase if you have expensive DSLR cameras and accessories you need to protect. There is a mix of sling as well as shoulder bags to acquire. It all mainly depends on your personal preferences and requirements. DSLR camera bags will help you protect your expensive camera gear from the harmful elements of nature such as dust and rain. It also provides you a perfect means of transporting your camera gear and accessories during long trips and travels. If you are a professional photographer and you need something affordable to protect your camera gear, then this buying guide should be your daily companion.