5 Essential Tips for Extending the Duration of Your Mobile Internet...

5 Essential Tips for Extending the Duration of Your Mobile Internet Plans

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Mobile electronic gadgets are cool to own, but they virtually useless without good mobile internet plans and connections. These electronic gadgets come with a plethora of exciting apps and features that help to make our leisure time worthwhile.

Despite all these amazing benefits associated with using these portable gadgets, data subscription management has been a major bane for many users of mobile internet plans. Most people with limited data plans are becoming increasingly frustrated due how fast their internet data run out, most especially those who reside in countries or locations with poor internet infrastructure.

The data subscription bills can rack up if not well checked and managed. It’s even worse for people with fixed daily, weekly, monthly, data allowance- more often than not- they tend to use up their data allowance before the expiration of their subscription period.

However, there are certain things you can tweak here and there to lengthen the duration of your internet data subscription. Here are five important tips to follow:

How do I effectively extend the length of my mobile internet plans?

1.  Get the complete details about your mobile internet plans

For you to effectively manage your data subscription in the first place, you must first and foremost know and understand the terms of your data subscription or contract to the letter. Normally, the terms of your mobile internet plans are usually spelt out by service providers, but then many subscribers barely have time to read-up their contract terms these days.

If you are concerned about saving a buck or two, you might want to read-up your data contract terms to find information such as the browsing cost for peak and off-peak periods, subscription duration, renewal terms and many more. The knowledge gained from reading up your contract terms will help you better plan and manage your mobile internet subscription effectively.

2.  Look out for data hogs

Our Smartphones and mobile gadgets all come with important and interesting apps that we use to organize our work and social lives. Ironically, the apps that bore us the most are the ones that use up data the least.

Interesting apps such as gaming, video streaming, social media apps, etc., are the real data hogs. Try to avoid streaming online video contents unnecessarily, especially when you are in a package with fixed data allowance. You don’t want to use up your entire data in a day, especially when it’s meant to serve you a week.

3.  Monitor your data usage

Most times, many tend to get carried away by the fun of surfing the web and streaming media contents on their mobile devices that they fail to track our mobile internet data usage or consumption. Then we get confused when our internet access gets disrupted.

This unwanted situation is the major reason you should, at least, ensure you monitor your daily data usage, so as to understand your average daily data consumption rate and plan ahead on how to prorate your daily data allowance over the period of validity.

4.  The Data access tab should be your companion

Yes, you should keep your data activating tabs within your immediate reach. Your data tab allows you to turn on or off your mobile internet data at your convenience. The data tab is necessary for curbing the clandestine activities of background data consuming apps.

If you have free WIFI services around your neighborhood or offices, you can turn off your mobile data and use public WIFI because it offers a cheaper means of accessing the internet using our mobile gadgets.

5.  Monitor the activities of Background running apps

Most gadget owners are not aware of the activities of background running apps. Some gadget owners are but don’t bother to keep tabs on the operation of these apps.

You can monitor the background activities of these apps from the data usage settings on your mobile gadget and choose whether to disable or enable their internet access.

There are apps we don’t use or need that run in the background and use up our mobile data for unnecessary updates. Disable these apps and watch your data allowance management improve.


While we may carry out important tweaks here and there, we must understand that there are different categories of people utilizing mobile internet plans for different reasons.

Some are heavy users of online streaming services and have subscribed for larger and more accommodating mobile internet packages. These categories of mobile internet users may not be concerned about excessive data usage or consumption.

The tips recommended in this article may not apply to these groups of subscribers. However, if you are concerned about heavy data cost and bills, the tips outlined above will certainly help you manage your mobile internet plans better.

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