6 Best Technologies That help Students Save More Money

6 Best Technologies That help Students Save More Money

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Education helps to enlighten and open our minds to a world of amazing possibilities. It makes us add value wherever we find ourselves and solve problems whenever they arise. Despite all the immense benefits education affords us, it doesn’t come cheap by any means. In fact, most college students apply for loans to study the courses of their dreams and build a career for themselves.

One thing common with most students and undergraduate alike is the problem of maintaining financial discipline. Most students find it incredibly difficult to save money, owing to youthful exuberance and other societal pressures.

There are lots of students who have, despite all the odds and pressures, maintained good financial discipline. Many students have paid off their student loans or large portions of their study loans even before graduation. They can achieve these incredible financial feats through hard work and imbibing a good saving habit.

Despite all the challenges most student faces with regards to maintaining good saving habits, many students have resorted to technology to help them manage their finances better. These students are seeing the gains of using technology to improve their finances as well as savings. If you have been itching to know the technologies that can help you save money as students, then you’ve got to keep your attention focused on the remaining part of this blog post.


chegg money saving appOne of the major money consuming bills students face is the money incurred on books and other reading materials. Books can be quite expensive to purchase, and it is one of the major expenses you must bear in order to fulfill your academic dreams. Thanks to Chegg, students can save a good chunk of money purchasing used books, downloading some of them for free, and even renting those ebooks they may need temporarily.

This app provides students the opportunity to get discounts of up to 90% on their favorite books, as well as access to affordable and used textbooks. You can easily access this app and the beautiful money-saving features it has to offer by downloading the app directly from their site.

The Find

the findThe find employs a highly sophisticated means of providing students money-saving opportunities with regards to acquiring products. It helps users, most notably students, to scan any product’s barcode to see if it’s the most affordable in a given area and location. The app will need your zip code as well as address so that it can narrow down its search area and help you get the best price for the products you are looking for.

This amazing app also has a feature that allows users looking for affordable items to see if there is any discount or coupons they can take advantage of. Apart from using this app on their websites, smartphone owners also have the opportunity to install the mobile app either on Android or iOS. This feature makes it easy for users to easily find what they are looking for and take advantage of the current discounts available.

Gas Buddy

Gas buddy appGas buddy, funny as the name may sound, is an essential app that lets users manage their gas expenses efficiently. This app uses its amazing technology to help users; most notably, students find cheap gas available at locations nearest to them. It also comes loaded with maps that you can use to find directions, especially if you looking for cheap gas. It’s also available on iOS as well as android devices.

Students who have cars will find this amazing app handy. Gas expenses can be really high, especially if you drive a lot as well as using fuel-inefficient cars. It will really tear a gaping hole through your pocket as well as ruin your little student budget if not managed properly. That’s why students who drive to school will find Gas Buddy valuable.

Grocery IQ

grocery IQ appThis is another money-saving technology students can use to improve their money-saving habits and culture. This app can be installed on both Android and IOS devices, which is great as most students are either on Android or iOS powered mobile devices.  This amazing app lets you find the best coupons available online and then allows you to download them to their mobile devices.

Most of the features listed on Grocery IQ are also available on the Find. The Grocery IQ app has a barcode scanning feature that lets you scan various products in a store, letting you know the ones that can be bought with coupons. You can then take advantage of the knowledge gained using the app to get the most affordable products using your coupons. The Grocery IQ is definitely among the best money saving apps students can use to save more funds.

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Turbo Tax

turbo tax appThis is a must-have app for any business entity looking for ways to cut down and reduce their tax burden. Students aren’t affected by taxes because they aren’t really considered working class. However, there are lots of benefits students can get by using an app just like Turbo Tax.

You can use this amazing app to check the deductions you will incur as a result of a new job. You can also use it to calculate your expected refunds as well as manage your tax payments. This app can be gotten for free; however, it’s pack with features that will help you save more as a student if harnessed effectively.


mint money saving appThe Mint app is packed with features that help users, most especially students, manage their finances effectively. It’s available on all platforms e.g. Desktop, mobile (iOS and Android), which means almost everyone can benefit from it. Once you have downloaded and install this app on your device, you are expected to input your financial detail e.g., Credit/debit cards, bank accounts, on your profile. With this information, the Mint app will help you track your weekly, monthly, and yearly spending as well as expenses.

With information about your financial spendings, you can plan better for the future as well as save funds for other important activities.


As stated in the second paragraph, most students struggle when it comes to maintaining good money-saving habits. Students don’t have to struggle with their finances if they deploy money-saving technologies and use them to their advantage. The above-listed apps are some of the best technologies students can use to save more money, as well as improve their finances. Students will only reap money-saving benefits if these technologies judiciously utilized.