5 Cool Beer Accessories and Gadgets to Keep You Refreshed During Summer

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One of the best holiday seasons of the year for most families and friends is summer. It provides many family and friends a perfect opportunity to hang out, relax, unwind and bask in their favorite hangout spots around their neighborhood. As with summer, comes increased heat and the need to stay hydrated.

If you really want to enjoy your hangout sessions with your friends and loved ones, you should take a good box of chilled drinks along with you during outings. This will help you stay refreshed while basking in the sun, as well as help you reduce the risk of dehydration. One of the best refreshments for outings and hangouts is beer. In fact, there is no party or hangout where you wouldn’t find a crate of chilled booze on standby, ready to be served.

Having understood the need to keep you and your loved ones refreshed, we would be recommending the very best Beer accessories and gadgets to enhance the fun and excitement of your party. With that been said, these are some of the best beer accessories and gadgets to consider during summer holidays, camping, and hangouts.

1.   Heineken B.O.T Beer Delivery Robot

Heineken-B.O.T.-1 Beer Delivery RobotNo doubt, technology has made it super easy for beers to be served seamlessly and easily. Thanks to the Heineken B.O.T Beer delivery robot, serving chilled, refreshing booze has never been easier. This beer robot is designed to follow you around during your outdoor hangouts, across your beautiful lawns and picnic areas seamlessly, always ready to deliver your favorite superchilled booze to your friends and loved ones.

This beer robot can contain up to 12 cans of beer, filled with ice. It can deliver refreshment easily without you having to strain your hands and waist lifting crates of chilled booze to serve guests and loved ones. It’s very smart, thanks to its built-in artificial intelligence that can help it distinguish between land and water. So you can be sure it wouldn’t accompany you into the pool when you dive to chill with your friends.

2.    Igloo Reactor 24-can Backpack

Igloo Reactor 24-can BackpackAs the name implies, the Igloo reactor 24-can backpack is designed to hold 24 cans of booze to help you keep more guests entertained and refreshed. This amazing backpack comes with state-of-the-art insulation that helps to keep your drinks superchilled and prevent them from warming up. It also comes with adjustable, padded back shoulder back straps for comfort and convenience.

The Igloo Reactor 24-can Backpack also comes with a built-in top and sides handles, padded back panel, and a sternum strap that lets you carry it around during camping and other outdoor activities. The Backpack is easily kept in place during movement, thanks to its compression-molded-based grips. This also ensures even weight distribution for the user carrying it.

This amazing beer backpack also comes with a leakproof liner, zipper, and waterproof exterior that all combine efficiently to prevent water from going in as well as leaks from the contents.

3.    Kong 2.0 Can Cooler and Beer Bong

Kong 2.0 Can Cooler and Beer BongYou can take the fun a notch higher with the Kong 2.0 can cooler and Beer Bong. This amazing can cooler comes packed with a detachable hose which is located at the bottom. This gives you the ability to keep using your funnel privately, without the need to share it with other participants of the party.

This beer accessory is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is to pour your booze into it. Detach the hose from its holder and then suck or drink the beer as quickly as you can.

The Kong 2.0 can cooler comes with a durable EVA foam insulation and can contain up to 16 fluid ounces. This helps to keep your beer chilled, thanks to its proprietary technology. It’s very easy to clean as it comes with a hand-washable and stain-resistant build.

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4.    MiniBrew Craft smart beer machine

MiniBrew Craft smart beer machineIf you crave making your own homemade, tasty beer that you relish so much, you may want to consider putting the MiniBrew Craft smart beer machine on your shopping list. It’s an all-in-one beer-making machine that can provide multiple functionalities. It comes with a simple, modern build that gives it an attractive appearance that can blend anywhere, no matter the occasion.

You can connect your smart devices to the MiniBrew Craft smart beer machine using a special app. This amazing app lets you monitor and control the brewing process irrespective of your location. You can take your mini beer machine gadget anywhere you go as it comes with smart kegs that are portable.

It is very easy to clean and maintain as it comes with a self-cleaning design that makes the cleaning process a breeze. It also gets your produced beer chilled and ready to serve your guests and loved ones.  

5.    Domestic MoBar Series Outdoor Mobile Bars

Domestic MoBar Series Outdoor Mobile BarsA bar is a cool place to be especially when you need to hang out with your close buddies either from work or your personal life. It provides users an array of tasty drinks and liquor to keep them chilled and relaxed in an exciting atmosphere. The Domestic MoBar Series Outdoor Mobile bars provide the bar experience on the go, either at camps or picnics.

This high-tech, mobile bar gives users the ability to serve their favorite drinks as well as beverages wherever they find themselves outdoors. The beautiful thing about this amazing product is that it comes in three models – Mobile bar Cart: MoBar 50, MoBar 300, and MoBar 550. They all help to keep your favorite beverages and beers superchilled.

It’s durable, rugged, and can withstand the beatings of rough terrains.  The Domestic MoBar 550 is the largest of them all and can provide refreshments for large groups of people. It comes with a dual-zone refrigeration compartment, and can also store napkins and cocktails.

Using its dual-zone refrigeration compartment, it can put up to 187 cans of beer or other assorted can drinks. The MoBar 300 comes with a presentation area as well as a dry storage area. It can contain up to 102 cans in its dual refrigeration compartment. The MoBar 50 is the smallest of the trio and can contain up to 32 cans, which makes it perfectly suitable for small groups of fun-seekers.


Hanging out with your friends and family during summer outings should be fun and exciting thanks to these amazing accessories and gadgets that are created to keep your beer and other drinks refrigerated and refreshing. Many of these beer gadgets are perfectly optimized for outings, camping, and other outdoor fun activities.

They can contain a reasonable amount of beer cans that can be served to a small group of friends and loved ones. If you want to make your outings more fun and exciting, then consider any of these gadgets to get the party started.

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