5 Best Free Online Radio Apps For Linux Users

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When you want to stay informed and entertained while working using your Linux PC, one of the best things you can do is to download a handy online radio app on your Linux system. These Online radio apps grants listeners access to a plethora of interesting channels from around the world, with contents relating to politics, entertainment, education, documentaries and many more. One of the best ways to fight boredom, most especially at work or during workouts is to keep the mind entertained or busy. You can pass time easily listening to your favorite online radio stations who do their best to keep your informed about the happenings around you as well as entertained.

Now, you may be pondering about the best free online radio apps to download for your Linux based PC but may be confused due to the plethora of radio apps littered around the web claiming to be the best. We at Good Gadgets Online have taken time to sift through these apps and we are recommending five best free online radio apps for Linux based systems.

1.   Pandora

Pandora Radio App

Now, this is one solid online radio app you can use to stay informed as well as entertain. Pandora is one of the best free online radio apps that provides users access to premium entertainment and information even without them launching their browsers. You easily listen to quality music using this app as it provides you a plethora music channels and flexible controls that let you play, pause and change music stations. Some of its amazing features include:

  • Quick start that lets you access music contents speedily
  • Tool tray/dock that provides information about the music being played
  • Flexible controls that allows users manipulate their music the way they want

2.   Radio Tray

Radio Tray

When you are looking for one of the best apps for Linux users, this app shouldn’t skip your shopping list for any reason. When you are looking for simplicity and ease of control, then Radio Tray should be your best bet. This app is easy to use and can support a good number of playlist format which include ASX, WVX, and WAX. Apart from its music playing capabilities, it can be used to listening to online radio channels. Some of its features include

  • Drag and drop bookmark functionality
  • Extensive support for most media format
  • M3U playlist format support
  • PLS playlist format support
  • Easy to use interface


3.   Rhythm Box

Rhythm Box

If you are looking for a good online radio app for your Linux system with a good user interface, then you might want to consider the Rhythm box app. This app comes with a built-in music player that lets you search for your favorite music and play them at your convenience. Some of the features of this online radio app include:

  • Customizable view mode
  • iTunes Lookalike Graphic user interface
  • Search and sorting functionality, music browser, play queue, and playlist
  • Easily customizable interface especially when using Rhythm box under GNOME

4.   Spotify

Spotify App

Spotify hardly needs any introduction as it’s one of the most porpular streaming app you can use virtually for any online media content. It’s a well know app among music enthusiast and comes packed with an online radio functionality for Linux users. This app also provides users easy access to millions of music tracks, giving them the ability to satisfy their needs all in one place. Some things you can do with Spotify include:

  • Amazing sound quality
  • Easy-to-use user interface
  • Download and listen to your music tracks offline
  • Unlimited ad-free music

5.   Streamtuner

Stream Tuner

Streamtuner is not just a free online radio app but a stream directory browser. You can not only manage your local music stations but browse the live 365 directory. Some of the amazing Things you can do with this Online Radio app are:

  • Browse the basic DJ mixes
  • Browse the SHOUTcast yellow pages
  • Bookmark your favorite streams
  • Browse Live365 directory
  • Manually add streams to your collection
  • Browse the Xiph.org directory


These are some best free online radio apps you can find if you are a Linux user. This list isn’t completely exhaustive of what is available pnline but will make it easy for users to make up their minds on free radio apps to download. These online apps will make you more productive and ensure you don’t miss a thing with regards to information and entertainment.

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