5 Best Spy Gears and Toys for Kids Looking for Adventure and...

5 Best Spy Gears and Toys for Kids Looking for Adventure and Fun

Thames and Kosmos Master Detective Toolkit

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Kids love to play and run around with their friends and loved ones. They are so hyperactive, especially kids between the tender ages of 4 and 12. At times you’ll be wondering where they get all their energy from. They seem to get their energies from an endless source that never stops supplying, which makes them difficult to keep up with at times.

Spy gears and toys for kids offer a perfect opportunity for kids looking to emulate their favorite spy character to live their dreams. The spy world is a secret world with lots of clandestine activities and classified operations that are being executed by agents on behalf of their respective governments.

These agents require the use of portable, sophisticated gear and gadgets to eavesdrop, disable security, and break into high-security installations and for self-defense. However, kids wouldn’t need to perform all these activities but they can have fun amongst themselves with spy gear and toys mimicking what the real agents use in reality.

Many of these spy gadgets offer kids unique ways to express their creativity while satisfying their curious little minds. Having stated the obvious, these are 5 best spy gear and toys for kids looking for adventure and fun:

1.   Thames and Kosmos Master Detective Toolkit

Thames and Kosmos Master Detective ToolkitAs we stated in the introductory paragraph of this article, kids love to run around, chasing their friends all over the neighborhood. The Thames and Kosmos Master Detective Toolkit offers them a perfect opportunity to have fun as well as explore their creative potential.

It comes packed with lots of spy tools and toys that help in tracking little crooks and rouge agents hiding around the neighborhood. It teaches them some basic detective skills and how to use forensic science to gather evidence, solve crimes and answer questions. These detective skills and techniques learned by these kids help them develop valuable problem-solving skills that can help them much later in life.

This Detective toolkit takes them through the stages of being good detectives like setting up a detective office and organizing their spy tools and special equipment. Their observation skills will be tested with some exercises included in this spy kit.

After setting up the basics, your kids will learn how to secure a crime scene, gathering and documenting evidence like footprints, fingerprints, tire tracks, etc. Once the evidence has been gathered, the kids are expected to take them back to the lab for analysis. This kit will guarantee that your kids develop critical, problem-solving skills that will help them out later in life.

2.   KidzLabs Spy Science Secret Message Kit

KidzLabs Spy Science Secret Message KitThis is one of the coolest spy gear for kids designed help kids have fun among themselves while developing critical problem-solving skills. This amazing spy kit will teach your kids real spy tactics and techniques, especially in areas such as recording evidence and passing secret communications.

Using this amazing spy kit for kids, your children will be able to communicate in different ways as well as encode using concealed secret messages. Some of the important spy tools included in the Kidzlabs Spy Science Secret Message Kit include Secret Code Library, Cypher Wheel, Invisible Message Writer Pen, Black Message Developer, and Super Spy ID Card. All these spy gears and kits help to satisfy the curiosity in kids and expose them to the fascinating spy world of undercover activities, albeit in their own little way.


3.   Spy X Micro Spy Gear Set

Spy X Micro Spy Gear Set

Kids who love to have fun when playing their favorite spy characters will find the Spy X Micro Spy Gear Set an indispensable tool to help them achieve their aim. Apart from the fun side of spy activities, Children can also get to learn critical thinking and analytical activities that they would find highly useful in life.

The Spy X Micro Spy Gear set comes with Micro Motion Alarm, Micro Ear Light, Invisible Ink Pen, and Micro Listener. It also comes with a Utility belt that’s quite adjustable and can be used to carry all your kid’s spy gadgets and tools using the attached clips that come with it.

Kids can use the spy gadgets that come with this kit to listen to secret conversations, write secret messages, read and see in the dark and perform a range of interesting activities. The Spy X Micro Spy Gear Set is one of the best spy gadgets for kids and will make your kids enjoy the time of their lives while having fun, and catching little crooks around.

 4.    A to Z 9300 Spy Set

A to Z 9300 Spy Set

If you are looking for spy gear for your kids to have fun when running around or playing with their friends, you may want to give the A to Z 9300. This spy kit for kids comes with a good range of spy gadgets and toys your kids can use to learn about spy tools and tricks needed to become the field agent they crave. It comes with a special look-around camera and binoculars kids can use to spy on their adversaries and friends.

The Disc shooter included in this spy set lets kids fire their own messages. It also features a transporter that kids can use to send secret messages among themselves. There is also an extending telescope with pivoting eyes that comes along with this spy set that kids can use to get a 360 vision of their targets. In fact, the A to Z 9300 spy set comes with almost everything your kids can use to enjoy their spy activities and games.

5.   Wishhouse Walkie Talkies

Wishhouse Walkie Talkies

Communication plays a core part in espionage activity. In fact, all activities, updates, and developments during operations are communicated to higher authorities at the command centers deploying these agents. Walkie Talkies are standard communication kits for security agents. But there are lots of Walkie talkies that are designed for kids and young minds. The Wishouse walkie-talkies come in an exciting range of colors you can choose from.

This Walkie talkie helps kids to communicate among themselves easily, especially during their spy missions or operations. Parents can also use these walkie-talkies to keep tabs on their kids. This Walkie talkie comes with long-range communication capability, rechargeable batteries, 10 call alerts, a flashlight, and many other features.


Getting good spy gear for kids shouldn’t be a difficult task. However, you’ll need to go through our article to make a choice on what to get for your kids. We have taken our time to recommend the very best spy toys and kits for your kids that will help them learn valuable skills that can become useful at a later stage of their lives. Give your kids the opportunity to live their dreams by getting them these cool spy gear and kits for kids.