5 Best Swimming Gadgets for Professional Swimmers in 2022

5 Best Swimming Gadgets for Professional Swimmers in 2022

Best gadgets for swimmers

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Swimming is a recreational sport vital to our general well-being and health. Since there have been improvements in technology in various sectors, swimming isn’t left off the list. Over the years, swimming as a professional sport has been looking to evolve, and they have done so, no doubt.

However, in 2022, swim accessories for adults have been taken to a new level with the introduction of some essential gadgets that will take sports to greater heights. Various swimming gadgets and accessories have now flooded the market intending to improve the performance of professional swimmers. We will help you narrow these swimming gadgets to the best 5. In this article, we will be looking at the Best Swimming Gadgets for Professional Swimmers in 2022.

Top 5 Best Swimming Gadgets in 2022

We will look at some of the best accessories for swimmers, ideal for both kids and adults.

1.   Magic5

Magic5 GoogleMagic5 is a piece of excellent swimming equipment for beginners just starting their swimming lessons. Unlike the regular swimming goggles that leak, the Magic5 is on a whole new level. This swimming gadget comes with outstanding innovation.

It consists of 3D modeling software. Before purchasing this gadget, you will use the magic5 app compatible with your smartphone to scan your face. Once you do so, you will be sent a custom-built swimming goggle that fits your face perfectly.

During the face scanning on the app, the Magic5 app scans the length of your eye, your nose size, eye socket, and eye size to create a goggle that is suitable for your face. Since they are a perfect fit with the face of the user, it is difficult for Magic5 to experience leaking issues. The peripheral view of this gadget is excellent for all categories of swimmers.

The magic5 is not only unique because of its customization qualities, but it also features various types of goggles. There’s the clear magic goggle, blue magic mirror silver, and the blue magic mirror gold. If most of your swimming activities will be done indoors, you might want to opt for the clear magic goggle, while the blue magic mirror gold is a general spec for all kinds of swimming. The blue magic mirror silver, on the other hand, is ideal for sunny weather.

2.   Form Goggles

Form GogglesForm Goggles are one of the best swimming training equipment because, unlike other goggles, this one comes with digital tech. The digital tech in these gadgets helps swimmers record their performance in real-time. Usually, during swimming sessions, there are various options that swimmers use to help keep track of time. Some traditional means include checking the wall clock, time tracking help from their coach or assistant, and using a swimming clock.

With the help of this goggle, you wouldn’t need all these traditional methods to keep track of time. When swimming with this goggle in water, the goggle has a smart integrated display that helps swimmers view various metrics while swimming. The display of this form goggle is very clear. You can even go further to customize the goggle by including additional information that it would display.

The Form Goggle also comes with an in-built accelerometer. This accelerometer also carries information relating to pace, distance, speed, and more. You can also use this gadget to detect various strokes and rests. When professional swimmers use these metrics while swimming, it helps them influence their performance for the better.

Another fascinating aspect of this gadget is connecting to the form swim app where swimmers can track their swimming progress and performance over the long run. The connection is carried out via Bluetooth, which means swimmers can even connect with other devices apart from their smartphones.

So if you have a compatible smartwatch, you can also use it to link to this gadget. These form goggles are durable and can be easily carried about with the carrying case that comes with them. It is a piece of ideal swimming equipment for training which will be great for all professional swimmers to have.

3.   TritonWear

TritonWearThe list of the best swimming gadgets for professional swimmers won’t be complete without Triton Wear. In recent years sports science has been used by various swimming professionals and teams to improve their performance throughout their swimming careers. However, many years ago, athletics lacked the opportunity to experience sports science or even afford it. Thanks to the tech-evolving world that we live in, TritonWear is here to help swimming professionals improve in swimming analysis and tracking.

All you need to do is to insert the Triton under your swimming cap before you swim. Once this is done, this gadget will stream every data on your performance to your smartphone. Once this is done, you can access this data and get details of your performance metric. One fascinating feature of this device is the tracking software which is AI tech. This gadget will help users analyze up to thirty data points for each lap covered by the swimmer. From here, you can decide to create a data compilation that you can use as a means of training.

Some outstanding aspects that should be talked about in your proposed training should revolve around speed improvement. As long as you can track your performance and rest levels, the TritonWear will ensure that you get the best from your training without getting tired or injured.

The TritonWear also tracks your swimming strokes and times to help you see all the areas where you need improvement. It also comes with a smart goals feature that analyses swimmers’ overall performance and shows them the aspects where they lack. Thanks to TritonWear, amateur swimmers have been able to evolve to become professional swimmers.


4.   Nome

Nome Swimming gadgetThis gadget is amongst the best swimming accessories for kids and adults. This device might not come cheap like some of the others on this list, but this gadget is an essential swimming innovative gadget that will help all categories of users. The Nome is an underwater metronome. The job of this gadget is to display swimming information inside the swimming pool via LED light. This gadget is placed by the pool’s side to allow it to display pacing to swimmers.

This gadget is made with a durable material that utilizes WiFi to connect to your smart device. So what makes this gadget a must-have for swimming beginners? The gadget displays pacing information on the swimming pool floor to enable swimmers to develop their pace while swimming.

While so many swimmers try looking at the clock to see how well they are doing with their pace, the Nome is here to make things easier. So instead of professional swimmers being focused on information tracking while swimming, they can concentrate fully on swimming since pacing information is already available on the pool floor.

The gadget also features yellow, green, and red lights that enable users to know their exact point when swimming and give them other essential clues. If you are a professional swimmer who wants to improve your pace to help your performance in competitive events, then it would be best to have a Nome amongst your swimming tech gadgets. You can program your goals into the Nome, and it also has a comprehensive swimming recreation library that is great for all levels of swimmers.

5.   SmartPaddle

SmartPaddleIf you are looking for a great force measuring gadget that will help you swim, the SmartPaddle is just the gadget you are looking for. The standard method of swimming involves swimmers applying a significant level of power to Increase their swimming pace.

While doing so, the SmartPaddle goes on to measure the force applied by the swimmer in the pool. Whenever you push your hands forward and backward, the SmartPaddle calculates the force. The goal of this gadget is to help swimmers increase their speed in the water.

For this to be possible, the swimmer has to produce subsequent force in the right direction. To use the SmartPaddle, you have to wear it at your fingertips. Every performance recorded by this gadget can be transferred to your smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity. From your smartphone, you can now see the amount of force your hands produce during swimming. The force motion can be broken down into vertical, forward, and lateral movements.

This gadget can also help swimmers measure their acceleration and the different strokes they use in water. From these metrics, you can get a better way to move your hands while in water. Also, from the data gathered from this gadget, you can understand whether your strokes are getting better or getting worse. If your strokes are going bad, you can always work on improving them.

Final Thoughts

Swimming is an excellent means of relaxation and also a professional sport. The goal of every professional swimmer worldwide is to get better from consistent training and eventually perform at top levels. Thanks to technological advancements, you can now take your swimming to the next level with the Best Swimming Gadgets for Professional Swimmers. We recommend you try out the gadgets mentioned in this article during your next swimming activity.

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